Buggin’ Out in Bountiful

bountiful-bugoutWhat a fun and crazy weekend. After months of working on getting The Bugout Run off the ground we had our first event on Saturday. We had 6 of the 28 people who signed up show up, but we still felt it was a success. Especially for being a free event with a premise somewhat new and unheard of in the running and even the prepping world.

Our goal for The Bugout Run has always been to grow organically and step by step, so this was very much in line with that direction. But, even more than that we had a few runners that came away from the run better equipped and more knowledgable about emergency preparedness and first aid response. To both Jorge and I, that’s worth more than sheer numbers of participants. We want all to go away from the run feeling better prepared.

So, yeah, success!


On Friday night Jorge and I spent most of the night working on small odds and ends for the race. We ended up getting to sleep around 1am with a 3:30am alarm. Both of us kind of woke up in that stupor of thought, wondering why we were awake. But, after getting some breakfast and caffeine in ourselves we were awake and ready to run.

This first event was held in Davis County, Utah, specifically in the foothills of Bountiful. We didn’t tell the participants until 48 hours before the event, because this was a bugout and we wanted them to do some research of the area on their own. Then 24 hours before the race started we gave them the scenario of the event. This would allow them to pack their 72 hour bugout bag for that specific scenario.


The scenario for this event was around a three day plus power outage that made some residents restless. Things turned violent and because of the shortage of food and water mobs of people roamed neighborhoods looking for food. You and some neighbors decided that it was safer to leave than fight the gangs. In the process of leaving someone from the party gets shot and you have to attend to them.

So with that scenario our participants met up by the Bountiful “B” for the event. The runners checked in and if they brought a bugout bag, we had them do a self-assessment first and then my brother-in-law (CEO of PrepperCon) went through their bag and gave them feedback on the pros and cons of their bags.


After that, Dave from Minuteman Rx instructed the participants about gun shot wounds and how to administer first aid. It is crucial to attend gun shot wombs as quickly as possibly, because if you hit a main artery it will take the average human to bleed out in 2-3 minutes.

Once we got that instruction everyone headed out. Jorge headed out in front with a few of the runners and I ran up from behind. About a mile and a half up the skyline trail we had our first challenge. This was a physical challenge where participants had to do 30 hops, 30 v-hops and 30 mt. climbers against a tire before doing 10 burpees with that same tire.


Once the runners finished with their physical challenge they sprinted over to the tactical challenge proctored by Dave. Here they put to practice what they learned down at the start line. They had to apply a tourniquet based off the location of a gunshot wound on their arms. And, they had to do it within 2-3 minutes … or they were … well … dead.

The challenge of being physically worn out from the run up and the physical challenge was designed so that you had to think fatigued during the tactical challenge. Because in an emergency you won’t get that luxury to be well rested, clear of mind or 100% stress free. You have to learn to think and act on your feet … in the moment.


Once that the tactical and physical challenges were complete we went up to the turn around point where we all paused for a moment to catch in the view before heading back down. The run back down was just as gorgeous as the run up. And, once we got back down to the trail we were greeted by Carla and Holly. And, if that wasn’t reason enough to be happy Holly made cookies for all of us.

And, her cookies are what legends are made of.


Once we took a breath after the event Jorge and I were all smiles because we set out and did everything we planned. But, the feedback from the participants were what really made us KNOW our effort was worth it. Many of them even marked their calendar for the next run on August 8th. This one will happen somewhere in Utah County.

Registration for that run is now up. And, free like this one.


The plan is to have one each month leading up to our BIG Survival Challenge next May. This one will be a team survivalist challenge that we’re planning to be the next best endurance event here in Utah. It’s going to be fun and we have a few things in store for it that I’m keeping mum about.

But, sign up for the August 8th event and come bugout out with in Utah County. It will be totes exciting and fun!




utah runcast logo

After our run on Saturday, Jorge, Jim and I recorded our first episode of The Utah Runcast. I sent it over to Podgoblin to edit it some and then post it. It should be up and running online sometime Monday night or Tuesday. Hopefully. I’ll make sure to let you know when it does. Make sure to watch my Facebook page along with the Utah Runcast page as well for the link.

During our next episode we’re going to be talking about nutrition and proper fueling techniques. If you’re interested in being a part of that episode let me know. We would like a few other nutritionists and runners who are familiar with that topic to be on the show.

I am going to also call out for people to share their expertise on the Facebook page along with some of the local running Facebook groups. In the near future we’re going to not only be talking about nutrition, but couch to running plans, running plans, shoe buying, picking your first race, picking your PR race, etc.

It’s going to be fun. The show is designed to be informative, but also loose, fun and engaging. Especially through Facebook and social media.

But, in the mean time stay close for the release of episode number one!



This is the week! Race #100 will be happening on Friday of this week! If you couldn’t tell by the exclamation points on this post I am kinda excited about the milestone. I am going to be running with Tim and Elsha, which I am really excited about. It’s turned more into a little party than just another race, which feels fitting for this milestone.

My family is going to be at the finish line as well, which I am more excited about, because my Dad hasn’t been to one of my races yet. I’m already getting a little emotional about it, just typing about it. Not just because of my Dad being there, but also of my Grandma and Aunt Diane who passed away the past couple of years. Starting out they were (and still are) my biggest fans and supporters. It’s going to be a tender moment at the finish line for me.

I still have 80 races left towards my ultimate goal, but this one will be remembered and cherished, because this is also where the whole journey started four years ago. So, so, so, so excited.



Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 188.0 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 222.0 miles
2015 Race Miles – 219.85 miles
2015 Total Miles – 629.85 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  131.15 miles
July  55.8 miles



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