Can we call it ‘Running Pneumonia’ instead?

I hate being sick. I’ve been out of work for three days now — including the weekend. #ugh #ihatebeingsick

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I am probably not going to be posting much this week — once again. I’ve been sick for about a week now with what I thought was a sinus infection and bronchitis. Well, turns out that it turned into walking pneumonia — which has been a bucket of fun.

And, of course it hasn’t been a bucket of fun — at all. I’ve been out of work for about three days including the weekend — and well, blah!

I am on antibiotics, I got a new asthma inhaler and some awesome codine laced cough syrup to help me through the process. Not sure what this means for my running this week — I do have a 5K on Saturday and I should be better by then — hopefully. I am going to monitor myself between now and then to make sure I can do it.

I really want to bust out a good run sooner than later — it’s been killing me.

But, I have to be patient.






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