An update of things and whatnot …

Not going to lie, I’ve been in a funky funk lately. It’s been a challenging couple of weeks coming off of my vacation. I have the motivation, it’s just the execution of what I should or should not be doing hasn’t been there.

I jumped back into my keto diet after my vacation. That hasn’t been the problem. My plan is to stick to it hardcore for the next couple of months. I will then take a week or two off — maybe. I say maybe, because my body works best in cycles. But, at the same time — I’ve really loved just focusing on the diet and I haven’t had many issues.

So, I optimistically move forward.

But, on the same hand, I am nervous about my running. I just haven’t been able to do what I want to do with my running. Well, I should say — HAVE TO DO — with my running. My ankle has made my long runs torture and it’s making me nervous with Jackpot just two months away.

So, I’ve been focusing on weight training and other means of aerobic exercise — stationary bike. But, I am going to get a gym pass at work and possible start up swimming some.

This past year has been a beast on me. Ever since I sprained ankle my speed has tanked faster than the New York Jets. It’s been frustrating. Very, very frustrating. The only brightside has been finding and following the keto diet. I haven’t had this much energy in years. It’s really helped minimize the effects of my Hashimoto’s.

Not to mention I’ve lost over 35lbs. The Hashimoto’s and thyroid issues of the past three years have made that nearly impossible. It’s felt like somewhat of a miracle diet for me. I’ve felt like I’ve tried everything.

Despite the issues with my ankle, I am still optimistic about what’s ahead of me. I am looking forward to the next couple weeks of running leading up to the New Year’s Revolution Run. I really want to do some good long miles around the oval.

I am still optimistic about Jackpot, but I might have to start reassessing my situation and goals during the race. I don’t want to think that right now. But, I need to be honest with myself as well.

We shall see …

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