A generally good weekend of running, family and new babies …


I love conference weekend — not only is it an excuse to basically lounge around in my pajamas for two straight days, but I just love listening to all the talks and music. It’s rejuvenating.

Plus, I also love running on conference weekend, because I just plug in the current session and zone out. Especially when it’s a looooong run.

I wasn’t planning on running my Bountiful Temple loop run again — but, due to some family stuff, I decided to stay close to home and not run the Temple2Temple Run (Draper Temple to Oquirrh Mountain Temple — 13.1 mile run) in south valley.

It’s a challenging run in it’s own right compared to the Bountiful and I was bummed that I didn’t run it — but, there’s always next April, right?

Anyways — my Bountiful Temple run was pretty awesome as well. Well, difficult and awesome. But, I won’t lie — I need a canyon run soon. As much hill work as I am doing right now — I want to fly down a canyon soon. Maybe I’ll run Big Cottonwood or Emigration next week?

We’ll see.

Besides running and conference — the weekend was pretty low key. I did finally get to meet my new niece, Thalia Grace (picture below). She’s all squishy and hairy — such a cute kid! She reminds me a lot of my niece Maya when she was born. I am hoping if that’s the case she gets overly chunky like Maya — chuny babies are the best!

Needless to say — I am in love! It’s kind of fun to have two new babies in the family. And, does make me a little baby hungry. But, after they burp on you and fill their diapers while you’re holding them — that subsides somewhat. Thankfully, I am just the uncle and can pass them over to their mom when that happens.

Anyways — I am looking forward to a good week — I have some great runs planned on Tuesday and Thursday, along with strength training circuits tonight, Wednesday and Thursday. I am still deciding on a long run course for Saturday — any ideas would be appreciated.

But, spring has sprung, I am loving this weather. I am hopefully for the future both immediate and long term — and I am just ready to run!



The latest episode of Addict II Athlete is up and running on Pod Bash and iTunes. I shared a link last Friday, but the link went live a bit later on Friday afternoon. Either way, you shouldn’t let that discourage you from listening. This is a great episode from Coach Blu and GM Marissa.

Give it a listen …


I did this run — well, a shorter version of it — a couple weeks ago. And, initially, I wasn’t planning on running it again. I had planned on running from the Draper LDS Temple to the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple which is a 13.1 mile run. But, I had to back out because of some family issues. Nothing big, I just had to call an audible.

So, I planned on this route again with an added mile to it. So, in all — it was a 8.5 mile run around Bountiful. But, this really isn’t an easy run at all. The 400 North portion is a sheer climb towards Bountiful Blvd. and the temple. It’s tough. Lots of walking — I won’t lie.

But, as tough as it is, it is so rewarding. The view of the temple, the valley below and mountains to the east — it’s worth the effort. It’s worth the climb. It’s worth the rolling hills. It’s worth the time it takes to do it.

Plus, I know that as I run these hills — they will make me stronger and faster. I am earning my downhill. It’s not an easy task, but I trust in my effort and the course to get me where I want to be physically, mentally and emotionally for my upcoming races — and ultimately my 50 miler in October.

Anyways — great run! Looking forward to next week’s run as well — I am aiming to either run Big Cottonwood or my Bountiful Loop again. We’ll see — I haven’t decided on a course yet — I just want to get 10 miles in on Saturday




72.2 miles


38.6 miles


392.18 miles


502.98 miles




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