Cinco de Burritos (don’t judge my lack of Spanish speaking skills)

There are a few holidays I throughly enjoy. Christmas, Easter and Cinco de Mayo are the main ones. But, then there’s also Canada Day and the 4th of July. It’s the like the best week of North American civic pride ever invented. It’s kind of too bad there isn’t a Cinco de Julio. That’s the only way it could get better.

I’m digressing.

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I turned my radio to the Spanish radio station during my morning commute. I had no idea what I was singing (I never took Spanish classes in High School, mainly because they don’t really allow Special Ed students in language classes) … soooooo … I ended up making up my own lyrics.

So, throughout the day all I could think about burritos. And, if you haven’t caught on, I kind of have a thing for not just burritos, but burritos from the Sears Taco Stand (aka, Tacos Don Rafa) in Downtown SLC. So, I put the idea out on Facebook to go to the taco stand after work in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Tacos Don Rafa even brought out the fancy decorations for Cinco de Mayo.

While there was a lot of interest, a number already had commitments and obligations already. But, Becky was all for it. And, quite honestly I can’t think of anyone better to share this experience with then her, because she’s the reason I got caught up with all this burrito madness.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo I decided to also buy the whole family burritos as well. Ordering six burritos and a quesadilla is quite a chore. They aren’t all just burritos, they’re burritos with or without this and that. I have no much to look forward to when I have kids. And, to think I want 12 …

Six burritos and one dang quesadilla.

Becky and I are pretty much pros at ordering our burritos. I did however feel bad that going up there with such a big order. Luckily, Becky helped me organize it all make sure I got my order right.

Odds are Becky is going to hate this picture.
Another picture Becky is probably going to hate.

While I was constructing my burritos at the stand this man on a moped caught my eye. I am not sure why I found his presence quite comical. Not to mention that, but the picture I snapped of him seems like something I would want to frame and hang in my future house.

I am quite sure the future wife would disagree. But, I can make my suggestions, right?

Don’t take free ride from this guy. #soundadvice

Once I got my family’s burritos made and wrapped, this happened …

You have no idea how difficult it was to take this #burritoselfie. Not only am I taking the picture, but I am balancing a 20lbs. plate of burrito with one hand. I’d really just like to take this opportunity to thank Becky for the assistance in making this a reality. She kept me from dropping my family’s dinner and forever ruining Cinco de Mayo in the Hansen household.

I think the Liger wants a burrito as well?

Naturally, I had to thank her by taking a selfie of both of us together holding the burritos.

It is burritos that bind us.

I was a tad worried about taking home the burritos in my car. I’ve never stacked six burritos on top of each other for a 20 minute drive. Luckily, I didn’t have any issues during my commute.

But, quite, honestly I should have been more responsible and put a seatbelt on them. I’m never going to be a good father if I can’t buckle up even my burritos. But, once again, I digress.

The leaning tower of burritos.

Once I got the burritos home I divided them out, while Koko impatiently waited for her quesdilla. This was my family’s first time having a Sears burrito this was a BIG deal for them (well, more like me I guess?) and I didn’t want to disappoint them.

Koko yelling for a “BURRITO!!!”
Nom, nom, nom, nom …

My brother-in-law devoured his and Free was a huge fan of his pork burrito.

I think this means Free approves?

And, as you can tell Koko was digging her chicken quesadilla.

This kid just makes eating any kind of quesadilla too adorable.
Even a picture of her picking up her quesadilla is TOO cute.

But, the best reaction of the night belong to my Mom. You can tell from her face that she wasn’t expecting such a huge burrito for just $3. Plus, I feel like I taught her that look. Either that or she has been stalking my Instagram page.

Either way I am proud of her.


All in all, Sears burritos were the best way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It not only provided a great adventure, but it also fed an addiction. Well, not to mention that I got to also do a little burrito missionary work on my family. I’m not sure if they are completely converted, but it’s hard to find a similar burrito for that price.




  1. Becca says:

    HAHA, your mom is awesome. And I LOVE that little girlie! Stop taking nasty pics of me or else you’re getting burritos on your own next time!

  2. Jill says:

    Why does he do those pictures of you all the time? I was just thinking he owed you a whole bunch of burritos for that picture.

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