Changes to my 2016 race schedule

As I have mentioned previously, recently I have had to drop one of my favorite races from my race schedule — the Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon — on May 14th, because of a wedding. Not, just any wedding — but, my best friend’s wedding. A wedding in which I am the best man.

I did entertain the thought of running beforehand and then rushing home to shower, get dressed and to the temple by 11am for the ceremony. But, I know by doing that — I’d be tempting fate. And, with my luck, I would have totally screwed everything up and missed it.

So, I ended up essentially trading the bib with a friend for the Ogden Half Marathon the following week. Another favorite race of mine. Hopefully the rain will stay away this year — but, rain or not — I’d still run it. Such a beautiful course.

I also recently added a couple of races a few months ago to aid me in my 50 mile training. Namely the Big Cottonwood Marathon and Huntsville Marathon in September. So here is my schedule to reflect those changes. I really don’t expect it to change much (if at all) from here on out.

But, I kind of say that every year … here is the revised schedule —

119 - Ogden Half 120 - Alpine Half 121 - Drop 13 Half 122 - Ragnar Wasatch Back 123 - AF Canyon Race Against Cancer 124 - 13 Miles of Freedom 125 - Utah Midnight Run 126 - Handcart Days Half 127 - DesNews Half 128 - Timp Half 129 - Nebo Half 130 - Big Cottonwood Marathon 131 - Huntsville Marathon 132 - Goldilocks Half 133 - St George Marathon 134 - Pony Express 50 Miler 135 - Haunted Half Provo 136 - Antelope Island 50K 137 - Thankful 13 138 - Bakers Dozen Half 139 - New Years Run Resolution

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