Christmas Eve at Huntsman

ChristmasBanner_1As you have probably already noticed there are a few changes to the bloggy blog. Besides being overloaded with pink there are a few green adverts for a “Christmas Eve at Huntsman” campaign. Let me explain it a bit for you.

My family and I are going a fundraiser for the Huntsman Cancer Institute here in Salt Lake City. The past couple of years I have thrown on my Santa suit on Christmas Eve and passed out treats to the patients, family members and staff at the hospital. It’s quickly become a tradition for our family.

My Mother was a patient in Huntsman for a portion of the holidays in 2012 and last year she got the opportunity to be healthy enough to walk around and help Santa with the treats. She spent time talking to many patients and empathizing with them, especially during the holidays.

Needless to say, we are planning on doing it again. BUT … we want to do a little bit more for the patients, family members and staff of Huntsman. They all deserve a little Christmas cheer. And, we want to do more than just a candy treat.

This year we want to provide each patient’s room with at least a $25 VISA gift card, a handwritten Christmas card and a small treat. Additionally, we want to provide a meal for nurses and staff who are sacrificing their Christmas Eve with family to work and care for the patients. They deserve a Christmas meal and a THANK YOU for all that they do.

This task will not be cheap and it will require the community to come together for this special Christmas Eve to happen. To help with the costs we have started a “GoFundMe” campaign with a goal of raising $2500. The money will be spent on giftcards, greeting cards and candy.

Whatever remaining money we have we will donate directly to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, which is the fundraising arm of the hospital. The hope is we meet that $2500 … if not more.

If you have a business or would like donate something in kind please contact me and set that up. ALL DONATIONS are welcomed. Any little difference is huge.

Whatever amount you feel like you can donate please do. Little differences become big differences when combined with the power of community. And, who knows when your difference is THAT difference to someone else.

Please share this fundraiser with others. You can share this link on your social media timelines or the GoFundMe campaign directly by using the URL.

Thanks for making a difference and spreading a little Christmas cheer even if it is this early.



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