My Mom’s Breast Cancer Journey

Today marks the two year anniversary of when my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember the day quite vividly. I remember getting the call from my parents at work and then driving home with my sister to be with everyone. I remember the uncertainty and fear that I felt. But, more than anything I will remember the strength and pose my mother had among all of our fears. That stuck with me the whole time she was going through her treatments and surgeries. My Mom is one of the toughest ladies I know.

I made the above video last year to honor my mother’s journey and even more so this year she gone through some equally tough trials. She’s gone through numerous reconstructive surgeries, not to mention dealing with the passing of my Aunt Diane (her sister). When trials come we all look for that strength and example my mother set and know everything will be okay.

I love you Mom!


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  1. What an amazing family I have – tears of gratitude moisten my cheek at this moment! My strength comes not from me but from my Father in Heaven and Savior who will give us all the courage and ability to face all of life’s challenges – just for the asking. The journey for me has been made sweeter by the support, love and prayers of family, friends, professionals and those I’ve never met who have reached out to me in so many tender ways.

    Whatever your trials, do not fear the journey – grow from it and be thankful for it! I have learned an eternal principle; Newton’s law of force explains that for every force there is a matching reciprocal force. So it is with kindness and love. My love for those who have loved me through this season permeates my soul with joy and love.

    I also have a much more personal and deeper understanding of the gift our Savior gave each of us through His atonement. I testify He not only took upon Himself our sins if we repent, but also suffered for all our earthly trials so that we can call upon Him to carry us through the darkest moments of our lives and make our burdens light and easy to bear – He did that for me. My love for my Savior has multiplied and I am comforted and given hope by His incomprehensible love for me – a love I know He has for all of us. Thanks for reminding me of how blessed I am, Josh!

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