Becky’s Very Runny Birthday Party! and such things that happen on a weekend …

AVRBP!A few months ago when my friend Becky was planning her marathon training for the Ogden Marathon she wanted to do a group run with our running group, Runners Anonymous (RA) on her birthday weekend. So the Becky and I planned a RA run at Liberty Park for the fourth anniversary of her 29th birthday. Sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean all the time) our get togethers are more of a reason to run off junk food. Which this party was no different.

Most of everyone who showed up for Becky’s Very Runny Birthday Run. It was quite a FUN group! (it’s ALWAYS a fun group, let’s be honest here)
I like to call these cupcakes, “Remorse Free Cupcakes.” Why? Because they’re Red Velvet Beet & Spinach cupcakes. Yum!

I made my Snickers, Pretzels and Salted Caramel Rice Krispy Treats. This was the second time I’ve made these for Becky. I made them for her at our Thankful 13 race last Thanksgiving and it was pretty love at first bite for her. Soooooo … I had to make them again for her on her birthday. She really didn’t give me a choice actually.

My Snickers, Pretzel & Salted Caramel Rice Krispy Treat. I will share the recipe within the next week. But, I won’t lie, it’s not a very diet friendly dessert. Still … awesomely good!
Becky chomping down on her Birthday RKs!

Besides the Rice Krispy Treats, we had Welsh cakes, spinach and beet cupcakes, cookies, more cookies, chocolate chip bars (my favorite) and other delicious treats. Luckily running 15 miles was on the agenda. I ran with the group for the most part, but Kasie and I ran a good chunk of the miles together. She was even so kind to take a picture of a three-legged dog she saw earlier in the run (Side note: When I get a three-legged dog, I want to adopt one I can take running. I am going to call him Three Miles (get it? Three legs? Three miles?) but call him 5K for short). But, the run around the park was a little tough. Around our eighth lap we just didn’t have anything else in our legs. Running on a flat course is tough for me. I enjoy hills and how gravity works for me during downhill runs. Flat can get painful pushing a 220-230lbs. guy around in circles.

The three-legged dog of Liberty Park. This picture just warms my heart. I can’t wait to adopt my three-legged dog, 5K someday.
Stretching out my sore and tired feet. (Side note: My friend Galen actually massaged my feet between laps. Like, full on rubbed my wet and stinky feet because I had a big ‘ol nasty knot it in. If that isn’t true running friendship, I don’t know what is?!)


We ended up stopping around 12.5 miles partly because of our dead legs and partly because I had to get home to take care of our German Shepard since my family was still in Disneyland. I wasn’t going to make up my 2.5 miles, but decided to finish the miles later in the day on the treadmill. Mainly because I’m a tad OCD with my mileage and how to round it up. Plus, if I was going to round it up, I might as well do another 2 to get my intended 15 miles for the day. Don’t ask for me to explain this logic.

My cute niece stole the treadmill key and hid it somewhere in her toys, so I had to McGyver it by borrowing one of her plastic kitchen playset knives.

I was also interviewed by my friend Tysen for the GoForIt Show podcast on Saturday. He wanted me to share my weight-loss/running story and how I overcame a lot of the issues I had to deal with to get where I am today. It was an awesome interview and I am always excited and willing to share my story. The podcast is launching on March 20 and it should air sometime after the launch. Once it airs I’ll make sure to share it here.

Shortly after being interviewed for the Go For It Show. I’ll make sure to share the link of the podcast when it goes live sometime after March 20th.
Since my family ditched me for Disneyland I thought I should feel like I fit in with them when I had to go pick them up at the airport. #istillwillnotforgivethemforalongtime

Besides picking up my family from the airport the rest of the day was pretty relaxed which I was grateful for. My legs were shot, I was shot, but I had fun. I am so grateful for the group of friends that I have. I am grateful to be able to run. And, I am grateful to share my story any chance I get.

Now to go sleep an hour away. I love and hate this turn of the clock. I lose an hour, but I get longer hours to run in daylight!



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