Applying the principles of running into my work day

IMG_7498I don’t usually talk much about work here on the bloggy blog for a number of reasons. Namely, blogging about work never turns out well. And, because well, I have a desk job. There’s nothing really exciting or sexy about desk jobs. That’s why I moonlight as a runner on the weekends. That my friends is sexy. Or at least should be.

I digress.

This past week has been a somewhat stressful week for me. I’ve been swamped with projects and needed attention from many directions. It was very overwhelming for me and it affected my work because I was drowning in work. I knew that I needed to do something about it or I’d just completely burnout and be worthless by the end of the week.

Luckily, I have some really good co-workers that helped me, not by doing my work by helping prioritize some of the pressing matters with the … not so pressing. And, in the midst of this help, a light turned on for me. I need to approach my job like my running and workout schedule.

It really was one of those moments where I literally said aloud to myself … “why haven’t I done this earlier?” Working out and adhering to a running schedule takes discipline. But, it also very strategic. You have to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it that why.

That’s what I decided to do with my job. I had to take that same approach. I didn’t run a marathon without training and organizing for it. I had to be efficient. Just like I need to be with my job. So it just made sense to take that same approach.

So I went over my job responsibilities, time requirements and prioritized everything. Everything from what I need to do, to what I should do. I weeded out the crap and was left with the important stuff that I should be doing regularly. I ended up making a weekly schedule for myself and allotted time for me to work on certain projects at certain times. Not, just certain projects … whenever.

A couple of days into the new routine I have noticed less stress involved in the day to day. Much like I do when I am at the gym or on the road and have a reason or person there. That’s why when I started running over four years ago I would have NEVER imagined myself applying lessons like this into my everyday life … let alone work life?

Running has given me MUCH, MUCH more than I could have ever imagined. That’s why I am eager to see where life takes me once I am done running my 180 races. What else will I learn? Time will only tell, I guess?


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