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RACE #128: Timp Half

AMERICAN FORK — I love running. I especially love giving myself challenges through running. And, the past week was definitely a challenge. It’s nothing unprecedented for me. I’ve done it before. But, considering my health the past couple of years and the fact I’ve been pushing myself through these races — three half marathons within a week has been a good challenge for me.

As you might recall it started with the Bountiful Handcart Days Half Marathon (July 23) last Saturday, followed by the Deseret News Half Marathon (July 25) on Monday and then the Timp Half this past Saturday. I deliberately pushed myself at the DesNews Half and came close to a sub-2:30 time goal (2:32) and I really wanted to push myself towards that goal again during Timp.

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I wasn’t sure if it was not only doable, but a good idea? And, I was unsure what course to take for my race plan. I kinda decided to let how I was feeling that morning dictate my goal for the race. So I was going to stick with the 2:30 pacers as long as I could — whether that was one, two or all 13.1 miles.

For any other race I would commit to something more concrete, but considering it was my third half in a week — I just didn’t know how my legs were going to react. So I just went by feel. I really wanted that sub-2:30, but anything with effort was fine by me. I just wanted to do my best.

After being bussed up the canyon I was feeling pretty good. Especially considering I got about a good hour of sleep the night before. I felt really optimistic about keeping up with the 2:30 pacers — London and Jay. So when the gun sounded I stalked them. Though I am close with both of them I kinda decided to hold back a little bit, mainly to let them do their thing.

So I just stalked them.

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The first couple of miles were great — granted the course was at its’ steepest. But, I felt good. At the 2:30 pace it gave me enough restraint to not blaze down the canyon. But, around mile three — my legs just kinda gave out. I tried to push through it, I just didn’t have any spring to the legs. Like at all.

While the legs weren’t giving me anything, I didn’t want to give up. I felt too motivated to just kinda bag the race, especially at mile three. So I just kept running.

But, even just running, I knew I had more in me. So around mile five something kinda snapped. And, though my quads were sore and felt dead — I just hit this other level and started kinda sprinting down the canyon. Okay, it really wasn’t sprinting, but I switched up my gait and just wanted to fly down the rest of the canyon.

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I decided to make a game of it too. Every so many hundred of yards I picked a couple of runners ahead of me and just chased them down. Some were closer than others, I just wanted to keep going — strong. So I looked for ways to do it.

Even when I got out of the canyon and onto the paved trails, I wanted to keep that mentality going. I knew it was going to be tougher without gravity’s help. But, I looked for ways to keep that motivation and drive going. And, the easiest way for me to do that was to tackle the hills strong.

So every hill I had to run up, I literally ran UP the hill. I looked for another drive and floored it. The golf course had a couple of nasty hills, but I didn’t care. I was sprinting up them. I might not be going for my goal, but I was preparing myself to destroy it come August 27th.

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There were a number of times I felt like slowing down or easing off the gas, but I couldn’t. So that’s when I would keep pushing myself. I just didn’t want to quit. I didn’t want to be satisfied with anything NOT my best.

One thing I was worried about coming out of the canyon was the heat. It has been 100 degrees on average the past couple of weeks and it was supposed to be another 100 degree day. Part of my motivation to keep pushing was to avoid the late race mile heat. But, luckily, it was mostly overcast. It was muggy, but no blazing sun until about a mile out.

Even then I just wanted to keep pushing. Not just to give my best, but it was getting hot and I just wanted to be done. My legs were dead and I was really sore. The sum of 40+ race miles in the past week added up and I was ready to pass out. I literally gave it my all. And, once I crossed the finish line — I kinda just passed out.

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Well, okay not literally — I grabbed my medal, some water and found a shady part of the finish corral to just plop myself. I was finished. I was done. And, I was happy with what I gave out there on the course.

Since I wasn’t running with my Garmin I wasn’t sure of my time. I thought there was a chance I was sub-2:40, but when I checked on Saturday night my official time was 2:43:31. I’m fine with that. I feel good about that time, because I earned that time. My race was pretty much a 13.1 mile fartlek.

It was great prep for Run Elevated and by last stab at a sub-2:30 half. Additionally, it was better preparation for my ultra. This race gave me great experience to push through pain, mental road blocks and sore legs. Because let’s be honest — the toughest obstacle I’ll face during my 50 miler will be what I create mentally. I know I can do it, especially when I mentally prepare myself for the task at hand.

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August 27th is circled for my sub-2:30 half goal and I can’t wait, but first — let’s get through August’s training runs first. Two 20 milers that will further prepare me for Run Elevated.

It’ll be a good month of training!


129 - Run Elevated Half Marathon

This is a goal race. This is basically my last half marathon of the season before I get into the swing of my marathons in preparation for my 50 miler. It was going to be Nebo, but I am going to be out of town Labor Day Weekend — so I had to drop it and pick up this race. I’m not complaining, because I love this race.

It’s fast.

I do have other half marathons scheduled for the year, but besides the Snow Canyon Half — the rest of them I am sweeping or pacing. So this really is it as far as getting that elusive sub-2:30 half marathon. And, I am going to get it. I’ll be prepared, well rested and eager to race down Little Cottonwood.

I’ll work on a more detailed race plan later. I have until the 27th. But, until then it’s my training runs — a couple 20 milers and a 12-15 miler down Big Cottonwood Canyon the week before. If I am going to be prepared for this race, my marathons and ultra — August is going to be the key to my success.

I can’t wait to get at it.



130 - Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon 131 - huntsville marathon 132 - st george marathon



If you don’t want to be judged. Don’t do stupid things. #noshoes #kindagross #likealot

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This was kind of an odd week of running and walking. I didn’t do much outside of Monday and Saturday (because of my races). I kinda designed it that way. I knew after two halfs last weekend I needed some recovery time. I did some slow, slow, slow mileage on Thursday to shake out the legs a bit.

I didn’t get as much walking as I wanted and part of that was because I was out sick on Wednesday. That shot my mileage BIG time. But, that’s fine. My focus is really now on August. I want to rock August. I want to hit my 5 miles — Monday through Saturday — and get some good runs in mid-week.

And, then of course I have my two BIG training runs as well. My 20 miler next weekend and then the 27th. BOOYAH!


159.1 miles


189.8 miles


906.39 miles


1255.29 miles


1411.71 miles

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InstaReplay: Timp Half

WOOWEE! What a race! I ran the Timp Half this morning down in American Fork. One of my favorite canyons and races — seriously. It’s hard to compete with AF Canyon in beauty and grandeur. Big Cottonwood Canyon is up there — but, AF Canyon is my favorite northern Utah canyon by a landslide (probably not the best use of words there, huh?).

With this being my third race in the past week I didn’t know what to expect from this race. I really wanted to take another stab at a sub-2:30 finish time. But, I struggled convincing myself whether or should try again or not? Especially having done 2:32 on Monday.

Anyways — I decided to just start off with the 2:30 pacers and see how far that would get me. It got me two miles until I ran out of gas. But, that’s not story of this race. The story of this race is one of merging physical and mental toughness. I won’t go into details until my race recap on Monday, but I was very proud of my effort and time.

I am waiting for the final race results to be posted, but I think — THINK — I finished around 2:39? I didn’t run with a Garmin so I am not sure. But, based off the glance of my phone’s clock and quick math equation at the finish line — I think it was 2:39? But, if not — I’ll be happy with any time because I earned it.

And, it was tough. Yet so rewarding.

Here are a few pictures I took before/during/after the race. Make sure to come back on Monday for my full race report.

This canyon. 😍❤💩💩️💩 #timphalf #race128 #running @runtasticevents @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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RACE #128 IS ON THE BOOKS! Not only that, but my third half in the past week. My legs are spent, but I feel extremely happy with my effort and time. I don’t have an official time yet, but I think it’s somewhere around 2:39(ish)? I didn’t run with a Garmin so I wouldn’t know for sure and time is posted. But, today was a mental victory for me. After running two half marathons last weekend, I had many reasons to take it easy, but I didn’t! BAM! I’m feeling stronger and lighter and my stamina is returning. There were times today I felt on top of the world! Others, not so much. But, that’s running for you. Such a metaphor for life. Next up Run Elevated in a month. And, then marathons galore in September leading up to 50 miler in October. BAM! #timphalf #race128 #running @runtasticevents @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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RACE #128 IS ON THE BOOKS! Not only that, but my third half in the past week. My legs are spent, but I feel extremely happy with my effort and time. I don’t have an official time yet, but I think it’s somewhere around 2:39(ish)? I didn’t run with a Garmin so I wouldn’t know for sure and time is posted. But, today was a mental victory for me. After running two half marathons last weekend, I had many reasons to take it easy, but I didn’t! BAM! I’m feeling stronger and lighter and my stamina is returning. There were times today I felt on top of the world! Others, not so much. But, that’s running for you. Such a metaphor for life. Next up Run Elevated in a month. And, then marathons galore in September leading up to 50 miler in October. BAM! #timphalf #race128 #running #fitness #workout #wod #whole30 #round3 #day15 #runutah @runtasticevents @joshruns180 @josherwalla

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InstaReplay: RAGNAAAAAAAR!!!

RAGNAAAAAAAAAR!!! Going into a RAGNAR I never know what to expect. It’s always an adventure, it’s always a blast, it’s always a party. I’ve never ran with the same team twice and more often than not — I don’t know that many runners on the team. I love it that way, because we always tend to end up friends after some 200 miles.

Anyways, I’ll write up a full review tomorrow morning, but in the meantime enjoy these pictures (and live cast links at the bottom) of my RAGNAAAAAAAR adventure this past weekend …

RAGNAAAAAAR!!! #ragnarwb #race122 #running @ragnarrelay @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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Hello Baldly my old friend. #baldmanjosh #ragnarwb #race122 #running @ragnarrelay @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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RAGNAAAAAAR!!! #runner11 #ragnarwb #race122 #running @ragnarrelay @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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Gorgeous. #nofilter #ragnarwb #race122 #running @ragnarrelay @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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Getting ready for my last leg of RAGNAAAAAAR! #ragnarwb #race122 #running

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Besides Instagramming my RAGNAAAAAAR experience, I also decided to live streamed after my legs. I won’t lie — the inspiration came right before my first leg when our car watched this other runner awkwardly live cast his review. We laughed — so I kinda mockingly decided to do it too. But, you know what? It’s kinda fun! LOL!

Here are my live casts …

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#FitnessFriday: Epic adventures in (half) marathoning and I’m kinda now a Disc Jockey (be impressed)

I love race weekends — especially BIG race weekends And, by big I mean like the 2,000+ participants race. Hear in Utah that usually means — Salt Lake City, Ogden, Utah Valley, St. George and Big Cottonwood Marathons. They are always FULL of energy from the expo to finish line. I love them.

Plus, now that I’ve been running for over 5 years — I’ve ran a number of races multiple times. This will be my fifth year running Ogden. Tomorrow will be my fourth half marathon — and I did the marathon back in 2014 as well. That was a fun one — because only a few select people knew I was running the marathon, so I could surprise my friend Becky.

But, I am excited for the expo tonight — the buttcrack of dawn drive to Ogden — the buttcrack of dawn drive up Ogden Canyon — and then of course the running part.

I will be running with Jill and Tim. Jill wasn’t planning on running Ogden, but this week she bought a bib and decided to give it a go. Speaking of buying bibs — it’s been crazy seeing how many bibs are for sale online. You usually see race bibs for these big races for sale, but I’ve seen a lot more than usual. What gives? Is it just injuries? Or lack of training? Either way, if you want to run Ogden, just wait until a couple weeks before to find a cheap bib.

My game plan is pretty simple for tomorrow — beat my 2:55 time from Provo City. It’s doable, very doable. I had a good run last night and felt great — so that’s a good sign. I’m going to rely on Tim and Jill to help push me and I’ll do the same for them. The biggest obstacle will be the first couple miles because of the climb into the canyon and then of course the last few miles are fairly flat as you make your way into Downtown and the finish line.

Tomorrow’s run will also be dedicated to the children trapped in the human trafficking sex trade. This past week after watching The Abolitionists we challenged everyone there to run this week in honor of these children. We have a goal of running two million miles for these children.

Why two million?

Because, there are approximately two million children worldwide stuck in the sex trade industry. TWO MILLION! It’s a heartbreaking reality. And, something we intend to fix. The more we run and get our message out with RACE the more revenue will be directed towards organizations like Operation Underground Railroad who go in and rescue these kids.

Our goal is to rescue those two million and we’ll do one mile at a time. That’s why I am dedicating my 13.1 miles tomorrow to these children. We can’t be silent about it any longer.

Well, on that note — I’m peacing out. Thanks so much for everyone who supported RACE and the movie this past week. I hope you get your miles in and think about what we’re doing for these kids. And, if you want to add to our goal of two million miles for the two million children sex slaves hashtag your runs with #run2m and #rescue2m. The more the merrier, right?

Happy running!


This episode of the Runcast strays a little bit from the normal thing we do. This is a music-filled podcast. From help of our listeners, my own playlist and Google search — I’ve picked a 10 song set interspersed with some dialogue.

We’ve been told a number of runners will actually download the Runcast to listen to while running. So, why not give some tunes as well? If we get a good reception — I hope to do some more in the future. I’m kinda searching out some 80’s, 90’s, angry chick and inspiring running songs for possible future episodes.

Let me know what you think … it’s really a mixture of genres and styles, including a little K-Pop! Yes, K-Pop! It’s really fun to run to actually.


I won’t lie — it’s kinda weird not updating my numbers on here. Why you ask? Well, it’s part of the Whole30 diet plan. It specifically states that you can’t step on the scale or take any body measurements. I like this. I’ve been a slave to the scale before — and while I haven’t weighed myself daily for quite a while, I’ve made it habit to jump on the scale on Friday (and sometimes on Mondays to see the damage from the weekend). 

But, I like this mentality — and not stepping on the scale for the next month will be good. This means I’ll have to measure my health in other ways — namely with how I feel, how my clothes are fitting and my endurance lasts during workouts and runs. A very healthy way, in my opinion.

So far — the diet is going good. I have noticed more energy. I had hunger pains the first day — but, I think that had more to do with the food I ate the day before (ice cream and a McGriddle — had to say my formal goodbyes). But, I am focusing on just downing water, eating every few hours and reading labels. 

There have a few things I’ve had to cut out that I THOUGHT were okay to have on the Whole 30 — namely my Postum. I have some herbal teas I can sip on throughout the day that would be a good substitute for me. I’m a major sipper — it used to be coffee, now it’s Postum — and some herbal teas. Not sure if I can stomach unsweetened herbal tea? But, I’m willing to try.

Anyways — this is a process for me. I am still excited about it. My sister is doing it along with me — and my Mom will probably be joining us next week (she couldn’t commit until after my Dad was out of the hospital). So, it’s a good support of people — I need that. I want that.

I am a little nervous about fueling at the Ogden Half tomorrow — I will have my sweet potatoes and bananas in tow. I am just wondering whether or not I want to carry a backpack stocked with them or just carry enough for a pre-race meal? If you are an expert at fueling during long runs while on Whole30 — PLEASE — comment below. I’d love your advice and opinion.

Anyways — I’m on day three today — 27 more to go!


Welp, my Dad’s surgery was this past Tuesday — and everything that needed to go well … went well. Thankfully. Initially, he was only supposed to be there until today. And, well, I guess technically he will be. But, instead of coming home he’s going to spend a two-week vacation at the Rehab Center.

Nothing is wrong, the doctors just want to be cautious about administering his medication, etc., especially since it was a staph infection that got him there in the first place. Smart move.

His release date from the Rehab Center is slated for June 3rd, so roughly two weeks before Free’s wedding. Luckily, it won’t be any longer — at least we hope so.

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue saying it — thank you so much for all the prayers, thoughts and concern for my Dad. This has been a tough couple of years. Especially the past 5-6 months. We’re hopeful this is the last surgery — and we’re optimistic that it will be.

But, seriously, thank you for the prayers. They really do mean a lot.


I don’t believe in coincidences. I’ve seen and experienced too much to believe otherwise. This is Maureen. She was the winner of our Ragnar Relay giveaway for RACE. The drawing was random using mathematical equation and sequences way beyond my comprehension. It was random. But, it wasn’t. Because she is a survivor of child exploitation. A story she shared with us tonight at the movie. Maureen is such a dear lady. I couldn’t think of a better representative of RACE to send to Ragnar. She’s strong. She’s a fighter. She’s simply awesome. So glad I could finally meet her in person! Join us in the race to stop child sex trafficking with @race2erase, @theabolitionistsmovie and organizations like @ourrescue. #rescue2m #race2erase #run2m

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I just discovered this song over on Spotify this past week — and, I won’t lie — it’s kinda become a favorite of mine. Seriously. It’s got a great beat, message and I love the vocals of the run. I might even make it my new theme song?

Anyways — the music video is just as awesome and addictive. I know you’ll love it as much as I did, check it out …

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Hump Day Happenings — The Abolitionists, Knee Surgery Update & Whole30 Diet.

I have an ‘exclamation complex.’ If it was update to me every sentence I write would end like this!!!! But, over the years through my vast communication education and blogging I’ve learned how annoying the exclamation point can be to the reader.

No, I don’t write like a 14 year old girl with bundles of excitement and energy after every word. But, man on man — sometimes — I just want to let those exclamation points rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse the odd rant — I started thinking about my complex I was writing the title of this post. I really wanted to lay on the exclamation points, but I restrained myself (and used a period instead). Mostly, because I wasn’t THAT excited and I secretly hated myself for wanting to do so.

Okay, seriously, the rant is over — if you’re still with me, congratulations! (that exclamation point was warranted)


I’m done.


Lots going on this week — and have gone on this week. Namely, three things of main focus right now (if you haven’t read the title of this post already the next three things will be a surprise to you) — 1) Hosted a viewing of The Abolitionists last night, 2) My Dad is recovering from knee surgery and 3) I started the Whole30 Diet today.

Here, let me compartmentalize the three for you …


Last night — Jorge and I — hosted (along with RACE) a showing of The Abolitionists at Jordan Commons here in SLC. Just a few thoughts about the evening — I was OVERWHELMED with the support. It was so great seeing many old and new faces in the theater. This is a cause near and dear to my heart and it’s great seeing others impacted by it as well.

This was also my second time seeing the documentary — and it was just as difficult as the first. Probably worse. There were many times I wanted to simply get up and leave, because I knew what was coming up. I knew what was next. And, emotionally — I didn’t want to go through that again.

But, it hit me pretty hard while sitting in the theater watching it — those kids can’t simply walk away when it gets hard. Quite the opposite. Plus, my discomfort and uneasiness PALES in comparison to the hell these children have gone through.

I also dedicating my miles that I am running this weekend at the Ogden Half to the pedometer of #run2m that RACE has set forth. We are pledging to run two million miles for these kids — and we’ll get there! We’ll be posting more information about that a bit later this week.

But, if you haven’t seen the movie yet — DO SO! The Larry H. Miller Group has donated theaters from Friday to Friday (May 20-27) for its’ viewing. The proceeds from the ticket sales go to The Abolitionists and OUR in their fight against child sex slavery.

Plus, the more we PACK the theaters here — the more theaters nationwide and internationally will pick up the movie. Human trafficking is a worldwide issue — even here in the US and little ‘ol Utah. So please — grab your family, friends, co-workers … whoever! And, go see the movie this weekend or next week. It’s important that we get this message out!


Yesterday my Dad has his last knee surgery — well, hopefully his last — since he had to have his knee replacement replaced back in January. After that surgery he had to spend a couple of months a rehab center before allowed to go home.

He got the go ahead for the surgery last week and the doctor was optimistic that everything would be good for a quicker recovery. He wouldn’t need a rehab center stay nor a week long stay in the hospital post-surgery.

In fact he thought he could have done the surgery much earlier — which is good. My parents just waited mainly because they thought the recovery period would be about the same — so they wanted to wait until after my brother’s wedding in June.

Luckily — they didn’t need to wait longer.

My Dad will be coming home on Friday — and while there are many difficult (and painful) days ahead for him with recovery — it won’t be as bad as his last surgery. All of the permanent parts are in and hopefully within time — he’ll be able to walk more pain free and without the aid of his walker.

But, thank you so much for all the prayers, thoughts and well wishes — they’ve meant a lot to him and our family. I know he’s just eager for a sense of normalcy to return to his every day life — and it will.


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So, I’ve been talking some this past week about the Whole30 Diet I am undertaking. Well, today is day one. And, so far — I am still alive. No big cravings — I am a bit more thirsty which is good. But, I also had quite a bit of sodium yesterday.

Either way, I am just excited about doing this — I am hoping it helps me pin-point food triggers that are slowing down my thyroid and metabolism. I don’t think I have a gluten intolerance — but, I know I have a lactose intolerance. So that won’t be a problem giving up.

Well, okay, I lied — it will. I’ll miss ice cream. I had a last milkshake yesterday in preparation for the diet — partly a farewell to dairy and sugar and partly as a fat load. I’ve found when I change my diet — if I eat more than usual more fat the day before I don’t encounter the hunger pains as bad the first couple of days.

I usually do that with guacamole or other more natural fats — but, I treated myself to some ice cream because of the specs of this diet plan. It was perfect too — an In n’ Out neapolitan shake.

Anyways — I’m still reading up on the diet. I know most of the ‘nos,’ but I am working now on the ‘shoulds.’ I am glad that I am doing this alongside my sister — we’re both eager to right our thyroids and lose some weight as well.

If you want to keep up to date with my Whole 30 diet plan — I am posting most of my food, exercise and thoughts over on my Fight4Phat Instagram page. I’ll post some here and some on my PhatJosh Facebook page as well. Oh, and I am keeping a daily journal I’ll share after the 30 days are up.

But, so far, so good — my morning Postum was a little hard to get down sans Splenda, sugar, dairy or creamer — but, I can do this, because I am doing this!

119 - Ogden Half

Another focus of mine this week is the Ogden Half Marathon. I am excited for this race for a number of reasons —

  1. It’s a race!
  2. I love the Ogden Marathon.
  3. The forecast calls for ONLY a 20% chance of rain (it’s Ogden — there’s a 100% chance it will rain).
  4. I am aiming to build on my 2:55 finish from Provo City.
  5. I am running with Jill!

Seriously, this is one of my favorite races. I’ve done the race five times — once the marathon, the other four the half. It’s well organized, beautiful and just a fun energy from the crowd of runners. I’ve planned other races in the past on Ogden Marathon weekend — but, more often than not — I find myself in Ogden running.

I can’t complain about that, right?

Anyways — the focus is to build on my Provo City time, but also to fuel myself on my Whole30 diet. I’ve been reading online for tips — and mainly — eat lots of bananas, sweet potatoes and no-sugar added applesauce. I can definitely get behind bananas.

I just want to make sure I have the energy to at least beat my Provo City time — I already told Jill that’s our goal — so now it’s just a matter of doing it, right?


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Wednesday’s Shorts

  • This is an interesting question — what is considered being TOO young for a half marathoner? I’ve seen plenty of kids running with their parents in both the half and full marathon. When I ran Utah Valley a couple years ago — I got passed by a 9 year old. Not one of my proudest running moments.
    But, my take is — if they are the ones pushing to do it, let them do it. As a parent I wouldn’t want to force my kid to do something they didn’t want to do. That was the philosophy my parents had with me — and worked just fine for me.
  • The Disneynerd in me LOOOOOOOOVES this little diddy from Mental Floss. I love nothing more than a little Disney history, especially history that harkens back to the Walt era.
  • Looks like the new Utah Jazz logos have leaked over the Twittersphere! I won’t lie — it’s pretty anticlimactic. But, hey, the mountain logo is finally gone — so there’s that.
  • I don’t know how I feel about all of these salads — but, I won’t lie — that cheese slaw looks amazing. Well, anything with cheese looks amazing, right? Other than that — Snickers salad, frog eye and Dandelion are ones I’ve had and somewhat regularly eat to this day.
    Though — I haven’t had frog eye salad since my aunt passed away a few years ago. It simply can’t be replicated. Just like her pies.
  • Props to this canuck — eight years of selfies. Talk about a fun way to journal.
  • Need to poop before your long run or race? Try eating some of these foods. I have to wonder what would happen if you made a smoothie with raspberries, kefir, kale, oranges and prunes? Maybe I wouldn’t want to find out?
  • Being wedding season — this ungrateful couple irks me. A $100 gift isn’t enough? You’re lucky to get an iTunes giftcard from me as a gift. Well, okay, I’m not that bad — but you better believe I’m going to be getting you a toaster (or two).
  • This guy claims his Tesla turned on by itself and crashed into a trailer. I’m not here to debate whether or not that happened — I’m here to point out that the drive was quoted as saying … “I think it behooves them to figure out what happened, what happened with the vehicle, address it.”
    Seriously, who says behooves in real life?
  • I like these alternate core exercises — I don’t mind crunches, but — I won’t lie — I’d rather be doing some other exercise than crunches. Hey, at least they’re not burpees, right?
  • This couldn’t come at a better time — my sister and brother-in-law have have fertility problems since getting married nearly four years ago. It’s not easy for them and the rest of the family — we want them to be parents more than anything. That is why I started a YouCare campaign for them this past week. The goal is to raise $27,000 for a IVF procedure. We’re going to have a few yard sales and some other fundraisers this summer, so stay tuned. Please give what you can.
  • I have good handwriting, but my goodness — these are amazing! I’m somewhat jealous.
  • So apparently today is National Foam Roller Day?! Really, is there a holiday for everything? I foam roll — so I probably should celebrate??? Either way — Happy National Foam Roller Day!
  • This is a nice list — but, I’d rather have a banana.
  • Proof that we Americans aren’t good at math — but, hey, it probably saved us from getting fatter, right?
  • This is a good place to stop — if this doesn’t give you the feels — then nothing will.


This upcoming Tuesday (5/17 at 7:00pm) there is a special premiere of The Abolitionists at the Megaplex 17 Theatres at Jordan Commons here in the Salt Lake area. This is in conjunction with Runners Against Child Exploitation (RACE) — not only does the event include movie tickets, but a virtual race bib, swag bag and dog tag medal.

If you haven’t seen the movie before — it’s a must. There are currently over 27 million people trapped in modern slavery — two million of those are children. And, often those children are trapped in sex trafficking rings. There are more slaves now than at any point in history. A sickening reality.

Slavery didn’t end with Lincoln — far from it. Institutionalized slavery might be a thing of the past — but, slavery is doing quite well for itself. That’s why it has to be stopped. This documentary focuses on Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad and their efforts to not just rescue children from sex trafficking, but to stop this horrific practice.

Tickets are $20 and come with your movie ticket, race bib, bag and medal. And, because you’re reading my blog — if you use the code ‘RACE2ERASE’ at checkout you’re going to get $5 off. Tickets aren’t available through Megaplex — you have to buy them here >>> We rented out the theater so ticketing is in our hands and not Megaplex.

Please share this with others. Bring your families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and those who want to hear this important message.


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Friday Matters: Cranking up the miles, getting prep’d and mourning a loss on my race schedule …


Every year as the calendar and seasons go into spring — I am always reminded how much I love this weather. There’s something wonderfully renewing about Spring that rejuvenates my goals and resolutions better than New Years.

But, for someone who loathes the snow — spring weather — is simply the best. Whether it’s the cool morning weather, spring showers or small glimpses of summer … I love it all (I feel like I just wrote a commercial for Irish Spring soap?).

And, with each passing day — I am getting closer to the race schedule. I am less than a month away from the Provo City Half (May 7) and I feel ready. I’m working the hills of Bountiful to my benefit — basically earning my downhill. It’s just a matter of my stamina and getting the weight off that I want/need.

But, I am looking further than just May 7th. As much as I am preparing myself for Provo City — I have my eye on the goal of the whole racing season — my 50 miler on October. That’s my goal — that’s what all my effort is leading towards — and I’m getting there.

I am trying not to let the frustration of now distract or deter me from the goal of tomorrow. I know, and trust, the process of my training. I have a plan and I am working towards it.

I am extremely excited — I feel like the challenge to prepare myself for this ultra, is not just desired, but needed. I need this challenge. I need this obstacle — especially — the obstacles I’ll encounter from here until the finish line.

The same feeling I had building up to my first marathon is back. I’ve gotten this feeling a couple times since my first marathon some four years ago. It’s a good sign that I am needing and ready for a challenge. A challenge both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Anyways — I am looking forward to my weekend. Not only is it going to be spent preparing for PrepperCon next Friday and Saturday, but I am looking forward to my therapeutic training run. The weather looks ideal for a long run.

I was wanting to run down a canyon — but, I am going to stay close to home again. I want to get about 9 miles — so I am going to run my Bountiful Temple Loop again. But, this time, I am NOT going UP 400 North. I think I’ve earned the right to down it, right?




So my best friend is getting married in May — initially — it was pitted for May 20th. A Friday — no problem. But, recently, he informed me the date was changed to May 14th — a week earlier. In the normal world this wouldn’t be a problem. But, as runner — yeaaaaaaaah — big problem. I was already registered for the Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon that day.

For most races — this wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal — but, this is one of my favorite races, down one of my favorite canyons. And, the wedding begins at 11am. So there would be no way I could run it, get home, change and then get to the temple.

Well, unless I was an elite runner. Or sub-two half marathoner. But, that’s a post for another day.

There’s no question where my priorities lay — I am going to wedding. I am the best man after all — and we’ve been friends pretty much since we were toddlers.

But, I won’t lie — I am bummed to have to miss out on this race. It really, really, really is one of my favorites. But, it’s not a total loss — I am running the Big Cottonwood Marathon (September 10) and the Drop 13 Big Cottonwood Half Marathon (June 11) … so I’ll get plenty of time with the canyon.

But, still.

I am lucky that I am able to transfer my bib — and I am selling it. Sooooo — if you’re interested in running the Vigor BC Half on May 14th … let me know. I’m interested in getting an Ogden bib — so if you have one or want to buy me one — let’s talk! I might even throw in some wedding cake as part of the trade?

Don’t worry though — I will be back in 2017! And, if I’m the one getting married next May — I’ll protect that date with my life!



Well, to counter the disappointment of having to drop Vigor BC Half — I did register for the St. George Marathon (October 1) on Tuesday! I have a guaranteed entry since I did the Runner Series — so no lottery for me this year.

This will be my third St. George Marathon and 10th life-time marathon. It will also be one of three ultra training races leading up to the Pony 50 (October 21-22). I’ll also be sweeping the Big Cottonwood Marathon (September 10) and running the Huntsville Marathon (September 24).

So — a marathon every other week. That both frightens and excites me a bit. I know I can do it as long as I put my trust in training and being consistent. Luckily, I am sweeping Big Cottonwood — and I am not planning on racing hard at Huntsville. It’s all about getting time on my feet.

St. George is one of my favorite marathons. There’s nothing better than running amongst all the red rocks — it’s heaven to me.



PrepperCon Billboard - 1

PREPPERCOOOOOOOON!!! I’m getting really excited for next week’s PrepperCon. Not just because I have a hand in the weekend, but because it’s really, really fun. AND — this year — it’s going to be much more epic.

Not only will a lot of the same vendors, booths and entertainment be back — but, it will be bigger (we’re taking up two halls, not just one) and more fun. There will be a hurricane simulator there that will let you experience the 100+ mph winds you would encounter in a hurricane.

Trust me, it’s pretty dang cool.

Not only will I be there all weekend long like a chicken with it’s head chopped off — but, I also will be helping to man the Bugout Run booth again. It’s going to be a lot of fun — celebrities, classes, entertainment, etc., etc., etc.

PrepperCon is next Friday and Saturday (April 15-16) at the South Towne Expo Center and you can buy tickets now — here.



This episode Schwendy and I interview Scott Stallings — CEO of PrepperCon (and my brother-in-law). We talk about the convention, what got him into prepping, the stigmas that come with prepping and everything in between.

Basically, get excited for PrepperCon happening next weekend at the South Towne Expo Center (April 15-16)!

Give it a listen here …


Someone is treating my lap like a five-star hotel mattress. #thaliagrace #prouduncle

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During my walk at lunch today I came across this banana. If I didn’t know better … it looks like a trap. #bananatrap

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COMMENTARY: I feel really good about this week’s numbers — I had a couple really good workouts and an awesome run on Tuesday night. I would have liked to get another run yesterday, but had a pretty long 7am-11pm day. Either way, I am going in the right direction.

My current goal right now is to get under 270 by Provo City on May 7 — so basically a month to lose another 7-8lbs (or more). Doable and attainable. I am not sure what to expect next week with PrepperCon — I am going to have to do my long run mid-week since I will be running around Thursday through Saturday. 

I am going to squeeze it in somewhere, but next week won’t be a normal week for me — the goal will be to maintain or lose, not necessarily lose big. But, who knows? If that happens — I’d be surprisingly happy with it.

Anyways — good numbers heading into the weekend! 

WEIGHT: 276.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.4%
BMI: 31.7
WAIST: 45.4″
ARMS: 16″


BEGINNING (1/8/16)

WEIGHT: 277.6 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46.4″
ARMS: 16.7″

LAST WEEK (4/1/16)

WEIGHT: 279.3 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.7%
BMI: 32.0
WAIST: 45.6″
ARMS: 16.2″

THIS WEEK (4/8/16)

WEIGHT: 276.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.4%
BMI: 31.7
WAIST: 45.4″
ARMS: 16″


WEIGHT: – 2.5 LBS.
BODY FAT%: – 0.3%
BMI: – 0.3
WAIST: – 0.2″
ARMS: -0.2″
THIGHS: 0.0″

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