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Man, what a crazy weekend — and I mean that in every possible way. Besides it being Easter weekend — I am also an uncle again (fifth time uncle) to a little Easter baby girl. My little niece was born early on Easter morning — no name yet — but, you better believe that I am pushing for Peeps McGee Hansen.

Not sure if that will take? But, a guy can try, right?

I also ran the Eggs Legs 5K with Elsha on Saturday — that was a lot of fun. It always is. Besides running the 5K with her, we also did the Easter Egg Hunt together after the race. That was A LOT of fun.

We ran out of room in our small baskets so we just started throwing eggs into her cart. We were both laughing. It was a fun moment.

But, the scariest part of the weekend happened to my friend Jorge. He had a heart attack after his run on Saturday and has been in the hospital since. I won’t go into much detail about the incident, mainly for his and his family’s privacy. But, it was a scary ordeal (of course).

Some of his friends and I started a GoFundMe campaign to help them with some of the expenses — the hospital stay, ambulance stay, etc. I know Jorge & Holly would be the last people to ask for financial help — but, for EVERYTHING that the both of them do for their friends and the running community. This is the least we can do.

Please donate if you can — and if you can’t … please say a little prayer on Jorge’s behalf for a quick recovery. Prayer goes further than any dollar amount. But, we’ll post occasional updates on the page of Jorge’s recovery process. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

As you can tell, it was pretty much a crazy weekend — especially with it being Easter and all. But, we didn’t really celebrate it as a family — since we were off having babies on Easter we’re going to wait until Orthodox Easter (May 1) to celebrate. We usually celebrate both anyways — so it’s not that much of a difference. Plus, it’s an excuse for us to make Greek food.

But, I hope you all had a fun Easter weekend — full of a little less craziness and LOTS of family time. That’s what holidays are about anyways, right? That’s one reason I love Christmas and Easter so much. It’s time I get to spend with my family.

Here’s to a great week! Happy Easter Monday all y’all!

(NOTE: I have NOOOOOOO idea what Easter Monday is, it’s just on my holiday as a Canadian holiday).


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I will always remember the day that Elsha and I became friends — well, okay, I don’t remember the exact date. I just remember it was sometime in May 2014 and I added her from the Run4Fun group on Facebook.

I had no idea who she was — I just read her posts and loved her enthusiasm and kindness towards people. And, quite honestly, I had no idea she was even in a wheelchair or had MD. But, the friendship was instant. We clicked. We bonded over running, cats and of course — U2. 

Over the past couple of years we’ve ran a number of races together — a number of 5K races and a couple of half marathons as well — namely Thankful 13 in 2014 and my 100th race, the Handcart Days Half last July. She’s been a very special part of my 180 race journey. 

So when Elsha asked if I wanted to run the Eggs Legs 5K on Saturday — there was NO way I could say no. There was just no question. And, I know I am not the only one who has that same reaction. 

We went into the run with no goals — just to run. Pushing Elsha isn’t very difficult, mainly because her cart is fairly light. But, it does shave off a few minutes off your pace — which is negligible. And, since it was a family-orientated 5K — I didn’t expect to race much of it with a crowd of kids and parents.

So I treated it like a training run for me — with my usual run/walk method. Which was perfect because that meant Elsha and I had time to talk throughout the run. We spent the time mainly planning our August relay for the Kyle Pease Foundation (more on that next week). It was a lot of fun.

One thing I will always admire and love about Elsha is how BIG she dreams. And, when we get together we both tend to dream and do BIG! So we’re really hoping to raise quite a bit of money in August to afford a number of racing carts for local assisted athletes.

After our race — and extended “business meeting” — we hung around for the Easter Egg Hunt that Joe and On Hill Events did. As I mentioned above, both Elsha and I had a blast throwing eggs into her cart after we ran out of room in our baskets. 

It’s moments like these that I will always cherish and love about our friendship. Everyone needs an Elsha in their life. I can’t wait to run with her once again! It can’t come soon enough!



As mentioned above — friends of Jorge & Holly started a GoFundMe campaign after Jorge’s unexpected heart attack on Saturday morning. We want to help off set some (if not all) of the financial burden associated with a the ambulance ride, ICU stay and other costs. 

Jorge and Holly have meant a lot not just to the running community, but to many of us on a personal level. On or off the race course they are as genuine as they come. And, would do anything to help another. That’s why we want to return the favor.

Please donate what you can — and if you can’t — please keep Jorge, Holly and their family in your thoughts, prayers and hearts. The next couple of weeks will be a struggle to get Jorge back on his feet.

To donate please visit this link.

Thank you, thank you!



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38.6 miles


359.8 miles


458.4 miles





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This kid loves her chocolate (if that wasn’t very evident). #easter2016 #calliekoko

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