Becky’s Running Waffles


Last Friday I shared with you a recipe I got from my running friend Becca as I carb-loaded myself for the New Year’s Half Marathon the next day. Waffles, pasta, cereal or potatoes are usually my choice of pre-race pleasure. Since I am running the New Year’s Run Resolution tomorrow I wanted/needed a good high carb meal for tonight. I didn’t grapple too much with the decision because waffles were still very much in my head from last week. But, more than that I wanted to find a way to make them even more “runner friendly.”

So thinking about it all week I played around with the recipe a bit and came up with something pretty dang good. I didn’t change much of the flavor (besides a few tablespoons of vanilla extract), but I added a few things that are good for long distance runners like myself. But, I highlighted some of the changes and the benefit to runners (just remember I’m not a dietitian, I’m sure there’s more beneficial things to each item, but hopefully I didn’t miss the important ones, right?) …

Whole-wheat flour

The additional fiber found in whole-wheat (or any whole grain food for that matter) will help you feel longer. Which will make the pre-race carb-load less like a carb free-for-all, because you won’t be as inclined to downing simple carbs due to feeling fuller. You know this happens more often than we want to admit. But, just don’t over do it with the whole-wheat and fiber it does have a tendency to make you (meaning me) gassy.

Hemp seed

Hemp seed is a good source of protein and good healthy fats (omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids). Plus, it contains all 10 essential amino acids. I like using hemp seed because of the 11 grams of protein per three tablespoons. Protein powder and some other soy based protein supplements don’t always settle with me well and the last thing I need before a long run is an upset stomach. This is a much more natural approach.

And, no you won’t get high from it.


Flaxseed does wonders for the cardiovascular system and like the hemp seed pumps great omega-3 acids into your body. Flaxseed also promotes healthy blood vessels and less inflammatory damage due to strenuous workouts/runs. It really works hand in hand with hemp seed as well in providing good fats and fiber.

Vanilla extract

There really is no benefit, I just like the flavor. But, try it with almond extract sometime too. VERY GOOD.

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And, if you REALLY want to make this runner friendly you can always top it with a banana and little sugar-free maple syrup. Mmmm … that’s making me hungry for more … CRAP!

Anyways, without any further adieu, here is the adapted recipe … enjoy!

Becky’s Running Waffles

Ingredients – Makes four large waffles

1 3/4 c., whole-wheat flour

1 Tbsp., sugar

1 Tbsp., baking powder (heaping)

3 Tbsp., hemp seed

1 Tbsp., flaxseed

1/2 tsp., salt

3, eggs

1/2 c., butter

1 1/2 c., milk

2-3 Tbsp, Vanilla (or any flavor) extract

Mix dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, hemp seed, flaxseed and salt) into a large mixing bowl. Shift well.

Combine wet ingredients (eggs, milk, butter and extract) and mix well.

Make a crater in the dry ingredients and then pour wet ingredients in cavity. Mix batter well, working out all lumps.

Pour batter into a waffle iron and prepare waffles as directed.


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