40 before 40: The ‘Push Up The Hill’ List

If you haven’t heard — it was my birthday on Monday. I’m officially 35. Half way through my thirties. I’m not one of those people that has a crisis every birthday after 30. I thought I would when I turned 30, but it just never came.

My 30s really aren’t that bad. Now let’s forget the fact I still live in my parents basement for a moment and focus on the fact that during my 30s I’ve really found myself, found a sport and community that I love and attained the Pokemon Master rank on Pokemon Go am working in a direction I want to take in regards to a career.

So, yeah, the 30s have been pretty good to me so far.

But, I know it could be better (TWSS).

My friend Amy just completed a 30 before 30 bucket list she made a couple years ago (that’s like a round about way saying she just turned 30). And, it’s been fun watching her progress over the past year or so — so much so that it inspired me to make a list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40.

Let’s call it — the “Push Up The Hill” List. That’s catchy, right?

Now, one of my 40 items is kind of a gimme — it’s my 180 race goal. When I made the goal back in 2011 (or maybe 2012? — I’m getting old so it’s hard to remember) it was a goal I wanted to hit before I turned 40 years old. Some might say that’s cheating, but — well — this is my list and I make the rules. So yeah.

Anyways — I am doing this for a number of reasons. One, I want to. Two, I want to push myself out of my comfort zone. And, three — I want to do somethings I’ve never done before and see things I’ve never seen before. You know — be a bit adventurous..

There’s really no rhyme or reason to this list — some are running related, some are travel related, others are family related. While there are also religious and social related items as well. The goal is really to just push myself and have some fun in the process.

Well, I guess there is only one rule — and that these goals have to be something that I am in control of — so basically no “get married” goal, because that’s kinda out of my control. Those it’s definitely one of my top priorities and goals.

So without any further adieu — here’s my 40 before 40 list ….

  1. Run 180 road/trail races over 13.1 miles.
  2. Write my immediate family’s history.
  3. Create a family cooking book and publish it.
  4. Write a book and have it published.
  5. Take piano or vocal lessons.
  6. Take a painting class and PROUDLY frame and display my finished work at home.
  7. Attend 40 different LDS Temples.
  8. Attend all 17 Utah LDS Temples within one week.
  9. Learn 40 phrases in Greek.
  10. Visit my family in Greece.
  11. Go on a solo out-of-state vacation.
  12. Visit the Mighty 5 National Parks of Utah — Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capital Reef & Zion.
  13. Watch the top 40 films of the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest Movies of All-Time.
  14. Attend a NHL game.
  15. Read all four of the standard works — Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants.
  16. Memorize 40 scriptures from any of the standard works.
  17. Visit Lake Powell — yup, never have done this.
  18. Visit the Grand Canyon — again, never have done this.
  19. Attend the Sundance Film Festival — again, in my backyard, yet, never have done it.
  20. Go skiing or snowboarding — again, never have gone. I’m a horrible Utahn.
  21. Go deep sea fishing.
  22. Run across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
  23. Run a 50 mile ultra marathon.
  24. Run a triathlon — this is big because I hate bikes.
  25. Run the Boston Marathon.
  26. Boil a live lobster … and eat it.
  27. Bake bread from scratch.
  28. Make and prepare pasta from scratch.
  29. Make a pie — crust and all — from scratch.
  30. Lay on all four corners — Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.
  31. Climb Mt. Timpanogos.
  32. Climb Mt. Olympus.
  33. Climb Ben Lomond.
  34. Legally marry a couple.
  35. Legally change my name to Joshua Oscar Snow Hansen.
  36. Visit all bordering states of Utah in one day — Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho.
  37. Visit Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay.
  38. Visit Yosemite National Park in California.
  39. Give 960 hours of service — which equals 40 days.
  40. Perform 40 random acts of kindness.

So there you have it. My 40 things to do before 40. As I mentioned above — some are easier than others. Some might be slightly out of my control, but for the most part — they are things I have to do myself. Which is good right?

The goal is to get out of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons and see the world. Gosh, even the world around me here in Utah. I couldn’t believe how many list items were for things most people do every year here in Utah — skiing, Lake Powell, hike mountains or get married.

Some of these items will have to make me travel some — which again — is good! The biggest places being Greece and another trip to the Bay Area. Two of my favorite places. Well, okay, I’ve never been to Greece. But, I’ll tell you now — it’s one of my favorite places. Being Greek and having family still there — I gotta go! My heart is there.

A lot of these items can be knocked out on these trips as well — deep sea fishing, visiting LDS Temples, national parks, giving service, etc., etc., etc. There will be a lot of traveling, not just abroad or out of state, but here in Utah as well. I run enough races all around the state there’s no reason I can’t plan running trips around national park and temple visits. That’d be fun.

And, then there’s visiting all of the temples in Utah within a week. That one will have to wait until probably next year because I want to wait until the Cedar City Temple is complete. I can’t miss out on the Cedar City Temple — especially with how much that place means to me. But, as soon as it’s dedicated I am drawing agendas for the week long trip.

So here’s to the next five years and whatever make come from this list — it should be a fun adventure, eh?