Egags — I just did it — I’m running a 50 miler in October!

Oh my heavens — I did it, I really did it. I officially signed up for my first 50 mile ultra marathon! I committed to it months ago, but kinda waited until now before the price goes up at the end of the month to finally register. I’m kinda surprised I didn’t take it down right to June 30th at 11:59:59 to push the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

I have so many mixed emotions about doing this. There’s the fear of the unknown — for sure. There’s the fear of DNFing or worse — pooping my pants. There’s also the worry of running into snakes and, heaven forbid, deer, along the course.

But, what’s more overwhelming than those fears — is the feeling of excitement. The feeling of nerves and that small little voice within me reassuring me not to be afraid (especially of deer, because that’s stupid).

My running journey has prepared me for this moment. A moment even just a year ago seemed impossible. But, there was one point in my life that a 5K seemed impossible. But, the more I’ve ran and the more I’ve tested my boundaries and limitations the more I hunger for the long run — the test of will — the challenge of training — and everything else that comes from preparing for something HUGE like this.

I have a training plan down. I’ve merged some of my 27 mile training runs into simply running marathons (Big Cottonwood, Huntsville and St. George) and then have a couple of mentally and physically challenging 20 milers planned in August. So, I’ll be ready.

But, even better than all of that — I am reclaiming my health. It’s been two years since my thyroid tanked and gained a good 30-40lbs. After going from doctor to doctor I’ve just decided to go about it myself and basically tackle it through the kitchen. The Whole30 Diet has been a godsend. I feel a difference in my metabolism and energy.

Anyways — that’s all a post for another day.

I am just excited that I finally pushed that dang ‘SUBMIT’ button and truly committed myself to this beast of a run.


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