Fartlek Friday, Part IV

FartlekFriday_BannerHappy Friday! This month is sure flying by. And, I love it! Especially since I am currently in the middle of my longest race drought of the year. Unless something dramatically changes I will have gone between January 11th and March 22nd with no races. I’m still debating whether or not to run the Dogtown Half in southern Utah. But, I’m not sure if I am really up for a road trip. Plus, I am happy with just running right now.

I am working on two running goals right now. One, my year goal of running a sub-two half and two, running with Becca during her 20 mile training run on April 26th for her marathon. So my training is really kind of a mixture of long distance runs and speed work. I feel that working up to 20 miles will help the time and vice versa. So, that’s kind of where I am at, at the moment. It’s just weird not having a race for that long. I feel the need to run one. They’re like my crack cocaine addiction (except Nancy Reagan would be all in favor of this addiction).

I do sort of have a race tomorrow. It’s the NoSnow 5K on the campus of Utah Valley University in Orem. I ran this last year with my friends Susette and the Gabicas and they’ll both be there again tomorrow. Last year Susette and I ran the course twice for a 10K and we’ll probably do that again. Maybe even more? I’d like to run at least 12-13 miles in preparation for my 20 miler, but we’ll see what happens.

If you want to join us the race is only $10 and $15 at the door. The race runs around the halls of the UVU Student Center and is actually quite fun. Not to mention there is a pancake breakfast afterwards and the proceeds go to the Utah County Habitat for Humanity. Charity and pancakes? Does it get better than that? Probably, yes. But, tomorrow, no.

Lots have happened this past week and there have been a number of things here and there that have caught my attention. Here are a few —

  • I might have a problem when it comes to checking UtahRunning.com for races. I mean, I might be checking it at least once a day. Maybe twice.
  • Surprisingly, I have not signed up for any races this week. This is surprising because Wednesday was pay day. Go figure?
  • There are a few local races that have peaked my interest though …
  • I’m not sure if I will sign up for some or all of these races, but I’ve never ran any of these and I think it’d be fun to try out some new races this year.
  • I am tempted to sign up for the Lincoln County Scenic Half (Cedar City) and Morgan Valley Half (Morgan) to complete my July running schedule. It’d be a CRAZY month with six half marathons …
    • July 5 – Lincoln County Scenic Half
    • July 11 – Utah Legacy Midnight Run
    • July 12 – Farmington Days Half
    • July 19 – Timpanogos Half
    • July 24 – Deseret News Half
    • July 26 – Morgan Valley Half
  • The most I have done in a calendar month is four so it’d be tough. But, I’ve also ran five races in five weeks. So I know I could do it. I guess the question would be, do I want to subject myself to all that running? And, the answer of course is … yes.
  • I am now taking applications for sponsors.
  • Such a shame. Yet, not surprising.
  • This is just funny.
  • As an update my Dad is continuing to recover quite nicely from his surgery. He’s sore, but he’s actually walking straight which he hasn’t been able to do in YEARS. He’ll have to wait another month or so to get his other knee done, but the thoughts and prayers for him have been much appreciated.
  • One of our neighbors brought us dinner the other night. It was a ground turkey stew. It was really good. I feel bad that I didn’t Instagram it. I have failed social media.
  • I find this quite interesting. Yet, I hate fish n’ chips.
  • I will always think of my Mom and Aunt when I see fish n’ chips. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have a family vacation where they didn’t buy it at least once.
  • Given that positive memory, I still hate them (the fish n’ chips … for clarification).
  • So I decided to put Spaghetti Josh on a meme generator site for fun. I made a contest out of it. Check it out.
  • I am going to pick three winners. All three will get an autographed picture of their meme and the top one will also get a box of spaghetti. Ooooo … it’s not too late to add your own meme. Winners will be announced tomorrow.
  • I hate snow. This made me smile.
  • I still am ANXIOUSLY waiting for my new license plates. I am hoping that ‘FARTLEK’ will be approved. If not RUNJOSH and RUN180 are on the docket. It’s been over a month now so I should hear soon … hopefully?! Pray for me.
  • Speaking of the Super Bowl. My team is out of the playoffs (GO NINERS!) and I feel like I am in an awkward situation. I have to root for a team. I have to. It’s just in my DNA. When my team is out of the playoffs I’ll pick a new team too root for (just until the end of the season). But, the thing is I hate the Seahawks and Broncos. So who do I pick? Here are the points I am considering ..
    • Seahawks beat the Niners in the NFC Championship (+2 points, Broncos)
    • Seahawks have Richard Sherman (+1 point, Broncos)
    • Broncos have Peyton Manning (+3 points, Seahawks)
    • Broncos don’t have Tim Tebow (+2 points, Seahawks)
    • My brother-in-law is from Denver (+1 point, Broncos)
    • My brother and family lived in Seattle for 7 years (+1 point, Seahawks)
    • I idolized John Elways as a kid (+2 points, Broncos)
    • My favorite color is blue (+1 point, Seahawks)
    • I am a member of #teameli (+1 point, Broncos)
  • It’s too close to call. I might have to take a closer examination sometime next week before the game.
  • I wonder what Nancy Reagan would say about the Super Bowl matchup? Especially considering it’s against two teams that play in states that have legalized marijuana? Someone should set up an interview. I’m intrigued.
  • This is interesting. I have no further words other than it’s interesting.
  • I love GIFs, I used to include one each week on my Friday posts. Maybe I should do that again? Maybe next week. But, for now … I LOVE THIS. Especially #28.

Welp, that’s for me this week. Stay tuned for my race recap on Monday and my running week recap on Sunday as well. I have a challenge for myself next week. Should be fun. Could also kill me possibly? (probably not, I’m just saying that to make sure you come back next week)

Happy Friday and of course … HAPPY RUNNING!!!



  1. Shannon says:

    Seriously on 1 point for being Teameli, and 2 for being a Elway fan! that seems backwards….. I am as well torn, Seahawks fan only because hubby is an eternal USC fan which means he is a Pete Carroll fan so by default he likes the Seahawks. I am Team Peyton ALL the way, but not a Bronco fan so by default like the Bronco’s. Its just so hard!!!! As long as there are friends, family, food, and football on, may the best (Peyton!) team win.

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