Dear Little Fat Josh …

Dear Little Fat Josh,

First off, let’s get this straight. You are Josh (this will change a number of times before you turn 30 … Joshua, Ty, Snow, Jay, Dak … don’t ask). Not, Big Josh, Fat Josh, Little Josh or Josh Squash. You are Joshua Snow Hansen and you should never forget that. No one else defines you, but yourself.

Life right now probably sucks. Actually, I know quite well that it does. It’s frustrating when it seems as though friendships are based off popularity and popularity is based off looks. It’s not easy being big. Being taller and bigger than those in your classes isn’t easy. You stick out quite easily, especially when you rock neon pink shorts and bright lime t-shirts (don’t ever stop wearing that though …)

But, don’t focus on your weight. Sure you are big. Sure you feel awkward. Sure you feel alone. But, you’re not alone and in about 10-15 years awkward will be widely embraced by the majority. Please always remember to focus on you and your happiness. That’s what matters more than anything. You are entitled to happiness so embrace it.

Stop using food as a friend. It is not. Ice cream, chicken nuggets, corn dogs and soda are not very good friends. You’ve got two great friends that do care about you and embrace you for who you are. Food just embraces itself around your gut. Remember who your real friends are.

This doesn’t mean that food should be boring. But, you know what is good for you and what isn’t. The biggest difference is actually caring enough that you want to eat the good food. Trust me, one day you will actually like and CRAVE salad. It’s not just Mom food.

You will go through struggles in the coming years. But, don’t worry. Embrace the struggles and trials. Not with food, but with faith. Relay on your friends, but especially your family. The relationships you have with your family will be one thing that you’ll cherish more than anything. Keep those relationships and always show your love to your family. They will be your greatest ally.

If you want to get a glimpse into the future. I will tell you this. You won’t always be the fat kid. You’ll get crazy obsessed about running (yes, you read me right) and you’ll find a happiness you’ve never thought possible. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the struggles. Enjoy the hardships. Because it’s those things will shape you and create that happiness in your life.

So smile more. Go play at recess, don’t just sit underneath that tree waiting for an invitation. Be a participant in life. Make the most of what you have and above all … SHARE IT with others.

I love you and I promise the future is promising and waiting for you to embrace.




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