Daily Shorts: March Madness Style

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In the spirit of March Madness and the beginning of the First Round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament today, I thought I’d celebrate with an extended version of ‘Daily Shorts.’

I guess there’s nothing truly short about a 68 item list — but — it is, what it is …

  1. I guess if we’re going to start this off talking about the basketball tournament — I should share this — it’s a history of the nicknames behind all 68 teams. Pretty cool.
  2. And, from the looks of it — President Obama is picking Kansas to win it all this week. Probably the easiest decision he’s made all week.
  3. Welp, looks like the GOP Presidental race is narrowing down with Rubio now out. I’m not a registered Republican, but I probably lean more that way — so seeing Trump capture a majority of the voters … just sickens me. Can we bring Reagan back from the dead?
  4. At least Trump won’t be here next week for the SLC debate — which seems kinda lame now that Rubio is out. Always kinda makes the U student protest to ‘Dump Trump’ somewhat anticlimatic. As you might be able to tell — I’m kinda getting sick of politics. Ugh.
  5. Welp, looks like the debate is cancelled — thank goodness.
  6. Now, if Super Dell ran for President — instead of governor — I might vote for him. You’re not aspiring high enough Super Dell!
  7. Um, wow — yeah, there are really NO more excuses not to PR a marathon. This is quite the job with quite the distraction.
  8. This is very mesmerizing — a much watch.
  9. I really love The Dad Blog, mainly because he does some AWESOME stuff with his kids — like this Leprechaun photo shoot. Classic.
  10. I love ‘Dad Jokes’ — they are the best.
  11. Oh, I want a tree planted within my cremated remains — gotta hurry and put that in my will.
  12. These kind of world record running records make me laugh — fastest marathoner in a suit? HAHAHA — but, still — he shattered it in 2:08! That makes my legs cramp.
  13. This is pretty neat — St. Teresa — coming September 4th. I always admired Mother Teresa’s work, wisdom and candor.
  14. I really love this article about this Kiwi track star about overcoming his porn addiction — after going to the UCAP Conference this past weekend, I’ve realized the importance of self narratives.
  15. Good read about what kind of milk is best for runners. For me — it’s pretty much all almond milk — since I am pretty lactose intolerant.
  16. This is a good read about Peanuts, Charles Schulz and an attempted murder at the Peanuts Headquarters — riveting — why it’s not a 20/20 special is beyond me?
  17. Um, now I really want a dog — a big ‘ol stupid, fun lovin’ dog.
  18. And, this article doesn’t help that desire change either.
  19. Honestly, this seems like something my sister would do while in labor — okay, not really — this lady is pretty extreme. But, still — gotta look good for IG, right?
  20. Well you knew sooner or later this was going to happen to Subway’s Jared Fogle. I can’t say I feel bad … at all.
  21. Well this is cute — KSL is doing a ‘best city in Utah’ tournament — ala March Madness style — on their website. Um, odds are SLC is going to win — since — you know, SLC is the largest city. Just a hunch.
  22. This is pretty cool of this guy adopting all those old pets, but all I could think about while reading about his good deeds was how bad they must all smell. Old dogs smell horrible! Just sayin’ …
  23. I’ve ran Bug Sur — I’d sure love to one day — but, I love this story from Runner’s World about the medal design. If there is ONE thing I love and appreciate about races — it’s a good medal. Even over a t-shirt.
  24. This is a worthy laugh … oh, America and our food. I don’t agree with everything on the list (namely meatloaf and beef jerky), but I agree on most.
  25. Leave it to the Simpsons to predict a Donald Trump presidency — heaven help us all if that actually happens …
  26. Interesting interview with famous marathoner Steve Jones — don’t agree with everything he says — especially on his views of the marathon — isn’t the point to get from point A to point B? It’s not about speed, it’s about competing against yourself. I do however agree with his views on training. Either way, worth the read.
  27. Pain and PRs — I love this article from Runner’s World — pain is inevitable and knowing how to deal with it can make you a better runner. I am a firm believer of that. Especially when you understand that pain is temporary.
  28. I can testify that there are people out there that are obsessed with flamingos — I know, because I dated one.
  29. An app that helps me find the closest burrito? Oh, man — why hasn’t this been on my phone already? I have failed life. Maybe I should develop one that helps find nachos?
  30. If you haven’t listened to the new Addict II Athlete that debuted last week on Podbash — you should. It’s a GREAT podcast!
  31. This looks like a paradise to Fat Josh — a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory?! YES PLEASE!
  32. In time for Easter — this is a pretty cool video from the MoTab Choir and a supportive virtual choir.
  33. Feline armor? Really? Well, now if I had cat this would be the first purchase — even before cat food and a litter box. But, alas, I am deathly allergic to cats.
  34. If researchers were to look into my brain as I ran a marathon — I am afraid they wouldn’t see much. Well, I shouldn’t say much — but, it would be a lot of thoughts about kittens, nachos and bananas.
  35. Looks like SeaWorld is actually ending their killer whale breeding program and moving towards conservation. Don’t know how I feel about this? I LOVE SeaWorld. I especially loved it when I was a kid — but, honestly — it feels like the right thing to do. Kudos.
  36. Twix Chocolate Spread? Yes, please.
  37. This gave a laugh or two. Okay, maybe like 3 or 4 … still funny.
  38. I think this is one reason why San Diego Comic Con is so threatened by the Salt Lake Comic Con. They’re actually growing beyond the Utah borders. Smart move.
  39. This is my kind of camping.
  40. Yeah, I have some strange eating habits too I guess — I like tuna, cottage cheese and pineapple (sometimes with ketchup) and I also really like banana and ham sandwiches. Not sure how weird that makes me. But, I’ve been told that it’s weird.
  41. This is a great read about Team Hoyt from Runner’s World. AWESOME READ!
  42. This is why you don’t mess with North Korea — stupid, stupid, stupid. 15 years hard labor for stealing a banner? Yeah … once again … stupid, stupid, stupid.
  43. This made me laugh — HAHAHAHA — lost dog!
  44. I don’t have kids — but, these kid friendly desserts look good enough to eat right about now.
  45. Wow — one of the many reasons why I love runners and Boston. My heart aches for this runner, but cheers her onto her goal to raise money for cancer research.
  46. I love Adele — I want to have her children. Seriously.
  47. I feel like I should write this down in life skills I need to have, but probably don’t. But, still — wouldn’t you want to know how to start a lemon on fire without matches?! Thought.
  48. Oh, geez.
  49. I am really kinda liking Chris Long — the new Patriots DE — he’s a pretty funny guy. Too bad he left the Rams when he did.
  50. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the disgusting revelation that Japan is now making potato chip flavored soda? Yeah, let that sink in for a minute. Okay … you can now go barf.
  51. This is some good info on how to recover between intervals — worth the read.
  52. Okay, this might be a TAD macabre — but, really — this is something I always joked about doing at my funeral. I either want to be embalmed to look alive — or I want to be cremated. No in between.
  53. Indiana Jones 5? Ugh. Too many, too many.
  54. I’ve been following this season’s The Walking Dead quite religiously — it’s usually my treadmill fodder — and I’ve noted there hasn’t been a major death of the core stars lately. You just know that’s about to change — especially with posts like this.
  55. Pre-pit avocados? The ultimate lazy food.
  56. I had no idea that yarnbombing was a “thing” … kinda wish I knew how to knit. These are pretty cool.
  57. I’m supportive of this measure — exercise over medication — as the first resort.
  58. mmmmmm … I actually really, really, really love me some Brussels sprouts.
  59. Oh man, I loved Splash as a kid — not Splash 2 … that kinda sucked. But, Splash is a classic. For the longest time I wanted to marry a mermaid.
  60. Okay, screw the diet — I’m moving to New York City so I can eat all of these donuts … in like one sitting. Don’t think I can’t do it. All it takes is a couple hours, a little belief in your abilities and absolutely no shame.
  61. This is a pretty heartwarming story of a dog lost at sea. This REALLY makes me want to have a dog. DANGIT … and here I thought I was over it.
  62. Oh and then there are these corgis — that I want. Like, all of them. Man, I just need a dog. But, I don’t.
  63. Gross. Fascinating, but gross.
  64. This makes me laugh about Spurs’ star Kawhi Leonard — he still drives a 1997 Chevy Tahoe and uses coupons. Good for him. I’d like to think I would be the same kind of millionaire.
  65. This is pretty funny — animal or food? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but I’ll tell you what … I now want some fried chicken.
  66. I love ‘runcations’ — and when I have a family, I am sure to take plenty of them. Just not Disney Runcations — those are too expensive. Plus, I’ve been there and done that. I’d much rather run a $40 race in southern California and then go to Disneyland.
  67. This is a great laugh — the ingenuity exudes throughout!
  68. In the spirit of the holiday today — I am leaving you with this … embrace it.


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