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RACE #145: Saltair Half

Going into this race — I wasn’t having a very good week. Last weekend during the Riverton Half I started having a little pain in one of my molars. I didn’t think too much about it, because it was cold and I just have very sensitive teeth.

But, this was the same tooth that my dentist couldn’t work on because he couldn’t get me numb. It needed a crown, but he just couldn’t do anything with it. So, he filled what he needed to do and felt that we could wait a few months and try again. He didn’t feel like it was close enough to my nerve to worry about a root canal.

Well, it got to that point of needing a root canal.

By Sunday evening it was throbbing and I couldn’t chew on that side at all. I knew I was going to need a root canal. So on Monday I called my dentist and he ended up referring me to a endodontist to do the work. But, the endodontist couldn’t see me until Wednesday. So that left me with about three days of dealing with the pain.

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Luckily, my dentist gave me a prescription for some Lorotab. It helped. But, I won’t lie, I kinda hate that stuff. I hate the drowsy feeling and with most pain medications I always get itchy from it. But, come Wednesday I was BEYOND ready for the root canal.

I was beyond surprised how quickly and painless the whole procedure was. I was zonked out and didn’t feel a thing. Sure, my jaw hurt for the next couple of days, but by Friday I was feeling 100% — or close to it.

I’m telling you all this, because it’s framing the context of this run. The past week was brutal on me. It shot my planned workouts and runs I wanted to get in — I got only two miles of running in and FAR less walking miles than I like. The week just sucked.

So on Saturday morning I was just ready for this run. I knew it was going to suck. Not only did not I get the wanted training in the past week, but the course isn’t my favorite — especially when it comes to speed. It’s an out and back flat course along the frontage road running west to east along I-80 in Magna.

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I’ve done the Saltair Half a number of times before — so I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew I wasn’t going to be fast, I knew it was going to be tough on me mentally, but I knew I also needed the miles and it wasn’t race toward my 180 goal.

So there I was in Magna at the Great Saltair ready to run.

Despite having only 38 runners for the half marathon the race had pacers — many whom I know. The sweeper was Julianna who I’ve ran with countless times. With that few runners I knew we’d probably be hanging out a lot during the race — if not the whole race.

I had a feeling I was probably going to be the last runner, but I didn’t care. I’ve stopped caring about that where I finish years ago. As long as I do my best for that day and finish, I am happy.

Once the gun sounded Julianna and I started off together. We walked a good part of the first two miles — mistakingly keeping pace with one of the slower dualathletes. We picked up our pace once he turned around at the 5K turnaround, but I won’t lie — it was more like a run/walk for a bit. Something that would probably make Jeff Galloway proud.

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Early into the race I noticed that there weren’t any port-a-potties along the course. Like none. In the past there had been at least one at the aid stations. But, there weren’t any — which made me a little anxious. Even if I don’t use it, I know if there isn’t one — I’ll end up needing it.

I tried to not think much about it and just enjoyed the company of Julianna. Once we got to the turnaround point we met up with another runner who was walking at this point. She wasn’t feeling well and had just tanked out. I felt bad for her, because she really could have used a restroom.

After walking with her and Julianna for a bit, I decided to pick up my pace and go ahead. I wanted — well needed — to run. So, I sprinted off around Mile 8. Well, it wasn’t much of a sprint. I didn’t have much spring in my legs, but I decided to keep my walking to a minimum and just push myself past my comfort level.

I felt really good about my last five miles even though I knew I was well past my sub-three semi-goal. But, this race wasn’t about a time goal anyways — it was my therapy from a tough past week. It was my therapy away from the stress of the past week. And, it was my therapy helping me to mentally prepare myself for my 50K in a couple of weeks.

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The last couple of miles were brutal. I had no spring whatsoever — and on a flat course — it shows. My sprint was a mall walkers pace. But, I pushed myself through that pain, kept my walking to a minimum and just kept focus on the finish line.

And, I made it.

I made it in 3:26:11. Not my best time. By far. But, I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t necessarily happy with it. But, it was what it was — therapy.

After being handed my medal and a bunch of bananas (you gotta give it to them that they know me!) — I hopped in my car and just headed back home. On the drive home I reflected on the run and how tough it was on me. And, how difficult this past week was on me mentally and physically. I was proud of myself for pushing through it all and doing the run. Because it wasn’t easy.

And, now my mind is fully on my 50K in a couple of weeks. Luckily, I don’t need to rely too much on my speed. The speed I was at during this race is probably even a bit too fast for my 50K. So, as discouraging as my time might feel for my half marathon — I feel good about where I will be physically during the 50K.

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The next couple of weeks I am just focusing on my workouts and runs. I’ve been working out at home the past couple of months — well lots of physical therapy exercises for my back (which is a non-issue now) and my sprained ankle. But, I am going to get back into my boot camp workouts at my gym and add some more weight training.

Plus, the good thing about training for my 50K is that I am technically tapering. So with PrepperCon this weekend my runs don’t have to be long. I am going to do five miles on Friday or Saturday — on top of the mileage from walking around the convention. I’ll either run around the Sandy area or just hop on the hotel treadmill. Either way — it’s no 20 miler.

But, I am excited for the next couple of weeks. And, as difficult as this past week has been, it’s nice to be able to acknowledge it, process it and then — move on.  Which I am doing now.



When I think of Easter, I often think of my angel Grandma — or Yia Yia. She was (and still is) a rock in my life. Her sense of humor, her love of family and her belief in me will always be a hallmark of her legacy. But, it’s one of the Greek Orthodox Easter traditions that she passed onto us, that I will always remember, do and say. In Greece, a common Easter greeting between one another is Χριστός ἀνέστη! (Christos Anesti) Meaning … Christ is Risen! But, instead of the greeted responding with the same greeting they reaffirm that saying with Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! (Alithos Anesti) Meaning … Truly He Is Risen! Since her passing over two years ago, I ponder much on that saying. It is because of Him that I know I’ll see my Yia Yia again. It is that victory over death that we will ALL rise again. I am grateful for this Easter season and for what it means to me personally, for my family and us all. I stand in reaffirming to all that Christ has truly risen! Happy Easter!

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This is the Utah way of saying … “I’m ready for summer, but I’m not sure if it’s here yet.”

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With a mug like this, Adventure’s First Stop™ is usually the bathroom.

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Teaching young Tatum the ways of the Hansen Egg Challenge. He's a natural.

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Weekly Review

As mentioned above, this wasn’t a good week for me — physically, mentally or emotionally. The root canal and tooth pain really threw me off. But, this upcoming week I am looking to make up for all of that. I don’t need huge mileage — because of my upcoming 50K — but, I want to get at least three good runs in, on top of the time on my feet that I’ll spend at PrepperCon on Friday and Saturday.

It should be a much better week. It’ll be physically demaning and a bit hectic, but that’s what makes it interesting — right?

Weekly Miles

Running Miles — 2.0 miles
Race Miles — 13.1 miles
Walking Miles — 21.61 miles
TOTAL MILES — 36.71 miles
Race(s) this week — Saltair Half.

April 2017 Miles

Running Miles — 6.0 miles
Race Miles — 39.3 miles
Walking Miles — 45.63 miles
TOTAL MILES — 90.93 miles
Races in April — Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half, Saltair Half, Salt Flats 50K and Tulip Festival Half

2017 Miles

Running Miles — 187.75 miles
Race Miles — 135.42 miles
Walking Miles — 371.09 miles
TOTAL MILES — 694.26 miles
Races done in 2017 — New Year’s Half Marathon, Sweethearts 5K, Jackpot Running Festival, SL Tri Club Indoor Half, March Madness Half, Lucky 13 Half Marathon, Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half and Saltair Half.

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It’s never too early to start planning for 2017 — right?

We’re halfway through 2016 and I am getting excited for next year already — as odd as that might sound. But, that’s been my life as a runner the past 5+ years. I love looking ahead to my races. Whether it’s new races, old races or new races in new places — I love planning them out.

As I have been going over my 2017 calendar and plotting out my races and goals — I’ve come to a couple of decisions. One, I want to focus on the half marathon and, two, I want to focus on setting a new PR in the half in 2017. Specifically, getting that elusive sub-two half marathon.

This means I am going to have to be deliberate with my training throughout the year and not focus on marathons or ultras. I did this back in 2013 when I got my PR — and it’s a good focus.

Granted, I am planning on — or least trying — to get into Boston next year. So that’s kind of my exception. But, that’s early enough in the year that my training should help me through the winter months to be even more half ready for the summer and fall races.

Well, that’s the thinking at least.

It will be hard to say no to the St. George and Big Cottonwood Marathons — but, I’m okay with that. I really want to get that sub-two and with the course I am on now with my thyroid, testosterone and weight — I feel like I could be in a good spot next year to make a good push at it.

Anyways — I know it’s still pretty early and this schedule is bound to change. Especially with some of these race dates not set in stone yet. I am estimating most dates.

Also some races will be paced, while others will be raced. Just depends on which races I decide to push for a PR at. But, more on that later. Here’s my tentative schedule …


140. St. George Half Marathon; St. George, UT (January 14)
141. Dogtown Half Marathon; Washington, UT (February 18)
142. March Madness Half Marathon; Woods Cross, UT (March 4)
143. Boston Marathon; Boston, MA (April 17)
144. Provo City Half Marathon; Provo, UT (May 6)
145. Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; SLC, UT (May 13)
146. Ogden Half Marathon; Ogden, UT (May 20)
147. Drop 13 Half Marathon; SLC, UT (June 10)
148. Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back, UT (June 16-17)
149. AF Canyon Race Against Cancer; American Fork, UT (June 24)
150. Hobbler Half; Mapleton, UT (July 8)
151. Deseret News Half Marathon; SLC, UT (July 24)
152. Timp Half; American Fork, UT (July 29)
153. Run Elevated Half Marathon; Sandy, UT (August 26)
154. Nebo Half; Payson, UT (September 2)
155. Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon; SLC, UT (September 9)
156. Layton Half Marathon; Layton, UT (October 7)
157. The Haunted Half; SLC, UT (October 21)
158. The Haunted Half; Provo, UT (October 28)
159. Snow Canyon Half Marathon; St. George, UT (November 4)
160. Thankful 13; Lehi (November 23)

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#FitnessFriday: So summer begins …

I know this is getting a bit TMI — but, I’m still hurting from Ogden. My legs have recovered nicely — but, I seriously chafed like no one should ever chafe. Like, I have scabs all over my body. I feel like I got attacked by a bunch of cats. Especially under my armpits where my bra got the best of me.

I won’t tell you where the chaffing is, but it’s bad. I wanted to go out for a shakeout run on Tuesday and Wednesday — and nope. Last night I forced myself and I felt like I was going to die. I am doing a half marathon this weekend — sooooooooooo — we’ll see how things turn out I guess? Luckily, I am sweeping the course and not racing it.

Anyways, enough of that. If I go any further I am sure I’ll get a concerned phone call from my mother about what I blog about. She’ll then go into a whole spiel about how talking about wearing bras and chaffing won’t help me find a wife.

She has a point.

But, then again, if my future wife can’t appreciate a good discussion about bras and chaffing, will the marriage really even work? Will I want that kind of negativity in my life?

Speaking of marriage, my friend Joe Coles — and owner of On Hill Events — started a page on Facebook called “Josh Sole Mate.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a page helping aid me in the search for a wife.

When he came to me with the idea — I just laughed and gave him the go ahead. It wouldn’t hurt, right? Tinder and LDS Singles weren’t working — sooooooo — why not this? Joe is going to be giving out some entries to some of his races as first dates, etc. — it sounds fun.

What will come of it?

Well, hopefully a wife …

Soooooo — if you want to set me up with another single runner — go to the page. BAHAHA!

And, if you’re wondering, yes, it’s 100% approved and in full support of my mother. And, probably the rest of my family, my friend Jill, Cousin Em and anyone who ever wanted to go on a couple date with me.

But, seriously, I’m laughing about it.

Anyways — it’s been an interesting week between my chaffing problems, search for a wife and work. Let’s just say, I am very glad it’s a three-day weekend. A much needed three-day weekend.

The only thing I have planned basically is my race tomorrow, church on Sunday and mowing the lawn on Monday. Of course after sleeping in until probably noon. Well, okay, probably 9am. It’s sad that 9am is sleeping in, in my book. I’m getting way too old.

Anyways — Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you take the time to remember why we celebrate (and no the answer is not so we can break out white pants or breakout the grill) and spend some quality time with close friends and family.

120 - alpine classic.fw

This time tomorrow — I will be 60 races away from my 180 goal! It’s kinda crazy to see how fast I am coming up onto that goal. Granted, when you run about 20-25 races a year that will do that.

But, I’ve enjoyed the journey and as many people ask — yes, I remember every race. They’re like children to me. Each has their own lesson, personality and memory.

I am running the Alpine Classic Half tomorrow — aptly in Alpine. This will be the second time that I’ve ran Alpine — I ran it back in 2013. It’s a hilly course — lots of rolling hills. Honestly, it’s kinda fun. And, after running and training around Bountiful, I feel more than prepared.

I’m not going for time though this year — especially since I am sweeping the course for the RYR Pacers. I am not sure where that will put me time wise and it doesn’t matter. I am as fast as the slowest runner. After a miserably wet Ogden last week it will be nice to have a relaxing run instead.

Well, I should say a nice relaxing DRY run.

Anyways — come back Monday for my recap.


When Addict II Athlete (AIIA) was added to the Friday podcast cycle in February, I had one goal — make them more successful than the Runcast. Seriously.

The Runcast has some phenomenal numbers on — I think we are the second or third most downloaded show? Which, I am beyond grateful for by the way. But, the message being shared by AIIA — is so much more important than what Jorge, Jim and I do with the Runcast.

AIIA is about saving and improving lives — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc., etc., etc. It’s a podcast I look forward to listening to every other Friday. There’s such a power in the narrative and in sharing one’s story and Coach Blu does an awesome job getting these athletes to share their stories. It’s awesomely beautiful.

Anyways, here’s the latest episode featuring Mike. Please, if you like it, share it with others —

2 Roads 2 Boston

Yesterday, I wrote about my goal to run the Boston Marathon. It’s been interesting seeing the response that I’ve gotten. I knew it might be fairly bi-polar since Boston is such a sacred marathon to runners.

But, it’s been quite the opposite. I’ve gotten a number of notes and messages from other runners encouraging me to go the charity route. Just those notes of encouragement make the effort worth it to me — AND — excite me more.

I am not sure exactly what needs to be done to start fundraising — and I kinda don’t want to wait until October to start fundraising. I might start collecting in a month or so via PayPal, GoFundMe, etc. We’ll see, there’s pros and cons to that, especially if people who want to donate want to use it as a tax write-off.

Anyways — I’m thinking out loud.

I am just eager to get things started and get fundraising. I’ll have to get creative — maybe I should start selling bananas for inflated prices or make gourmet Rice Krispy Treats for donations?

There’s a thought.

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Someone’s getting a nice plush seat tonight. #chubbingtatum #prouduncle

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Welp, I am Day #9 into my Whole30 diet — and — I’m alive. So, I’ve got that going for me. Actually, it’s not that bad. It’s fairly simple — the focus is on eating whole foods while avoiding grains, dairy, added sugar and processed food.

The biggest giveaway right now — is my energy levels. I am not relying on sugar (or sweeteners) or caffeine to regulate my energy or give me a pick up boost. It’s all natural.

And, staying away from added sugar really isn’t as hard as I feared. If I eat anything boxed or store bought — I just read the label. If has sugar or other sugar sources — I just don’t buy it. It’s unbelievable how many food items add sugar to their products — it’s about 70% of all grocery items have added sugar in them.

I am not going to get on my soapbox — well, maybe a little — but, we really do eat a lot of sugar as a country. Do you wonder why we have so many problems with diabetes, heart disease and other ailments? We’re poisoning ourselves.

I watched a documentary on Netflix last night called “Sugar Coated” — I highly recommend it. It really focuses on the deceiving ways the Sugar Association (yes, there’s such an organization) PR’d their way through the 70’s defending sugar and putting the blame for rising obesity rates on added fat and eating too much.

Anyways — go watch it. Seriously.

Besides going along on this little journey, I haven’t jumped on a scale for over two weeks now. That’s part of the Whole30 program. And, I won’t lie — it’s a bit tough. I am not addicted to weighing myself — for the past couple of years it’s a Friday thing for me (just to check in).

So not knowing where I am on the scale is frustrating — because, I know I’ve lost weight and I want to know how much! I’m kinda tempting to go to a carnival and find the booth where they guess your weight — just so I can get a ballpark estimate.

Anyways — it’ll be interesting to see where I am when I step on the scale come June 16th.

But, so far, so good.

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There are two roads to Boston

I love running. It has given me a lot in the past six years or so since I’ve started deliberately doing it. Before then the only time you would see me run was — because I was being chased by a bear, going shopping on Black Friday or because the ice cream man decided to take a left turn into my neighborhood.

Running has been a life saver, a blessing and very much a savior — ever since I laced up my inadequate running shoes and decided to go for a run. I owe so much to who I am now — both on and off the road — because of what running has taught me.

I could make a list — dealing with my mother’s breast cancer fight, overcoming addiction, helping me process the passing of dear family members, gaining confidence in myself and my abilities and over course aiding me in my weight-loss and overall health.

The list is nearly endless.

I really started running to get healthy and to lose weight — I never would have imagined that it would help me through many tough situations. When I learned of my Mom’s breast cancer diagnosis — I ran. When my aunt passed away — I ran. My Grandma’s passing — I ran.

I wasn’t running away from the situation. I was running to clear my mind. I was running to process what was ahead of me. I was running to feel the emotions of my heart.

Before running similar news would have probably been met with destructive behavior. Behavior that was meant to numb. Addictions are great at numbing and blinding emotions — but, that’s a post for another day.

I’ve experienced a lot during my running journey the past six years — I’ve ran numerous 5Ks, a few 10Ks, 100+ half marathons, four relay races, a few 25K + races, seven marathons and a 50K. That’s a lot of running. Roughly 1700+ miles of just racing — that’s not including the training miles.

Like I said, that’s a lot of running. And, I don’t regret a minute — or mile — of it.

I’ve learned over the years — that running isn’t really just about the miles. It isn’t even about the pace or time. It’s about breaking personal walls of doubt. It’s about the friendships and community you create. It’s all about the journey.

My friendships, overcome obstacles and accomplishments have meant so much more than any PR or time. Sure, I shoot for them — but, if that’s my sole focus — I am missing everything else running has to offer. I can’t allow myself to gain that kind of tunnel vision, because for me that would defeat the whole purpose of why I run.

But, just because my speed and pace isn’t my main focus doesn’t mean I don’t value it — in myself or in others. I would be foolish to not. In fact, I get just as much a thrill watching the winners as those who are pushing up the rear. That is one reason why I love the Boston Marathon so much.

It takes mad dedication to qualify — sure to some elites those qualifications might be rather “easy.” But, to the average runner — it’s a standard that takes extraordinary dedication, hard work, faith in the process and patience. Lots of patience.

I have watched many friends triumph, struggle and even fail at qualifying for Boston. For someone who, more than likely, will never qualify for Boston — it’s an interesting drama to watch unfold. Both as a fellow runner and human being.

I often feel like an insider liking from the outside — if that makes sense. I understand the struggle of setting running goals and pursuing them — just not on the level that it takes to qualify for Boston. Especially when it comes to the physical requirements to qualify. And, I admire EVERYONE that undertakes that goal and strives for it.

Ever since I started running — I’ve had others ask me if my goal is to qualify for Boston. Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought, because I came to the realization rather early in my running journey that I — more than likely — would never qualify for Boston. Unless, I was 85 years old, blind or missing a limb.

And, I’m fine with that.

Well, until this past Boston Marathon.

I’ve known about charity runners at Boston ever since I started running. While, I think it’s admirable to be a charity runner (I’ve been one before locally) — I’ve felt about pursuing to be one at Boston is a no no. Why? Well, because it’s Boston. The Boston Marathon isn’t for runners like me — I’m too slow and not a “real” runner like the thousands who actually qualified.

And, I know I am not the only one who believes this. Many in the running community feel like charity runners cheapen a race. So, if you didn’t qualify for Boston — all you have to do is just write a check to a charity and you’re in.

There’s also the belief that a charity runner will take the spot of qualified runner. Which, I learned, at least in relation to the Boston Marathon, they don’t. There are the same amount of qualifiers and charity runners each year — and that won’t change.

Anyways, as I am watching the marathon during my lunch break, I am having this internal debate with myself about Boston. Do I try to get in as a charity runner? Why would I do that? What would others think? What kind of charity would I run for? I wouldn’t want to run for a charity that I don’t believe in or feel passionate about?! Am I even worthy to run Boston?

All these questions — these pros and cons — swirled through my head.

And, then it just kind of dawned on me with the thought, “Josh, there are two roads to Boston — and you’ve got to qualify for either road with a lot of the same principles of dedication, hard work, perseverance and ingenuity”


There are two roads to Boston.

This thought erased any doubt I had about whether or not I should run Boston — let alone publicly announce it. I was going to run Boston. I am going to run Boston.

So, I started looking at the Boston Marathon charities to see what would fit with me. I hate saying some charities looked — meh (because all charities do good) — except there were some that just didn’t excite me.

And, then I found it.

The Martin Richard Foundation.

It’s a foundation started by the parents of Martin Richard, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. You might remember Martin’s message of “No More Hurting People, Peace” — that went viral after the tragedy. The foundation works to spread that message by investing in education, athletics and community.

I knew in my heart — right then — that this was the foundation I wanted to be a part of and raise money towards my goal of running the Boston Marathon.

How did I know?

Well, after the bombings — not only was I inspired by young Martin’s message — but, I was compelled to action. The Salt Lake City Marathon was happening that weekend and was the first major marathon after Boston — so I decided to have a special shirt made for the race.

That shirt …


The message of young Martin is so simple, yet profound. And, I clung onto that during the aftermath of the bombing and throughout my race. I won’t get into details about the day (here’s my race recap), but it was an emotional day. The weight of Boston was on our minds while the weather was rather nasty — rainy and cold.

I knew I had to do this. I had to run for the Martin Richard Foundation.

So, I eagerly shot off an email to the foundation to ask about applications for the 2017 marathon. And, surprisingly, I got a response back within a day. They simply told me they weren’t accepting application for Boston until around September or October — not until they were done filling the teams for the Chicago and New York Marathons.

That was a minor setback to my eagerness — but, I didn’t let that ruin the enthusiasm. I ended up buying myself a shirt and decal for my computer from the foundation — to keep me track of my new goal.

To run the Boston Marathon.

Now, I haven’t planned much more ahead of that. I would love to do this in 2017, but 2018 or 2019 are options — I guess? Not sure. Earlier the better, right? I even thought how cool it would be to have Boston be my 180th race?

Either way — Boston is on my mind. I’m going to run it. I am taking one of the two roads that take a runner there and I couldn’t be more excited. Because, Boston is a celebration of running — and I am a runner.

And, I too, I belong in Boston.


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Friday Matters: The week that was … or wasn’t … I think I might just need a nap?!


I am not going to lie — it’s been a tough week. I’ve just been drained. Not sure, why? Or what’s going on? I just don’t have much energy.

It could be allergies? It could be my hangover from PrepperCon last weekend? Heck, it could just be my time of the month? I don’t know?

My two runs so far this week have been slow and steady (well, okay, that’s most of my runs). It was tough to get the motivation to go and do them — but — I did them. And, I am happy I did. It’s just been a weird week. I’m hoping to find some mojo soon.

I do have a fun weekend in the works. I’m planning just a six mile run — since my half marathon is in a couple of weeks. Gotta taper, right?

I won’t lie — sounds funny saying that I am tapering for a half marathon. But, I want to train for this right. I am not going for PR. I am not going for speed. I am just going to run. I am going to not tank. I am going not to have sore legs for weeks upon weeks. I am going for the love of running without dying.

That’s a goal, right?

I’ve really just wanted to build my base back up after losing a lot of that the past couple years. It’s been a process. Difficult more than easy. It’s definitely been a humbling experience. But, that’s all another post for another day.

But, of course the end result of all this training is the Pony Express 50 in October. I’ve got six months to the day that I tackle that beast. I’ve got to not just be methodical about it, but I’ve also got to enjoy it — and I am looking for that balance. I think starting from ground zero is a good way to go about that.

It’s just hard to believe that racing season starts in two short weeks for me! I have a number of races throughout May, June and July — and then August is race free for me. That’s when most of my 20 mile runs are planned for my fall marathons and 50.

There’s a good chance I might do a marathon on August 27th — just depends on whether or not I want to run 20 miles alone? But, odds are I will stick to just the 20 as tempting as it to get a medal and t-shirts. I just want to be deliberately smart about my 50 training.


Like I mentioned earlier — I have a good weekend in store. I’m going shooting tomorrow morning, have a 5-6 mile run planned around Bountiful and my friend Dave wants to go get nachos with me in the evening.

Plus, we might hit up a movie as well? Just not sure which one? I am the worst movie goer there is. I hate superhero movies, not a fan of rom-coms and would much rather watch a Disney flick than anything else — I am pretty much an eight year old girl. But, that’s a post for another day.

But, make it a great weekend! Whether you’re racing, running or just doing your thing — enjoy it!


After a month or so break — we’re back! We weren’t planning on such a loooong break since our last podcast. But, we were suppose to record the day Jorge had his heart attack. Instead, we’re podcasting about his heart attack.

Well, his story — and of course, we’re talking Boston! It’s a great show! Plus, there’s a small cameo from Jimmy Chunga. Upload the episode on your iPod, go for a run and give it a listen …


This is why I run in the evening. #sunset #runutah #ilove2run

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My feet probably have a STD by now … #imakebaddecisions

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Big Sister Maya. #sweetcheeks #teegee #prouduncle

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If I ate these I’m not sure if I should first go for a run or go see my bishop?! #mormonprobs

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This kid wins. Now if it was just socially acceptable for me to do likewise. #peopleonthebus

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COMMENTARY: As I had mentioned previously — strange week for me. Just felt — BLAH. But, I pushed through it and had a pretty good week. I am about 8lbs from the goal I want to hit in two weeks. I’m hopeful to get under 270 by Provo City Half (May 7).

The goal next week is to keep doing what I am doing. I am hoping the allergies back off a bit. These bloomin’ trees are killing me. But, that won’t stop me from getting where I want to be. Still focused, still moving forward.

WEIGHT: 277.4 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.6%
BMI: 31.6
WAIST: 45.2″
ARMS: 16″


BEGINNING (1/8/16)

WEIGHT: 277.6 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46.4″
ARMS: 16.7″

LAST WEEK (4/8/16)

WEIGHT: 278.3 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.6%
BMI: 31.8
WAIST: 45.25″
ARMS: 16″

THIS WEEK (4/15/16)

WEIGHT: 277.4 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.6%
BMI: 31.6
WAIST: 45.2″
ARMS: 16″


WEIGHT: – 0.9 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 0.0%
BMI: +0.1
WAIST: – 0.15″
ARMS: 0.0″
THIGHS: 0.0″


I am sharing this mainly because I am currently obsessed with it. The original has been one of my favorites — well, pretty much anything by Simon and Garfunkel, I love. Anyways — this rendition of “The Sound Of Silence” is perfection. Give it a listen and try NOT to be hooked.

Daily Shorts.fw

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