2,667 miles in 2016

Before the end of 2015 my friend Jorge tagged me on a Facebook post challenging me to do a “Running Challenge” in 2016. All I had to do was create a meme committing to running three miles per ‘LIKE’ that I got on the meme. I jumped onto the challenge for a couple reasons — 1, I like a good challenge and, 2, why not?

I had already set my running goal for 1200-1400 miles. Which is what it usually is every year. And, quite honestly, I didn’t expect to gather that many ‘LIKES’ on my post. I was thinking — 200 to 300 tops. If that?

That would give me 600-900 miles off the social media likes — then my additionally miles for my yearly goal.

But, yeah, that’s not exactly how it played out. I got 300 likes within three hours — and it just kept growing from there. And, by 11:59pm last night — it reached 889 likes.

Which would gave me 2,667 miles for 2016.

Basically that’s —

7.29 miles a day.
51 miles a week.
204 miles a month.

That’s a lot of running.

Realistically, I know that my body can’t do that much running. Especially right now as I try to balance my thyroid and testosterone. But, at the same time — I want to be a man of my word. So what do I do?

After talking to a few of my friends and counseling with the big man upstairs I decided to count not just my running miles towards this goal, but I am going to also count my walking miles — and if for any chance I get on a bike this year — those miles too.

Basically, I am going to go off of my FitBit miles.

Fair enough, right?

Plus, I really think it could be a good challenge. Not only would that keep me running, but I’ll also have to be actively moving throughout the year to reach the goal.

I really love the challenge. It should keep me going.


Mileage Breakdown


Running Miles — 18.35 miles
Race Miles — 19.3 miles
Walking Miles — 127.97 miles
TOTAL MILES — 165.62 miles
Races in January — New Year’s Revolution Run & Frigid 5K


Running Miles — 13.5 miles
Race Miles — 3.1 miles
Walking Miles — 111.26 miles
TOTAL MILES — 127.86 miles
Races in February — Sweetheart 5K


Running Miles — 31.85 miles
Race Miles — 16.2 miles
Walking Miles — 134.07 miles
TOTAL MILES — 182.12 miles
Races in February — March Madness Half Marathon & Eggs Legs 5K


Running Miles — 46.9 miles
Race Miles — 0.0 miles
Walking Miles — 154.5 miles


Running Miles — 12.95 miles
Race Miles — 39.3 miles
Walking Miles — 164.64 miles
Races in May — Provo City Half Marathon, Ogden Half Marathon & Alpine Classic Half


Running Miles — 36.4 miles
Race Miles — 43.3 miles
Walking Miles — 131.18 miles
Races in June — Drop 13 Half Marathon, Wasatch Ragnar Relay & AF Canyon Run Against Cancer


Running Miles — 19.65 miles
Race Miles — 68.6 miles
Walking Miles — 108.66 miles
Races in July — 13 Miles of Freedom Half Marathon, Utah Midnight Run, Handcart Days Half Marathon, Deseret News Half Marathon & Timp Half


Running Miles — 59.55 miles
Race Miles — 16.2 miles
Walking Miles — 114.97 miles
Races in August — Beat the Heat 5K & Run Elevated Half Marathon


Running Miles — 11.5 miles
Race Miles — 55.5 miles
Walking Miles — 118.49 miles
Races in September — AIIA 5K, Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon & Huntsville Marathon.


Running Miles — 20.0 miles
Race Miles — 94.38 miles
Walking Miles — 79.11 miles
Races in October — St. George Marathon, Red Rock Relay — Park City, Frightmares Lagoon 5K, Pony Express Trail 50 Miler & Provo Haunted Half


Running Miles — 3.7 miles
Race Miles — 312.0 miles
Walking Miles — 102.71 miles
Races in November — Antelope Island Classic 50K


Running Miles — 45.15 miles
Race Miles — 20.5 miles
Walking Miles — 124.87 miles
Races in December — New Year’s Run Revolution

Total 2016 Miles


305.8 miles


420.55 miles


1526.73 miles


2253.08 miles


413.92 miles