Fartlek Friday LI: Christmas goes a fartleking through the snow (it’s not dirty I swear!)

ChristmasBanner‘Twas the Friday before Christmas and all through the house …

Wow, we’re just six days from Christmas and down to our second to last Friday of the year! I like the sound of that! This past year really has gone by quickly … too quickly. Sometimes I still feel like 2012 was just yesterday! But, that’s almost three years ago!

I think this is the part of the aging process that I hate. Time goes by WAY too quickly. I mean next year I will be turning 34 years old! Gosh, I remember when I was 28 like it was yesterday. I remember turning 30 and thinking how old I felt. Now I really do feel like I am old.

Okay, I’ve got to stop that talk before I get a quarter life crisis and end up making a purchase I would regret (ie-new car, skydiving tickets and/or a sudden move to Miami).

Anyways, back to reality here.

This time of the year really is my favorite. I love the holidays. I love Christmas, especially. Not, so much New Years. I actually really hate New Years Day. It is probably one of the most boring days of the year. Granted the past three years I’ve spent it running at the New Years Run Resolution, but after that … it’s just a blah holiday.

There’s football and that’s about it.

Anyways, on the opposite side Christmas is every to me. It’s about family, memories and the Savior. I absolutely love it, especially Christmas Day. The day is such a marathon of activities that it does seem like time slows down. A rarity for an aging geezer like myself.

Christmas is heaven to me.

Anyways, I hoped you’ve liked this past week. It was Christmas Week here on the bloggy blog. I’ve shared some awesome running gifts, the worst Christmas songs EVER and about how to save your fitness goals during the holidays. I hope there’s been value in them for you. I want to do more themed weeks like these throughout the year in 2015.

Please give me your feedback. It’s much appreciated and welcomed.

I am excited for tomorrow though! I am running down in Orem with my running peeps. Susette is hosting and Jill, Becky, Ty and MANY others will be there. I am really excited. We’re running on a little outdoor trail that we ran on last year. But, the venue doesn’t matter, it’s about the people I get to hang out with.

I LOVE MY RUNNING FAMILY! And, I am more than excited to be sharing my Saturday with them during this time of the year.

Anyways, I could keep on talking about Christmas, but there are other things that have caught my attention this past week. Which includes some of the following …

  • Sooooooo … I want something like this on my house in the future. But, at the same that’s just too much effort. Still, a need …
  • This is pretty useful knowledge about Christmas carols, if I was a drinking man I’d memorize these stories and use them in a bar trivia game.
  • Um, this kind of sums me up. Kinda scary if you ask me.
  • I am not a scientist, but I want some of these ornaments.
  • It’s hard for me to have much sympathy for Sony’s reaction to North Korea threats about releasing “The Dictator.” Sure, I agree that the pressure from the threats sets a new precedence in Hollywood and in America (can’t have the terrorists win, right?), but how did this green lit in the first place? The premise is interesting, but why make up a fictitious dictator instead?
  • And, then on top of that it looks like a dumb movie. I am not a fan of raunchy R-rated movies. Not my kind of humor.
  • Thank me later.
  • Um, I am not going to lie, I find these pictures of nuns overwhelmingly delightful.
  • This kind of kills Santa for me, doesn’t it for you? Commie Claus.
  • This is rather cute. Plus, babies with British accents is my new favorite thing.
  • Politically, I don’t know what’s going to change with the new relationship between the US and Cuba, but I’ll be honest … I thought Fidel Castro was already dead? Apparently not?
  • Here are a few things you might not know about Cuba. Fascinating, eh?
  • Now, I want a Cuban Sandwich.
  • Consider this my good deed of the day, things you should know about the flu (besides that it sucks).
  • Oh my heavens! I want to be a people pusher! I need that job! Just so I can put that on a resume. I can just picture a future interview now. “So, Joshua, you pushed people? Tell me about that …” I am sure I’d have a plethora of stories.
  • Oh, can I also be a Duckmaster? And, then there is a bed warmer? I would want to be an ice cream taster, but I am on a diet and I don’t want the diabeetus.
  • You wanna waste time? Read this. It’s the first words uttered by Simpsons characters. Not a bad way to spend your Friday afternoon, eh?
  • Here’s some more cool Simpsons’ stuff you can read. The Simpsons debuted on FOX 27 years ago this past Wednesday. WOW! 25 years! I remember back as a kid when The Simpsons was blacklisted in my house. The Simpsons don’t hold a candle to the inappropriateness of Family Guy these days.
  • This is pretty much full of awesome. Who doesn’t love a good 80’s music montage?
  • I don’t know why I get sucked into these kind of articles, but I find them interesting. Oh, here’s another good one.
  • Can we talk about how awesome this video is? Like, I want to do this sometime in my life. Just go steal a bunch of McDonald’s play balls and find the nearest escalator.
  • I wish I knew about this, because there are some people in my life that need this product.
  • This is a nice little reminder to me that there’s always a bigger story behind everything in life. I am glad to see that there’s a happy ending to the problem.
  • Yeah these are some sad looking Christmas trees. Not quite Charlie Brown sad though.
  • Why do these kind of articles have to be fascinating? I mean really?
  • These are funny, yet sad, but mostly hilarious. Actually, they’re a perfect Friday afternoon read.
  • I’m not sure what my thoughts are on this? But, I do know that there’s no way I can sit down for a two hour movie every day. Let alone each week.
  • Slightly irreverent, but most of these Christmas Fails are pretty funny..
  • I really can’t stand this guy. He’s in the news too much … for what? Then again I feel that same with most reality stars. What contribution have they given society? I could definitely ride this high horse for a while.
  • Did you know that I’ve never watched The Lord of the Rings? But, I’ve seen Frozen … WAAAAAAY … too many times. So, this is only partly funny to me. But, still funny nonetheless. I’m sure you’ll all love it.
  • This is all just food porn to me, except I did try a Waffle Taco this past year. But, I have to say this, this, this and this looks really gross. And, what’s the whole big deal with adding Doritos to foods? Please someone, riddle me that.
  • The only thing that really intrigues me on that list is that pretzel crust pizza. That actually sounds pretty good.
  • This seems like something you should know. You know just in case you find yourself on Jeopardy in a bar trivia game.
  • For my Jewish friends. If I have any?
  • Speaking of Jewish people. One thing I love about Neil Diamond is how as a Jewish man he is probably one of the TOP Christmas song artists. It’s doesn’t make sense at all … but it does.
  • I don’t even drink, but I’d fill up these flasks with water! Pretty creative, eh?
  • This is pretty cool.
  • I generally hate when BuzzFeed makes their posts into videos, but this one makes me laugh quite heartily.
  • These are making me laugh hysterically, probably too much! I so want that Danny DeVito cake! And, this will make you laugh. Thanks Obama … for the laugh!
  • I have to admit something here. I actually eat wrappers to cupcakes, muffins, etc. If it’s the paper kind, why not? So, these are just an informality.
  • Now you know something extremely random about me. Then again, I share a lot about myself so I am sure you know more than the fact that I love cupcake wrappers.
  • Anyways …

Welp, that’s it for me this week! I will be slowing down on the blogging the next couple of weeks. I will blog about my run happening tomorrow in Orem with my peeps on Sunday or Monday and then I will do some sort of Fartlek Friday post next Friday. It might not be a traditional post like you’ve grown accustomed to this past year, but it will be something. Heck, I might just show you what I got for Christmas.

Anyways, I will also have one post on the week of New Years talking about my 2015 goals, but that’s about it. My focus for the next couple of weeks is going to be family, family, family and Candy Crush.

Merry Christmas and HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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