All-Night Marathon: COMPLETE


Welp, I did it. I accomplished my goal of running a back-to-back half marathon. That’s … TWO. HALF. MARATHONS. In two days. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and I can now finally checked it off my Honey Bucket List.

IMG_3051I won’t lie folks, this was one of the toughest things I’ve done. Tougher than a marathon even though I ran the same distance. I underestimated the the affect of running a half marathon after taking a five hour break from your previous half. It’s tough, because you’re telling your body during that second run to basically shut the heck up and forget the pain.

It’s easier said than done.

My first half, the Utah Midnight Run, on Friday night felt like a disaster. I was pacing the 2:30 group with Susette. A VERY manageable pace for me. But, from the get go I had a hard time getting into the run. The heat was getting to me and I ended up throwing up at mile three. NOT the ideal situation, but I did take a selfie out of it soooooo the opportunity wasn’t totally wasted.

IMG_3080I ended up running the last 10 miles with Becky which was a blast. We laughed, talked to other runners and talked about nonsensical things between my occasional cramp or dry heave. I really don’t know what my issue was, but the heat was probably to blame. In fact I ended up taking off my shirt and just using the pacing singlet … which was too small for me, so it ended up looking like a sports bra on me (I won’t lie, this didn’t bother me, when it probably should have?).

Having Becky run beside me the whole race really helped. And, made my run. We ended up running the race in 3:11 hours. Horrible, especially considering I was 40 minutes off my pace. But, I really felt it was just a fluke situation. I’m pacing the Timp Half next week for the 2:40 time, something I am not too worried about. Well, actually, I am worried that I might go too fast. But, that’s a whole different story for later.

IMG_3073Once we were done with the race Becky, Sonja and I headed to Village Inn for food. Much needed food. I had my semi-traditional hashbrowns and eggs, but I also added a cup of cottage cheese to the creation. The waitress was so nice to make it the way I liked it (extra crispy hashbrowns and the cottage cheese and sunnyside up eggs on top) that I tipped well. I also might have felt that we had “A MOMENT” so I couldn’t tip crappy. I can’t when there’s a connection there.

I did get home at 3am and I had about an hour and half or before I had to leave for my second half, Farmington Days Half Marathon. I toyed with the idea of sleeping in my car in Farmington since the races were only 1.4 miles apart. But, I decided going for a little bit would be better. So, I ended up showering and changing my clothes before leaving. I was going to try to sleep, but knowing that I pretty much go into a coma for a minimum of 2-3 hours when dead tired I decided to not tempt fate. So, I just stayed up.

IMG_3082After making the commute to Farmington I picked up my packet at the City Hall and then just chilled for a half hour in the lobby. I was hurting from the last race, but was ready for the challenge. So, after sitting in the lobby for a while I kind of meandered over to the starting line where I ran into my friend Dave (naturally took a selfie) before the gun sounded.

I was one of the last runners to cross the starting line and looking back at retrospectively I probably shouldn’t have done that, because as soon as I started my legs were yelling obscenities at me and I was just hurting. I didn’t feel like I was running, it felt more like a jog. Which scared me, because I knew if I slowed down to a jog I was bound to get hit by a car, find a dead body or get chased by a creepy man in a windowless rusted white van. So, I had my goal was to simply keep going.

IMG_3086Thankfully the course was a bit more hilly than the previous race. It wasn’t 100% flat. There were some hills up and some hills down, the variation helped. I wasn’t sure if I was the last runner out on the course. From about mile three on I didn’t see or pass another runner. Usually a good indication that you are pushing up the rear. I was afraid that they’d pull me off the course so I just kept running hoping that wouldn’t happen (obviously it didn’t happen).

But, at mile four I was done. I won’t lie, I cried. I was just mentally and physically DONE. At that point I had ran 17 miles in that short time and my legs simply wanted to fall off. But, I got some much needed encouragement from friends and from an attitude shift brought by a change of music. I was listening to my running playlist, but I felt like it wasn’t doing anything to calm my nerves or mental state, so I switched it to my Mormon Tabernacle Choir playlist. I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but just the calmness of the choir help calm me down.

IMG_3128But, seriously, I wanted to quit. And, I glad I didn’t.

My goal going into the race though was not just to finish, but I also wanted to beat my time from the night before. And, I did! I came in at just over 3:07 hours. Which made my marathon time for the two races about 6:18. Not, bad in books considering they were two flat races AND with that five hour break between each other.

After the race all I wanted was something salty and a nap. So I ended up going to Taco Bell and getting a Quesarito before heading home to take a three hour nap (not a long enough time, but worth it) before my Grandma’s Birthday party with family.

IMG_3129In all, I never want to do this again. Never. The races were too close to each other. I am signed up for two half marathons on the same day in October, but they will be about 9-10 hours between each other. That’s manageable. This feat was insane. I’m glad I did it. I felt like I needed that reminder during my second race to never give up a goal no matter what the consequences might be or how you might feel. Sometimes you just got to suck it up and do it. I needed that lesson.

I will post both of the race reports throughout the day tomorrow. I’ll go into a bit more detail about my races and probably more than enough detail about me throwing up on Friday night. So stay tuned.

But, if you really want to know how I feel after running these races I’ll leave you with this picture. It says it all …




  1. Dawna Loderhose says:

    Seeing your toes doesn’t make me feel so bad about mine! I have to show this to my daughter, she understands and doesn’t judge. Good blog

  2. Becky Sims says:

    You were not the last. I saw one runner behind you when you had just over a mile left on my way home. Way to finish!

  3. Melanie says:

    Great Job! Loved it! I honed in on one thing…the music. I’m an aerobics instructor and because such has a love/hate thing with music. I love it, but I get burned out on it. During training for my last half I was totally burned out (aka bored) and took a hiatus from teaching aerobics to focus on running. Part of the burnout was that I was sick of listening to high paced, blood pumping music. So, I either ran with a friend, in silence, or I even listened to Hillary Weeks once (he he he—to fit right in with your MOTAB). For some reason, during the half I decided that I needed music to keep me going. Totally not so. At 8-9 miles…when I was ready to be done, I was so frazzled and anxious. I realized it was the music making me feel that way. So I turned it off. I was still dead tired but no longer feeling like a crazed animal. Sometimes we just need a little peace, yes? Motab is not cheesy….it’s peacegiving. 🙂 Again, I loved the post and am inspired (even if I think you are crazy) by your perseverance and goal achieving.

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