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So, two exciting things happened to me yesterday. I met a llama and Elder Holland (one of the 12 Apostles of the LDS Church). You’re probably thinking, “I understand your excitement about Elder Holland … but a llama? Joshua, you cra cra!”

But, when you love them both you get a tad excited … and … get a selfie with both (but, not at the same time, but if that happened I’m not sure I could contain myself. I’m more than certain I’d pee my pants like overhydrated poodle). Let me share with you the two awesome pictures and then I’ll let you bask in their awesomeness …


Now a little background on these two pictures. The llama was just totally random. Totally. My co-worker and I noticed llamas outside of our building and in my infinite social media wisdom decided to go get meet it and take a selfie.

They were on campus to promote an event in Utah County and a new line of humanitarian aid backpacks. Pretty cool. They even have athletic packs which I might have to look into for my future trail runs and marathon (I’m not getting paid to say all these things, but you know … if they see … I’ll take a backpack and a llama to tryout). But, my selfie with the llama even ended up on the University of Utah’s Facebook page.

My selfie with Elder Holland on the other hand has kinda, sorta, maybe, totally planned for the like the past three months. He spoke at my family reunion’s fireside at Temple Square last night and I KNEW (with every fiber of my being) that I had to get a selfie with him.

I hate playing favorites, but Elder Holland is one of my favorite apostles. He’s so personable, kind, caring, bold … and who doesn’t love his apostolic voice bellowing aloud during LDS General Conference? Some of my favorite Elder Holland talks include this, this, this, this, this and this. Heck, pretty much all of these I love as well.

I love that Elder Holland is not afraid to tackle any topic or delve into any area. It’s refreshing from a pulpit, because most times it’s exactly what the listener needs to hear. I have a lot of admiration for him and his calling. And, being able to hear and meet him last night was such an awesome experience.

So, much so, that I needed to commemorate it with a selfie. Which he was more than willing to do.

But, I don’t know if I can ever really top my Elder Holland selfie? I almost feel like I should just announce my retirement from selfies altogether? But, then again, there are 14 other apostles I don’t have selfies with, including President Monson.

Now if I do retire after my #hollandselfie let’s just look back at some of my favorite selfies the past couple of years …



Oh, the memories.

I’m not sure if I can retire, yet.



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