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The Runcast, Epi. 004: Classic Rock

There’s a new episode of The Runcast out today. In this episode I sit down with Joe Coles from On Hill Events and jam out to some classic rock, while talking about some his upcoming races. We talk about his new race — the Sun Marathon, the rebranded Antelope Island Marathon and his holiday races during Halloween and Christmas.

You can listen to the episode below or log onto to listen to this and past episodes, including playlists from Spotify from each episode!

Listen to “The Runcast Episode 004 – Classic Rock” on Spreaker.

There’s a new Addict II Athlete Podcast episode out today as well. Listen in as Coach Blu interviews Amber Baum tell how addiction came into and affected her life. She shares how a tragedy of losing a daughter to heroin can be turned into a message of advocacy and love.

Catch the episode here or on

Listen to “Love and Loss.” on Spreaker.

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My initial thoughts …

So it’s been three days since I started my keto diet. I’m not going to lie to you and say I feel amazing and it’s totally working, because, well, it’s been three days. But, I have some initial thoughts about the diet I thought I’d share.

I kinda decided to bullet point them for reading ease. So here they are in no particular order …

  • I’ve dropped 6.4lbs. so far — but, I kinda expected that since I ate somewhat unrestrained the day before I started. But, it does give me some hope that I’ll do better than expected.
  • Yesterday was difficult, because I was feeling the sugar and carb withdrawals. I had a lingering headache that probably would have subsided with if I fed myself a piece of bread. I’m hoping I don’t have too many more days like that ahead of me.
  • I am interested to see my race on tomorrow goes — I am a bit worried being so low on carbs going into it. But, I don’t carb load much before a race anymore, anyways. But, I usually eat a banana a half hour or so before a race. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve been counseled to protein load instead and I should be fine.
  • It’s hard not grabbing for a banana — like real hard.
  • It’s hard not wanting to delve into a bowl of fruit altogether. My mom was cutting watermelon and cantaloupe and I became fixated on that for a bit, ultimately just walking away.
  • There’s a lot of science to the diet. Like a lot. Which, I won’t lie, I am trying to educate myself on and trying to simplify for ease.
  • The low-carb mentality isn’t as hard to adapt to as the high-fat. mentality. I thought it was going to be “YEAH, FAT!” but I’ve honestly conditioned myself to be moderate with my fat intake. It’s a definite gear change.
  • I see the wisdom of eating high fat, especially in helping to keep me from feeling hungry.
  • I have keto strips, but I haven’t used them yet. I am going to start next week testing my ketogenic levels. I thought about starting now, but I just wanted to focus on adapting to the diet regime.
  • I am still working on a set diet and workout regime. I should have that finalized by this weekend — which I’ll share next week. I’m just trying to do and eat what I need to in simplicity.

So, yeah, lots of initial thoughts. Still lots of things to figure out. But, I’m still very optimistic about where I will in less than 90 days. And, more than that — I know I can do this, because I’m doing it!

The Second Half Outlook for 2017

With the recent changes in my race schedule the past couple of months — DNFs, DNSs and deferrals — I’ve been thinking a lot of the rest of my race schedule in 2017. I’ve still got a lot of running to do. That’s why I’ve been (somewhat) okay with dropping and deferring some races as of late.

But, I’ve got four marathons and 15 half marathons left for the year. That’s 19 races — or 301.3 miles. But, that’s also all by design to help build me up for my 100 miler in February. Come November and December I’ll be running a lot of solo non-race miles in preparation for that.

So there’s a lot ahead of me still.

But, that hasn’t stopped me from looking and planning ahead. I feel good about my schedule so far — October is a tough month for me to run because of the Haunted Halfs. I am signed up for the Howloween Half, but depending where I am that weekend — I might not run it? And, if I am — I am also debating on running SoJo in the morning and/or the Pony Express 50 again.

But, we’ll see?

I just have a lot of variables going on with October.

My race schedule pretty much ends in November with the Mt. View Trail Half Marathon. I haven’t signed up for it — yet — because there’s a good chance I might sign up for the 50K again. We’ll see?

There are a number other races later in November, but I’ll be in Greece for half the month so that scratches a lot of races. And, I am not sure what kind of running I’ll be able to do while there? I’m hoping for hotels with a treadmill … at the very least.

But, there’s a chance I will add 1-2 more races in December. I really want to do Cory Reese’s Bakers Dozen Half in December. That might just be a tricky one to do this year, because of family’s birthdays — but, all in all, with what I have planned for the rest of the year — I feel good about.

It still puts me in a position to get my 180 in July of next year at the Handcart Days Half (where I started my journey in 2011) … so I feel good about that.

But, anyways, here’s the rest of my planned 2017 race schedule starting with this weekend’s race down Big Cottonwood …

#FitnessFriday: GOING BIG!

I was kinda debating if I was going to blog today. I won’t lie — after Labor Day I just kinda stopped. Sure, I had two posts. But, one was my vacation pictures and the other was an update 2017 race schedule. Nothing that really constitutes a true blog entry.

Anyways — I’ll just say that the lack of posts is because I was on blogcation. Yes, that sounds good. But, really, it was. I had the chance to spend some quality time with family, doing a little running and prepare myself more mentally for this upcoming month of marathons.

I did a little running this week, but pretty much kept it low because I am a bit nervous overdoing it before the marathon, especially considering I have the Huntsville Marathon (aka The Full Monte) next week. I’ll probably do a shake out run next Tuesday or Wednesday, but focus just walking throughout the week in preparation for The Full Monte.

We’ll see. Really depends on how I feel come tomorrow, Sunday and probably most all of Monday as well. But, the fact I am sweeping the course helps. I do have to maintain a 15 minute mile coming down the canyon — which is doable — but, other than that, it’s just being as fast as the slowest runner.

But, with this 50 mile training most of it is just accustoming myself to being on my feet for a loooong time. And, sweeping will do that for you. It’s great preparation. I swept the Big Cottonwood Marathon last year to help prep me for the Antelope Island 50K for that very reason. I am expect being anywhere between 6:30-7 hours on my feet tomorrow. It’s not easy. But, it’s sure fun.

And, if I am feeling extra adventurous I might try to mow the lawn which is another hour. But, that just seems like too much cruelty to put my body through. Which means — I probably should do it. Besides the lawn is looking a bit shaggy.

Luckily, I am not sweeping the course alone. This year I am running with my friend Chanda along with the support vehicle the race provides — which is mainly for injured runners, etc. It should be a party. But, like I said, we just have to make sure to get everyone down the canyon on time or that support vehicle will sweep them off the course. Something every runner wants to avoid.

But, anyways — I can’t wait! I am pumped! Besides seeing all of my usual running friends, I get to FINALLY meet one of my friends from the far away land known as New Hampshire. He flew in to run the half marathon with Jill and Tim. If I wasn’t using this race as a training run, I totally would have joined them. I am pretty jealous, because that might be the party of the year, right there.



130 - Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon

I LOVE THE BIG COTTONWOOD MARATHON! Tomorrow will be the fifth time I’ve ran the race — well, okay, fourth time, because I ran the half marathon back in 2013. And, here’s a funny tidbit — I’ve never actually signed up for the marathon when I registered for the race. Every year I’ve signed up for the half marathon and then upgraded to the marathon (except in 2013 of course). I should probably use that as a personal trivia question or something, huh?

As mentioned above the game plan tomorrow is to sweep the course with my friend Chanda. We have to average a 15 minute mile down the canyon and then bring in the last runner after that. I am also planning on a mid-race Slurpee somewhere around Mile 23. Heck maybe even Mile 19 if I am dying. Or why not both? Possibilities are endless.

I’ve had a number of special memories from this race — from nearly setting a PR in the half marathon, setting a PR in the marathon and then running with Jill for her first marathon. This race has been the backdrop to a lot of special moments for me. That’s one reason why I’ll always come back. I’ve got to. It’s MY race down MY canyon.

And, if you’re wondering — yes — I am planning on just running the half marathon in 2017. Sooooo — the odds are pretty good that it’ll end up being the marathon at this rate! HAHAHA!




Shhhhh … I snuck my apple sauce snack on the bus after the gym. #ieatlikeatoddler

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I’m 99% sure I’m sitting behind Captain Kangaroo on the bus right now. #icantbewrong

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Whenever I am at Michael’s, I end up here. #always

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2017 race schedule

Yesterday I blogged a bit about my 2017 race schedule … you can read all about that in depth here. But, I thought I’d share the schedule here in detail as well. Anyone else running any of these races?

139. New Year’s Half Marathon — January 7, 2017
140. St. George Half Marathon — January 14, 2017
141. Salt Lake Tri Club Half Marathon — February 25, 2017
142. March Madness Half Marathon — March 4, 2017
143. Lucky 13 Half Marathon — March 18, 2017
144. Tulip Festival Half Marathon — April 29, 2017
145. Provo City Half Marathon — May 6, 2017
146. Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon — May 13, 2017
147. Ogden Half Marathon — May 20, 2017
148. Ragnar Wasatch Back — June 2-3, 2017
149. Drop 13 Big Cottonwood Half Marathon — June 11, 2017
150. AF Canyon Race Against Cancer — June 24, 2017
151. Hobbler Half — July 8, 2017
152. Utah Midnight Run — July 14, 2017
153. Deseret News Half Marathon — July 24, 2017
154. Timp Half — July 29, 2017
155. Parowan City Half Marathon — August 5, 2017
156. Skyline Half Marathon — August 19, 2017
157. Run Elevated Half Marathon — August 26, 2017
158. Nebo Half — September 2, 2017
159. Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon — September 9, 2017
160. Park City City Trail Half Marathon — September 16, 2017
161. Huntsville Half Marathon — September 23, 2017
162. Frightmares Half Marathon — October 14, 2017
163. Haunted Half SLC — October 21, 2017
164. Haunted Half Provo — October 28, 2017
165. Snow Canyon Half Marathon — November 4, 2017
166. Thankful 13 — November 23, 2017

I should be about 14 races away from my 180 goal in 2018! I’m aiming for that to be the Handcart Days Half Marathon. Should be a fun 18 months of running!

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#FitnessFriday: Running Down Canyons …

This has been a crazy past week. Well, okay, not necessarily crazy — but, a little bit frustrating. Mainly because of this stupid cold. It’s just killed any rhythm and pace I was having going forward post-Whole30.

But, it’s probably been good recalibrating and resting a bit. My body will definitely need it as I move into September and get ready to run three marathons this upcoming month. So it might very well be a blessing in disguise?

Either way, I am not sure what it has done with my goal of doing a sub-2:30 at the Run Elevated Half tomorrow? I haven’t gotten the runs in that I wanted and I am not sure what that will do with my performance — but, I am still going to go hard at my goal.

You can read more about that below.

But, it’s been a fun couple of weeks with my birthday and a couple other family birthdays. As crappy as I was feeling, this is one of my favorite weeks of the year because of the birthdays — and I love late summer days. Especially when the weather starts turning into the autumn. Fall is my favorite season.

I am really looking forward to next week. I am taking Thursday and Friday off from work — mainly for a family reunion in Idaho, but I’ll also be going to the SUU-Utah football game here in Salt Lake. This is quite the conundrum, because I am a diehard Ute fan, but SUU and the T-Birds have my heart. It’ll just be exciting to see my T-Birds play up here at the U.

The only downside of next weekend — is that I had to sell my Nebo Half bib because of the reunion. I’m sad, because it’s my favorite race. But, honestly, I’d rather spend the weekend with family — they’re a higher priority to me. But, believe you me — next year there better not be a family reunion over Nebo Half weekend.

Luckily, I’ll still get my second favorite race in — the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon — the following week. I am sweeping that course with my friend Chanda and I have a couple of friends coming out from New Hampshire to run the race as well. That’s going to be a party and a half. They’re running the half marathon with Jill and Tim, so I am fully expecting them to meet me at the 7 Eleven at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon with Slurpees in hand for me!


Just don’t break out the pumpkin spice quite yet.

129 - Run Elevated Half Marathon

I won’t lie, I am slightly disappointed about how the past week of running has gone for me. I just don’t feel confident enough to hit my sub-2:30 time goal tomorrow. The past week, week and a half have kind of been a wash with my stupid cold. I didn’t get the kind of runs in that I wanted to — and I’m not sure where that’s going to put me tomorrow?

Is that an excuse? No. I’m still aiming and preparing to run at a 11:22 pace to hit that goal. I just know it will be much harder mentally and physically than I expected. Which is fine. That’s a good challenge. And, I’ll give it my all. I do have the advantage of running this race numerous times — so I know where to push or pull back more.

The goal is still 2:29, but if that’s not the case I will be happy with anything below a 2:39. I really don’t want to have anything slower or I will truly feel disappointed. Plus, I want to wear out my legs for my last 7 miles since this race is part of my 20 miler. I really want to simulate late ultra mile fatigue during those last 7 miles. So I have to push it no matter what.



My friend Meridith aka “THE DITH” agreed to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s race, so I gladly wrote her a note allowing her to pick up the packet. I am so grateful for friends like “THE DITH” …

dith sm_001



At least I didn’t crash, right? #gokartingfool

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Clearly, we go ALL OUT for birthdays around here. #freedomhasabirthday

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No, his name is not Carlos. #boondockers

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I’m not a fisherman, but we’re BFFs this weekend … #imdying #notsocommoncold

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The past week and a half really has felt like somewhat of a wash for me. Last Wednesday I started coming down with a cold that lingered for about the past 10 days or so. Not fun. Not fun at all.

That’s kind of prevented me from getting into a rhythm, which has been frustrating. I ran 14 miles last weekend — but — honestly they were slower than I wanted miles and I probably should have rested. But, I’ve rebounded fairly well. Thanks a lot to my diet. Usually when I get colds like this it turns into bronchitis with a lingering cough — no cough this go around.


But, I am still not 100% — probably somewhere around 85%? I am a bit fatigued more than usual and am restless at night, which doesn’t help. But, I know I am more than around the corner to being where I want to be for my marathons next month. And, that I am thankful for.

This past week I also started my weight training class at the U. It’s just a continuing ed class I’m taking every Monday and Wednesday after work. The past month or so I’ve REALLY felt the need to get more weight training into my workout regime. I’ve been doing circuit training at home with lighter weights and that hasn’t really helped my flabby chicken wings tone up.

I am excited to see the progress over the semester. Not to mention how it helps my running. My legs are DYING since Wednesday’s workout and I love/hate that feeling. It’s a great reminder that my legs are getting sexier. So, how can you complain about that?

Anyways — I am excited to start this new regime and get back into a rhythm. Screw this stupid cold!

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#FitnessFriday: 20 Midnight Miles …

Egags! That was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. This was the weekend I was planning my midnight 20 mile treadmill run. Originally, I was going to do it Saturday morning beginning at 12am, but our family is heading out of town for the weekend — so I decided to move it up a day to Friday morning.

So, here I am writing about my run — pretty much half asleep. I wouldn’t be surprised if I started to hallucinate before noon. I am pretty dang tired. I guess staying up all night while running 20 miles to do that to you, eh?

But, it’s done.

Now, you’re probably wondering what possessed me to do this? Well, first off — I blame Jill. She was the one who gave me the idea. She likes coming up with these “how can we punish ourselves?” training runs and routes. She is one the best worst influences in my life — literally in many arenas.

So, yeah, I totally blame Jill.

But, the thinking behind this run is to not just prepare me for my marathons next month, but my 50 miler as well. I wanted to do something that was physically, emotionally and mentally tough. And, running on the treadmill — for 20 miles — in the middle of the night was just insane enough to cover all three of those focused areas. Plus, it’s awesome fatigue training.

To keep myself from going completely insane — I decided to a couple of things. One, I was planning to break up the run into four 5 mile legs with about a 15 minute break in between the legs. I used that time to run to the restroom, eat some food (mainly bananas) and hydrate.

I also planned on changing my shirt and hat/bandana after each leg too — no point in staying in a soaked shirt and headband, right? Plus, wet shirts substantial raise the risk of me chaffing all over my body (not just the moobs),like manatee that got ran over by a motorboat.

Simply, put — it’s not fun.

And, lastly, my plan was to keep myself entertained through Netflix, the Olympics and whatever looked good on TV. I thought about putting my headphones in and jamming out to my music, but — yeah — I would have probably gone mad or the very least fallen asleep around mile 10.

I pretty much ended up watching more Olympics than anything. Netflix wasn’t really working and NBC was replaying the swimming and gymnastic events — and since I didn’t see them earlier I just ended up watching that for a couple hours.

And, oh my gosh, it was the best/worst decision I could have made. When Phelps won his 22nd gold medal I almost threw my hand into the ceiling fan in jubilation and then I pretty much lost it when Simone Manuel won her gold medal. Her reaction was just priceless — I could only imagine those emotions.

The other Simone — Simone Biles — was AMAZING in the gymnastic meet. Holy cow! I don’t understand gymnastics most of the time, but every four years I’m GLUED to it. I have never seen anyone more dominant than Simone. She deserved her gold medal. She was simply amazing.

I’m the runner your mother warned you about. I did my first of two 20 milers last night — on the treadmill starting at midnight. I’m pretty sure this certifies me as crazy? But, I not only did this for my marathon training, but for my 50 mile ultra as well. This was primo fatigue training! I broke up my miles into four 5 mile legs with 15 minute breaks in between each leg. I was shooting for between 4-4:30 hours of total running — ended in 4:20, I’m happy about that. So it took me just over 5 hours total. Bit bad. As much as I hate the treadmill it was nice having everything I needed right there. A flushable toilet and change of shirt was great to have at each break. I ended up watching a little Netflix, lots of the Olympics and even some Rachel Ray to pass the time. Emphasis on some. I ended up turning Netflix back on because Rachel was a bit too much to handle at mile 17 of my run. She really shouldn’t ever be given coffee. My other 20 miler is in two weeks and then I get into running my marathons in preparation for my 50 in mid-October. I can’t wait! #running #20miles #trainingrun #marathontraining #ultratraining #fitness #motivation #wellness #workout #treadmill #treadmillworkout #dreadmill #ultramarathon #marathon @fight4phat @josherwalla @joshruns180

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So after all of this Olympic jubilation — NBC followed it all up with Rachel Ray. Talk about a steep drop off. I tried to get into her show, but at 3:30am — I couldn’t take her personality. I swear she gets hooked up to IVs full of coffee before each show.

So, yeah, I tried to find something else to watch. But, do you know how hard it is to find something decent to watch at 3:30-4am?I swear if I wasn’t on the treadmill running I would have bought a kitchen load of copper pans that keep cheese from sticking to the pan. I also saw a Squatty Potty commercial — those are always magical.

Anyways — the run itself wasn’t bad. Well — THAT — bad. My goal was to finish within 4-4:30 hours so with my breaks in between the legs it’d take me a good 5-5:15(ish) hours. It took me 4:20 to do the 20 so I was within my range — I did end up fartleking a lot of my last leg, because of fatigue. But, overall, I feel good about the run.

I mean — I ran 20 miles on the treadmill in the middle of the night. Who does that?

Crazy runner people who are training for a 50 mile ultra, I guess?

Luckily, this is my only long treadmill planned. My next 20 miler (in two weeks) will be running the Run Elevated Half down Little Cottonwood plus 7 miles afterwards. That’s another tough mental and physical run, because usually when I am done racing — I am done moving for the day. This will be a hard run. But, a neccessary one.

And, I am oddly looking forward to it.

Anyways — as I mentioned above, I doing a mini staycation this weekend to relax. And, then on Monday I’m (finally) turning 35. I say finally, because I’ve been telling people I am 35 for pretty much the past six months or so. It’s kind of the curse of working with finances, because I go off the fiscal year a lot. It’s already my 2017.

So make sure to come back next Tuesday for pictures of my weekend and birthday festivities. Since I share a birthday with my sister we usually go do something fun. And, by fun I mean — wherever the nieces and nephews want to go. A few years it was the zoo, last year it was Snowbird and this year it’s Cherry Hill! It’s like 1996 all over again. I’m looking forward to it.

I will have a number of posts out next week as well dealing with my Whole30 completion (Monday is my weigh-in), my new diet plan and a 40 Before 40 Bucket List I made in honor of my birthday.



It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a podcast of either AIIA or the Runcast. Life has been pretty hectic. But, AIIA is back this week — and — the Runcast will be next week. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you.

This is a great podcast this week from AIIA — it’s a Q&A panel and dives into some good stuff. No matter what your relationship is with addiction — the AIIA Podcast is a great source of inspiration for everyone! So please give it a listen …


I’m mowing the lawn right meow. #punnypuns

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Today is Day 28 of my third round of Whole30! Which means my weigh-in is on Monday — which is also on my birthday! I have no idea how much I’ve lost. I kinda doubt I lost the 13.3lbs. I wanted to lose to get into the 230s, but I am fine with that. I feel like I’ve plateaued a bit — which is typical.

I’ve stuck with the diet and kept myself on track there. So we will see. I love the intrigue of my weigh-in days — it’s like a page out of the book of The Biggest Loser. All I really need now is a blinky scale and flavored gum sponsor to make it legit.

I have a diet plan I am going to share a bit more in depth next week. But, basically, I’ve adapted the Whole30 diet plan into a 80/20 format. There’s a lot to it that’ll share later next. But, I am excited and ready to keep a lot of this momentum going.

So make sure to come back on Monday for my weigh-in stats!

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#FitnessFriday: 5Ks and 20 Milers …

I work for the weekend. Or should I say that I run for the weekend? Either way — I don’t think there are any better weekends than summer weekends, especially as a runner. Seriously.

I am excited for this weekend for a couple of reasons. I am going to be running a 5K with my friend Jordan. Jordan and I have been friends now for over — what — a decade? I was working in Student Government at Salt Lake Community College and he applied to be a Student Senator. He was just out of high school and enthusiastic to get involved. For some reason we just — bonded.

We’ve been through a lot in the past ten years. It’s been fun watching him grow and mature — get married, have children and work towards his degree. Something that hasn’t been easy for him.

See the thing is — Jordan has cerebral palsy. Life hasn’t come easy for him. Throughout his young life, many told him what he could or couldn’t do — but, that never stopped Jordan from doing what he wanted to do. I think that’s why we bonded so fast, because I am the same way.

There were times he very much doubted the ability to get married or have a family — even simply graduate from college. But, here he is — married and the father of two beautiful girls. Not only that, but he is one class away from graduated from SLCC. I can’t say enough good things about Jordan — he’s more of brother than a friend. And, a testament that you can literally do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

So tomorrow we’re going to run a 5K together. This was something we’ve planned for a little over a year. Jordan usually runs on his own, it helps keep his joints and legs limber and strong, but he has never done a 5K or organized race for that matter. Until tomorrow.

We are running the Beat the Heat 5K in Woods Cross together. We don’t have a time goal other than to finish it. Well, finish before all of the bananas are gone (that’s my own personal goal). Finish what we started.

I can’t begin to say how excited I am for tomorrow and how proud I am of Jordan. Not just in doing this 5K, but in life. He is an example to be — to the nth degree. He’s taught me to never say never.

Make sure to come back on Monday for pictures from the race along with a race recap of the 5K. Since I need more mileage than 3.1 miles tomorrow, I’m planning on running another 3.1 miles on the treadmill early in the morning before I pick Jordan up, followed by another 6 or 8 miles later in the afternoon. It’s not continuous miles, but I want to get a good 12-14 miles in this weekend — and miles are miles.

Have a great weekend and make sure to come back on Monday!



Cue the Lion King soundtrack. BOOOOSAMBLAHDUBUMBAOOOEESLUM!! #utahsunset

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I knew there was something off about me today. #socksdontmatch #meh #closeenough

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Doing what Mormons do best. #canning4lyfe

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But, wait … it’s not? #lies #itsnotblank

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After a fairly brutal week on my legs last week — I feel like I’ve recovered well. Not only that, but since I’ve been doing the Whole30 diet I feel a lot stronger on my runs. Especially on the treadmill.

I know, I know, I know — it’s the DREADmill. And, believe me — I hate it. But, it’s convenient for early or late night runs. Plus, I love the mental training it provides. As much as I loathe the dreadmill I do feel like it’s HORRIBLY long miles better prepare me for my 50 miler than an easy run outside.

I have two more weeks left of this last round of Whole30. I am not sure how much I’ve lost? I don’t feel like I’ve lost as much — maybe 5-8lbs.? I think on this third round — I’ll be happy with losing two pounds a week. I mean, I lost nearly 30lbs. in two months — that’s a lot. 

I want to keep that momentum and healthy habits going after this third round. And, I’ve come up with a bastardized version of Whole30 that I’ll start mid-month. It’s a combination of Whole30 (or paleo), a 80/20 mentality and Isagenix. I’ll blog more in depth about this next week. But, I’ve structured it with standards and rules like the Whole30, but with some flexibility meant to maintained long term.

I am also running my first 20 miler next week — on the treadmill. I will blog about that later as well. But, basically, I am running it ALL on the dreadmill of death. I’m starting at midnight and running until I am done. I can’t say this will be fun. But, miles are miles and these miles will be a test of will.

At least my treadmill is parked in front of the TV so I can Netflix and ‘mill. Any movie or series suggestions? I’m pretty sure I could get through at least 2-3 seasons of Friends. I could always watch SlowTV — I mean what’s better than watching a 7.5 hour train ride in Norway? (the answer is running on the treadmill)

Anyways — I am looking forward to a great workout week as I inch towards my marathons and 50. Just gotta keep it up!

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