A 18 mile memorial run for Midas …

This past week my goldfish Midas died. Midas was a champ. How was he a champ? Well the fact that he was a Walmart fish and lived over 18 months makes him one. How he survived that long is beyond me, so therefore he’s a champ. But, his passing was somewhat unexpected. He wasn’t being his perky goldfish self the days before his death. I should have seen it coming, but by Tuesday he was gone.

So I gave him a service fit for a fish …

Since the loss of Midas my running group dedicated our 18 mile training run in his honor. We wore orange in his memory and if we had enough time afterwards we were going to have a eulogy as well. But, when you’re planning on having Sears Burritos afterwards there’s just so much time to work with, right?

I might have broken these open at mile 16. And by might I mean, HECK YES I DID!
My friend Marsha gave me this! I LOVE IT! What a great way to remember Midas! I love Nemo and Disney! Double bonus!

We had two sets of running groups show up for the run. One set of runners showed up at 5:30am to run (don’t ask me why?) while the group I was in was there at 7am. We met at Liberty Park and then carpooled 12 miles up Emigration Canyon. My friends even gave their condolences with Swedish Fish and a Disney Nemo pin! My friends are too nice to me! TOO NICE!

The 7am group at the top of Emigration Canyon. What a fun bunch of people. I seriously love my RA family.
As you can see I was easily amused by Marsha’s Nemo hat during pictures this morning.

The plan for the run was to run down Emigration Canyon to Liberty Park which is 12 miles and then do 4 laps around Liberty Park to round it up to 18 miles. I knew it was going to be fun, but difficult at the same time. My love for downhill running will always be fun, but I knew by Liberty Park it would be a challenge for me. Which it eventually was. But, I’ll get to that later.

The weather was actually quite nice for a canyon run. I really didn’t need my hoodie, but still ran with it during the first four miles of my run. Luckily, the Gabicas were there and passed me with their stroller so I ended up throwing it in there. I was so happy that happened because the idea of wrapping the hoodie around my waist like jogger disgusts me.

Sometimes when U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name” comes on you have to share it with Becky. Just don’t try to actually run while both listening to it. Doesn’t work out that well.

The run downhill was really good except for some areas with some pretty bad headwind. If I was actually running UPHILL this would have been welcomed, but when it’s blowing right in your face you kind start questioning your very existence. I won’t lie. Luckily, the headwind didn’t last terribly long, but it was still uncomfortably rude.

I don’t get this face. But, I’m pretty sure it was my attempt at gasping for air as the wind pounded me in the face. Disregard the fact that Kasie looks like she’s having no problems with it though.

I was happy with my run for the first 12 miles as we approached Liberty Park. I averaged about a 10 minute mile and my legs felt relatively fresh. It didn’t hurt that I only ran about 5 miles during the week. My quads BURNT bad for days after the Riverton Half Marathon last weekend and I just kind of eased back into the running part of things. I think it was kind of my body’s way of saying “hold up!” But, still with the 18 and 5 mile run that gave me 23 miles for the week … so I don’t feel THAT bad. But, still, mentally I feel like I should have snuck in at least another 5 mile run.

The easiest way for me to keep up with Kasie, Becky and Robert Merriman was by just looking for Robert’s compression socks. They were hard to miss from a quarter mile away.

Once I got down to Liberty Park my legs decided to tank. I ran the first three laps relatively slow, but I did a good job trying to keep pace with Robert Merriman, Becky and Kasie (and a few laps with Dane). My last lap though I was just dead. D-E-A-D, dead. But, mentally I knew I just needed to get my miles in. I had no other choice or option. So after downing some water and Chocolate Gu (or as I lovingly call it Augustus Gu, because it seriously tastes like chocolate frosting) I ran into Christy and Marsha who were walking the last lap. I ended up joining them. I didn’t care I was walking, I was just happy to be finishing my miles.

Augustus Gu … mmmmmm …
I had an accident. Actually it got all over me. I was pathetic.
Not bad. I can live with this!

Even though my last mile was done in about 17 minutes I still averaged just barely over a 12 minute mile for the whole 18 miles, which I am extremely happy about. The downhill really helped, not to mention pushing it BIG time for those first laps around Liberty Park. And, for that I definitely earned a Sears Burrito.

The worst part about going into public places after a long run is the moment you get a smell of just how bad you stink. LIKE REAL BAD.

Since it was my Mother’s birthday we also had family that afternoon. So after a 20 minute ice bath and hot shower I made an appearance and got to sing my birthday praises to my Mom.

This face says it all.
Once I get myself into an ice bath I just need 2-3 minutes before it’s bearable. After that I just like to sit there and Facebook (naturally, right?) while I don’t feel a thing.
My Mom getting a little help blowing out her cake from the grandkids. All three girls are gorgeous!

Though my legs feel like Jell-O and I don’t want to think about running for at least the next couple of days I am really excited about this upcoming week’s running plan. My I am planning on at 15 miles during the week and my RA running group is planning a 13.5 mile training run starting at the LDS Draper Temple to the LDS Oquirrh Temple. We’re calling it Running Conference since next weekend is the same weekend of the LDS Church’s General Conference. It’s just something to have a little fun with!

But, I had a fun day with friends and it was truly a great way to remember the memory of my goldfish Midas.


And, no I did not eat him on a graham cracker.
Total Mileage Breakdown for 2014
2014 Training Miles – 263.35 miles
2014 Walking Miles – 20.25 miles
2014 Race Miles – 46.4 miles
2014 Total Miles – 330.00 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2014
January – 100.0 miles
February – 100.0 miles
March – 130.0 miles


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