Earning our downhill …


Next Saturday Jill and I are running the inaugural “The Burn” race. No, it has nothing to do with chaffing. It’s a 6.5 mile race up Butterfield Canyon with a 2,500 foot climb and to count it towards my 180 races the race director is letting those that want to, to run back down the canyon to complete a half marathon. To say this will be a beast … is quite an understatement.

That is why Jill and I have been running canyons as of late. Last Friday we ran UP and BACK down Emigration Canyon and then tonight we decided to run the hills of Bountiful. We decided to run up Chelsea Drive which probably is a 2,500 foot climb … or at least feels like it. But, then ran the rolling hills of Bountiful Blvd. before running back. It was a great run and test for next Saturday.

Will we be completely ready? Not sure. Physically, it will be tough … but … these  kind of races are more mental than anything. And, I think that’s what Jill and I have been focusing on more than anything. We’ve ran up some crazy hills and ran some nuts-o routes in preparation for this race.

Personally, I am going to focus on another good crazy run this week and then this weekend’s double half marathon will be great prep as well. It will force my legs to get use to unusual fatigue and mentally I’ll need to push through the pain. If I learned anything from my last double half is that the second race is ALL mental (well, actually you’re also ALL mental for actually wanting to run something like this … let’s be honest here).

But, I am excited for the challenge and I am glad that I have a partner in crime to run it with in Jill!



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