A Very Merry Hansén Christmas™

I wasn’t planning on really blogging much this week, in fact, not much at all. But, here I am doing so. I took a number of pictures over the holiday and I thought I’d share a few … dozen … on the bloggy blog. I could have easily uploaded these on Facebook, but I felt that it’s a tad bit more personal here … so it’s been posting here.

I hope the holiday was a great one for you and your family. I had a great holiday spent with my family and awesome friends. Each year I feel even more blessed for the people in my life. I know that each person is in my life for a reason and I try not to take them for granted.

Anyways, lets get to the pictures …

Festivus (December 23)

I still had to work on Festivus … the nerve, huh? But, at least I celebrated in style.
My co-worker gifted me the 100 Days of Real Food book. I am really excited about this, because this is the next step in my fitness journey. I need to eat real food and this will help me A LOT.
If you’ve ever watched the Seinfeld episode about Festivus this would make sense to you.
When I got home from work I helped my Mom make Jule Kage (Norwegian sweet bread).
Jule Kage before baking it in the oven. This is BY FAR my favorite Christmas food.

Christmas Eve (December 24)

I bought an organic chicken from Trader Joe’s last week and decided to make it for Christmas. Does this look like something that would make Martha Stewart jealous?
This was the first ever thing I’ve made in the crockpot. Kinda proud of this accomplishment.
I was also in charge of making the Mormon Moonshine (aka Green Slush) for our Family Christmas Brunch. This is a family traditional favorite.
The secret ingredient to any Christmas food? Sugar of course. And, if you’re wondering how many cups of sugar went into this bucket of slush … that would be 12 cups. TWELVE CUPS! Hello diabeetus!
The finishing touch to the Mormon Moonshine … pineapple juice (more sugar!!!)
My Grandma making Greek Wedding Cookies there’s a fancy name for these cookies, but I know I’d butcher it if I tried to write it out (Kurmarkialus7us?)
The key to these cookies is the dent you’ve got to make in the middle of the cookie. Otherwise, you ruin Christmas.
The final product. Sexy Greek Wedding Cookies.
Dave and I at the Empire Chinese Buffet here in Bountiful. This is a tradition we started last year when all of the siblings left us for their in-laws.
The Chinese Food on Christmas Eve that was probably sitting there since last Christmas.
The glistening over all of my food is called love.
The dinner party of family and friends. Great company. And, if you’re wondering YES I am wearing a Jack O’ Lantern shirt.
There’s something slightly addictive about crappy vanilla ice cream from Chinese Buffets. It’s slightly icy and the sprinkles are even more stale. Perfection?
After dinner my brother invited me us to his house for their Christmas program and games. You have to admit the angel stole the show!
The “serious” parts.
Another shot of the cutest angel.
Matt holding the rope to the pinata as little Miss Sweet Cheeks hacks away.
Watching my niece go after the pinata I’ve decided that I never want to pick a fight with her … EVER.
Even my nephew has some aggression I don’t want to test.
Of all the candy in that pinata all that kid wanted was a ring pop. I am sorely disappointed.
Our family has been reading from this book since 1977. We read it every Christmas Eve and sign it.
The kids listening to Papou read the book as Nanna follows along.
The best part of the whole book. It’s the one time of the year that all of the adults are tested on Santa’s eight-tiny reindeer’s names. Do you know them?
Can you guess who provided that lovely artwork in the book?
This was a game we played that really just made me feel like one of those patient dogs waiting to eat their dog treat.
Making more bakkles with my Momma.
The bakkels getting a nice hot scorching bath in some oil.
mmmmm … these will always be Christmas to me. And, my Christmas 15.
My letter to Santa. Need I add anything else to it?
Can you see how excited I am about the Christmas snow? Ugh.

Christmas Day (December 25)

And, of course in the morning I had to go mow the snow off the driveway (okay, I really didn’t mow it).
I found out why there were no mice stirring on the night before Christmas …
The congregation of family. Can you see the eagerness to open gifts?
These two kids could hardly wait to open their gifts!
I love this picture of Uncle Beno and Miss Koko. Who’s more excited here?
I got the kid some TMNT and you can say he was EXTREMELY happy about it! I love this kid.
Got some holiday cat shirts for my family …
My Yia-Yia will look great in this shirt. And, to think this is her third cat shirt.
Yes, this is genuine excitement for more Costco pants. MEN’S pants this go around.
I love these girls. So much fun.
My sister Jess working on her marzipan cake. Since my Aunt’s death nearly two years ago she has undertaken the family cake duty. She’s living up to her namesake and does an awesome job!
YEAH TOAST! (jietost – goat cheese) and jule kage. This is by far my favorite Christmas dish. Have I mentioned that yet?
The family famous Hansen Christmas Quiche.
What would a Utah Mormon get together be without some sort of Jell-O? This is an Egg Nog Orange Jell-O that my Mom makes each year. It sounds gross, but actually it’s not that bad.
These might be store bought, but they’re pretty looking through the camera viewfinder.
The Mormon Moonshine. To make it more liquidity we add Sprite, but if you want to feel adventurous you can add Mountain Dew or even something stronger like Red Bull or a Rockstar.
Dave came and sat on my feet. I like him, but even more when he’s not sitting on my feet.
Dave sang “O, Holy Night” for us. He sang this at church on Sunday in his ward. He did awesome and really brought perspective and the Christmas spirit to those that heard.
21st Century yule log.
And, they’re down for the count.
After eating our brunch, Dave and I headed over to his house to shovel his driveway. It was a great way to burn off some calories.
A monkey and an eagle walk into a … sounds like the start of a really bad joke.
Dave’s ugly sweater. Perfection.
The deliciousness of Jess’ marzipan cake.
My favorite Christmas gift … SELFIE STICK!!!
Moments before I headed to bed for the night. There is nothing I love more than an empty and dark room with just the lights of the tree on. It’s so peaceful, quaint and breathtaking. I love Christmas.

Again, I hope your holiday was just as great as mine. There’s still a week left in the year. I am taking the last week to go over my goals for 2015 one last time and setting my course for next year straighter. I love this week between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a time of reflection, renewal and rededication. Something we all should practice.

Anyways, Merry Christmas and you’ll hear from me at least once more before the calendar turns. I still have to share my resolutions and goals, right?




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