Being Fully Supported …


How does a guy write a blog post about his new found running “support”? I’m not sure, but I know I’ll get a call from my Mom wondering why in the heck wrote about wearing a sports bra. And, a post with pictures of me in said sports bra, nonetheless?!

But, honestly, I think I found something that really, honestly gives my nipples the best protection from chaffing. I’ve tried NipGuards, BodyGlide, duct tape (totally worthless BTW), medical tape, Band-Aids and pretty much everything outside of amputation. None of them have really worked to my satisfaction.

The closet I got was the medical tape. That stuff doesn’t go anywhere as long as you apply the tape on dry skin. But, the problem with that is it doesn’t really breathe well and doesn’t protect the whole nipple. So sometimes you get chaffed around the nipple. Plus, it’s a mother to rip off! SERIOUSLY! It hurts.

But, my new found sports bra? It’s a slight struggle to get it over my head, but much less painful than ripping tape off my nipples.

I know I have only ran in it once, but I’ve learned a couple of things about running in my sports bra that have made me fall in love with running in it …

  1. It gives exceptional support. Seriously, my running posture felt much better with in on. I slouch sometimes and this definitely helps.
  2. The whole non-chaffing thing is truly a godsend.
  3. It’s kind of like an extra pocket. I can put my phone in there while running or if I want a nice little hideaway for my Gu I can put it in there. I guess if I wanted to I could put a couple of Capri Suns in there and sip them when I get thirsty?
  4. My moobs don’t jiggle around as much. That’s a plus. Now to just get the rest of my body to not jiggle as much. That’s the key!
  5. Most importantly, it’s a statement that cancer sucks! I might not never have breast cancer or cancer, but I can support and love those that fight it every day!

This past couple of weeks has really made me reevaluate things. Hearing of my friends’ battles with breast cancer brought back a lot of memories and feelings I had when my Mom went through her battle.

Cancer sucks. Royally. Cancer isn’t easy. On the person going through it. On the family of the person going through it. And, even on the friends of the person going through it. I learned some three years ago that while cancer is an individual disease, it’s not a journey meant to be gone through alone. It takes a village to fight it.

Many people played crucial parts in my Mom’s battle. My sisters and Aunt were there during every surgery, often staying overnight at the hospital with my Mom. My sister Jenny towed her newborn to all of my Mom’s doctor appointments. My Grandma made countless meals for the family. Neighbors not only brought in meals, but went WAY beyond their means that brought tears of appreciation to my Mom and family. Love knows no bounds and I learned through experience and observation that the Lord’s prayers are often answered through other people.

If anything, I hope my small action shows my support for my friends. Brings a smile to their face. And, I hope they know they are all in my prayers throughout their fight and that they are not about this alone. There are people all around waiting to help. Sometimes it takes courage to just ask.




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