A #bostonstrong kind of day …


Yesterday really was the Super Bowl of running. From the moment I woke up to the moment the race was over I was glued to the Boston Marathon coverage. From watching Rita Jeptoo (2:18:57) defend her title with a women’s course record to watching the emotional victory of Meb Keflezighi (2:08:37), breaking a 31 year drought of an American runner winning the marathon. 

10268235_10201665705635289_1210097179_nBut, doing that the year after the Boston Marathon bombings really made it that much more emotional. It was touching to see all the Boston Strong signs in the crowd along with hundreds of waving American flags. What a great day to not just celebrate Boston, but to be an American and a runner.

Even as the winners crossed the finish line and were crowned the excitement continued as I tracked friends online. Even the coverage was fun to watch as the masses came in. The faces meant nothing to me, but people and runners behind those unknown faces sacrificed a lot to get there. You can’t help but feel excited for their moment, especially as they crossed the finish line.

422164_543483639036727_711010943_nIn honor of Boston and the victims of the last year’s Boston Marathon bombings I wore the shirt I made for last year’s Salt Lake Marathon to work. Not to mention my running shoes as well. In reality I wore my shirt to work as well, because I planned on running the Boston Memorial Run at the Salt Lake Running Center in the evening. It also made for one less shirt to worry about.

But, I really love that shirt, because of the message behind it. It really captures the spirit of how I felt about last year’s bombings. It is also a call for peace. And, it honors one of the bombings victims, Martin Richard. I plan on wearing the shirt every Patriot Day from here on out.

After work I met up with Becky at her place to head to the Memorial Run. Instead of carpooling there like we usually do, we decided to run the four miles to the store so we could get more miles in for the day. Not a bad decision and since I didn’t trash my legs at the race on Saturday I survived quite nicely (well it also helped having all four miles mostly downhill as well).

IMG_9470Once we got to the store we met up with a bunch of our RA Family right before they started. Even though we saw most of them just a couple days ago it was still awesome to see them. It’s like a family reunion when whenever we get together. Always a smile and always a lot of laughing.

The course was pretty much an out and back course up 600 South. It was nothing but flat, which was fine for me. It wasn’t timed and even though I had my Garmin with me I wasn’t really going for a set time. My Garmin really just tailors to my OCD tendencies about wanting to keep my pace and time every outside run. I have issues … but I’ll save that post for another day.

IMG_9469I ended up running the entire way with Christy. She wasn’t at the Salt Lake race this weekend because she was on vacation in Seattle. Which I was IMMENSELY jealous of. I love Seattle. But, not just that she also ran her 20 mile training run there in preparation for her marathon in May. She ran 10 miles up to Downtown Seattle, around the Space Needle, explored some in Seattle and then headed back to where she was staying. I would love to take a running vacation like that sometime.

As soon as we finished I quickly realized that I got a pair of pretty bad bloody nipples. I mean bad. I really didn’t think ahead to wear NipGuards or bandaids. This just furthers the proof that I make bad decisions. How I wish I had something. I was pretty close to heading to the Salt Lake Running Co. to buy myself a new sports bra. I’m not ruling that out someday. Just not now.

IMG_9485After walking around the store for a while browsing at clothes that are WAY too expensive for me. Christy, Becky and I decided to go get a burrito from the Sears Taco Stand. We normally save these trips for runs longer than 13 miles, but it really just seemed like a good idea because we were ravished after running seven miles and, well, burritos are awesome.

It was really a great day of running and for running. Seeing Meb win after a 31 year drought for Americans and then catching updates of friends running Boston was just sublime. It really made me want to one day make a trip to Boston to watch or even volunteer for the marathon. I have no dream or desire to qualify for Boston. In fact I don’t think ever would if I tried (unless of course I was still running at 90). But, Boston means so much to the running community and more so now to the country that I feel this strong desire to be there and honor all those who are dedicated to greatness. They all inspire me to be my best and as they do their best.

Isn’t that what Boston is pretty much all about in the long run?




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