Fartlek Friday, Part II

FartlekFriday_BannerHappy, happy Friday! It has been one, long, horrible week. I work at the University of Utah and this past week was the first week of classes. Ugh. I hate the first week of classes. I hated it when I was a student and especially now that I am an employee. I’ve felt like I’ve been chasing butterflies all week long.

So glad the weekend is here.

I am also extremely glad that I have another race tomorrow morning. I am running the New Year’s Run Revolution at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns. This will be my third time running the race. It was race #5 and #31 and I ran a half marathon both times.

The race is from 8am – 1pm and you can run as far and long as you want between those hours. A lot of people belt out half marathons or marathons and then there are those crazy souls that do ultra marathons. It’s nuts. Fun, but nuts.

The one thing I really like about the run is that you can run it with any running friend despite their speed. Since you are running in a loop you see each other quite a bit. Both times I ran it I didn’t bode well with my time because I socialized quite a bit. Especially last year. But, I usually treat it like a training run and just have fun.

In other news, my Father was approved to go ahead with a whole knee replacement. He’ll be having surgery on Tuesday. His knees have been deteriorating for a number of years now and with the onslaught of gout and some other health issues it’s taken a toll on him. This really is a blessing for him, but next week will be another crazy one. It’s expected that he’ll be in the hospital at least 5-6 days afterwards.Β If you wouldn’t mind please keep him in your thoughts and prayers next week.

But, really, we’re excited for him!

Despite family, work and running consuming most of my week a lot more has happened this past week. Among some other things that have caught my fancy …

  • I officially signed up for three more races – Riverton (March 22), Emigration Canyon (April 5) and Ironwill (May 17). Thank goodness all three were $35 or cheaper.
  • I was tempted to run the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon (April 26) but two things kept me from doing it. One, it’s $60 and two, I am going to be running with Becca during her 20 mile marathon training run that day for the Ogden Marathon.
  • I think that I just outed Becca’s marathon plans. Sorry, Becca? But, you said you didn’t know how you were going blog about it. Now I kind of forced your hand, eh?
  • This will be Becca’s first marathon.Such a scary undertaking, but I do kinda miss that fear, excitement and nerves (can we call this feeling exfearvesment?) of the first marathon.Β This shouldn’t be making me want to sign up for another marathon, should it? Craaaap!
  • I really do have such a love/hate relationship with running marathons. Me and the half marathon have such a great relationship going on I just don’t want to screw things up, you know?
  • This is inspiring.
  • I got off work early yesterday because of the snow. This is one of those rare occasions that I actually like snow (notice I didn’t say love).
  • If you didn’t see it already here on my blog my Spartan race that I signed up for in June was changed from a Super Spartan to a Spartan Beast. What was an 8-mile obstacle course run has turned into a half marathon obstacle course. This thing will no doubt kill me. Better start lifting more at the gym.
  • Oh, also, I made a list of 180 reasons why I love to run. Check it out.
  • This just isn’t fair. Gross, but not fair.
  • I will be having TWO giveaways next week. Stay tuned.
  • I got my Runners World magazine in the mail this week! They promised me brownies that won’t make me fat! SOLD!
  • The Disneynerd within me really kinda geeked out about this on Wednesday. Like a lot. I feel the urge to sign up for the Disneyland Half Marathon.Gosh, these urges are strong! Especially when you mix Disney and running together.
  • Another thing that appeased my inner-Disneynerd.
  • This is just funny.
  • Ok, last one. Promise.
  • Gosh, I really need a Disney vacation soon. But, I’m kind of holding out for the Disneyland Half this year or the Goofy Challenge in January 2015. I’ve probably stated this on numerous occasions, so please excuse the repetitiveness. But, really, I’m not sorry.
  • Yesterday I blogged about the resolutions burnout. The inspiration on the topic came as I cranked out some mileage on the treadmill last on Wednesday night.
  • I’m making Rice Krispy Treats (lovingly called RKs) for my friends tomorrow. Each month this year I want to make a new recipe and of course share them with family and friends. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow, but for now January’s RKs are a secret.
  • Speaking of RKs, I am still upset that Disneyland stopped making their handmade RKs on Main Street. Everything is now factory made and plastic wrapped. Such a shame, such a shame. They better not touch the Dole Whip. They don’t want to see what happens if they do.
  • I would welcome an orange Dole Whip though, I won’t lie.
  • Gosh, I really need to stop talking about Disneyland.
  • Interesting. I love me some broccoli, but, yeah, canned broccoli sounds nasty.
  • I love how I get a lot of flak for eating (and loving) a combination of tuna, cottage cheese, pineapple and ketchup. Sure it seems odd, but it is DELICIOUS. Take a look.
  • This is another one of my cottage cheese favorites … peaches and cottage cheese. Yum.
  • Speaking of food, I am still trying to figure out what I want for my carb-load tonight. I was thinking about pasta, but I am kind of craving waffles. But, I think I am going to play around with the recipe I shared last week and make it even more runner friendly. Stay tuned.
  • I’m excited to run tomorrow! I’m going for 13.1, but going as far as my sea legs will take me. I’ll have some pictures up tomorrow afternoon and a full report on Monday morning. Once again, stay tuned.

That’s it for me this week. Have a great weekend and of course … HAPPY RUNNING!!!



  1. It’s okay if YOU blog about my marathon plans! Although my hip kills this morning, so I’m still really skeptical! πŸ™

    I love how I always get brought up in your posts. Makes me feel like a true bestie. πŸ™‚

    Please tell your dad that in his honor, I will be listening to the Beach Boys WHILST hoping for a smooth recovery.


    See you tomorrow. Hopefully we can actually RUN together for a bit!

  2. Expect more mentions … I still haven’t blogged about my bra fitting and medal rack (waiting to hang it up for a proper post).

    But, seriously, I am excited for your marathon. Remind me to let you borrow that book tomorrow. I can’t leave home without it.

    And, yes, WAFFLES!!!

  3. Grood! I need a new book to read.

    Haha the bra fitting. Such a classic day.

    Oh and by the way, you can totally sign up for a race on April 26 if you want! I won’t be offended or feel ditched! I promise!!!

  4. No, no, no … I’m running the 20 mile run with you. Besides, Thanksgiving Point is $$$$. I really should just train for a marathon. Maybe I should upgrade my Utah Valley registration? GOSH, THESE THINGS YOU IMPLANT WITHIN MY SOUL!!! DANG YOU BECKY!!!


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