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cropped-Banner_2015_3_Final1.png So, you might have noticed a little change on the bloggy blog as of late. I am a designer by heart and I love designing things … websites, booklets, brochures, business cards, etc. It’s more of a hobby for me than anything. It keeps me young.

So this blog update is actually one LONG overdue in my book. There wasn’t anything really wrong with the previous design, but it was over 10 months old … which is a record for me. Most of my blogs get an update almost every 3-4 months.

Since I changed to a pink theme for Breast Cancer Awareness Month it just got the creative juices going and I decided to mix it up a bit. Which led to the current design and layout. I’m a fan of the new design and hopefully you like it as well.

One of the new design elements that I added was a custom background. Previously it was either white or a very light gray. But, I wanted to add something more personal so I took pictures from my running adventures and life and made a collage. This is the current layout without the faded look …


As you can see there are a NUMBER of pictures of just me, me with family and friends as well. This background will be every changing. At least that’s the goal. Over the past few years that I’ve ran I’ve met some awesome friends through running. And, I want to celebrate those relationship and journey here.

So as I progress closer to my goal of 180 races and meet new people and accomplish new goals I’ll add those moments and memories here. Most likely, in a selfie. Naturally, right?

But, I really want to capture what this journey has been about for me. It’s gone from this quest of losing 180lbs. to running 180 races to inspiring people and making lifelong friendships.

My goal for the collage is to replace each picture of just me with a picture of me with a friend or someone I’ve inspired to journey on towards their goals.

I hope you like the new layout and I’d love any feedback you have on the blog!



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