Fartlek Friday, Part V

FartlekFriday_BannerI can’t believe it’s the last day of the month. Seriously. Christmas just seemed like it was yesterday and New Years was … what … earlier today? Time flies and I hate that sometimes. Especially considering that I am approaching some races this year that will be my third time running. 2011, 2012 weren’t that long ago, right? Aging scares me.

Anyways, it’s been a fun and productive month. I got my 100 miles of running goal. I’ve done it before, but never for a winter month. I guess you could say I somewhat hibernate during the winter months. But, it helps having a couple of races, awesome running friends and using dailymile.com to track my mileage. I think seeing your mileage visually really does help push you a bit more. I didn’t track mileage last year, but the previous two years I did fairly religiously on my old blog. I just did it all myself so it kind of took the fun out of it. Luckily, dailymile does the math for me. If it didn’t I probably wouldn’t use it. Let’s be honest here.

I have been dealing with some sort of bug the past couple of days though, that have sucked the fun out of living as of late. On Wednesday afternoon I got hit by something that zapped my energy, gave me a nasty headache, made my joints hurt all sore like … not to mention nausea. As soon as I got home on Wednesday at 5:30, I was in my pajamas and in bed by 6pm and I pretty much slept until the next morning until 11am. I spent the day catching up on my stories. I couldn’t find Golden Girls reruns and I woke up too late for The Price Is Right, but I caught up on The Biggest Loser. I love that show.

I am starting to feel a bit better, but I still feel fairly nausea and I’m drinking water and Gatorade like I’m in the middle of a marathon. It’s not how I wanted to end my month, but I guess this is my body’s way to telling me to slow down a bit? Either way I am already starting to look towards my goal for February. I’m not sure if another 100 miles is possible? Well, it’s possible, but I think realistically working towards my 20 miler and sub-two goal I need to focus on quality miles, rather than just miles. If that makes sense? I am thinking 90 miles would be a good goal. Plus, it still puts me on track for my 1000 miles for the year.

I have no doubt that I am going to reach that goal, and part of the reason why is that I committed this past week to run my first ULTRA marathon (I feel like whenever talking about ULTRA marathons you have to capitalize all of ULTRA … just seems fitting for some reason?) in October. I am going to run the Corner Canyon Trail ULTRA (see I did it again) 50K. Now, for all those non-British/Canadians out there that 31.0686 miles. Just a tad under 5 miles longer than a marathon. I’m sure by the time I walk from the finish line to my car I’ll get to that full five miles longer than a marathon.

But, I am all kinds of excited, nervous, scared and ridiculously scared. It’s kind of the same feeling I had when I signed up for my first marathon. This race is notorious for being a tough course. Susette ran it twice and pretty much wiped her out (I’m trying to convince/bribe/coerce her into running with me). But, they are moving the race from June to October so it won’t be as hot. Doesn’t change the course elevation or hills, but at least the sun shouldn’t be much of a factor. Still … 31.068686868686868686868686868686868686 miles. That’s a lot of miles. It’s going to be a challenge and I haven’t even started working on a training schedule yet. Yikes!

Well, who wants to run trails with me this summer? Maybe even an ULTRA?

Anyways, ULTRAs, running and the flu haven’t been the only thing catching my interest this past week. Here are a few other things …

  • I emailed a Women-Only half marathon and asked if I could run (thinking that some allow guys to run), but I was told I couldn’t register! I won’t lie, I’m half tempted to grab my Mom’s wig and run anyways. I’m sure I can talk my sister into donating some of her makeup. No one would know, right?
  • The Disneyland Half Marathon registration opened this past week and before I could be tempted to sign up it already sold out. DANG! I’m still holding out for 2015. I am going to do the Disney Coast-to-Coast Challenge by running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and Disneyland Half Marathon in the same year. It’s expensive as golden diamond eggs to run both, but whenever Disney and running come together … you do it.
  • I’m kind of excited for the Super Bowl, but after all this hype leading up to the game … I kind of want to watch the Puppy Bowl instead. If there are any three-legged puppies in the game I’m instantly voting them the MVP.
  • I might want this?
  • I love that you can watch all of the Super Bowl ads now. I’m tempted to sit through all of them now so I can just fast forward through all of them on Sunday. Not a bad idea.
  • This is interesting. Kind of puts food and diet into perspective, eh?
  • Speaking of advertisements, you know one I actually love? I love reading billboards. I don’t think I’ve actually ever bought something because of one, but I find them fascinating. I love to critique them. Some have too much information and don’t get their message across in the fast few seconds they get my attention. But, others are pretty good at it. McDonald’s has a tendency to just show pictures of their food with no words besides the golden arches. They’re hoping that you’ll make an emotional decision seeing their food. Fascinating.
  • Sometimes I wish I could have been Louis Armstrong’s friend in real life. I guess I have the hereafter, right?
  • I also really want to be Morgan Freeman’s friend in real life. Not to mention Jimmy Fallon, Betty White and probably the ghost of Ronald Reagan. I have a feeling Jimmy Fallon would have us all playing beer pong (but, really Apple Beer because I am Mormon … of course) by the end of the night.
  • Speaking of Mormon substitutes … Apple Beer for beer, Postum for coffee, eCigs for cigarettes … and … what … Red Bull for crack?
  • I can’t stop thinking about three-legged puppies now.
  • Well, I can’t stop thinking about three-legged puppies and kittens.
  • Cheese.
  • He might not be on the Jazz anymore, but I’m sure glad to see Paul Millsap make the All-Star team this year.
  • Speaking of the Jazz, the Jazz are honoring Jerry Sloan tonight at their game against Denver. My favorite story about Jerry was meeting him at a card show back in 1991 when our family owned a card shop. I got his autograph and then I went back after my Dad wanted me to get him to sign some more stuff for us to sell. He caught on to the rouse and ended up mumbling some things I don’t remember, but I remember him calling me a “little sh–.” I feel proud about that for some odd reason? Jerry Sloan called me a “little sh–!
  • Hearing about the snowstorm that brought Atlanta to it’s knees sounds impressive until you realize they got TWO INCHES of snow. TWO INCHES!!! I’d never be leaving the house if two inches caused widespread havoc when it snowed.
  • TWO INCHES?!?!
  • I won’t lie some THESE made me laugh hysterically. Especially the second one. Others, meh. But, poor Lion King!
  • So Becca and I are debating whether or not to run our 20 miler by ourselves or sign up for the Strider’s Winter Circuit 30K in Ogden. It would be great training for her because part of the course covers her marathon route. Plus, I can count it as part of my 180 races. Tempting. I think I might have just made up my mind.
  • Is there anything better to go with illness than a Spongebob Squarepants marathon? I think not!
  • This past week I blogged about ways to have a fun and healthy Super Bowl party.
  • I also blogged about who I am rooting for some Super Sunday.
  • Oh, and I also shared my Yia-yia’s avgolemono recipe.
  • This kind of makes me want to visit New Jersey. Well that and this weekend’s Super Bowl.
  • Depending on how I feel this weekend I think I am going to make February’s RK for my friends. I’m excited to make these ones, I’d share the recipe now, but I kind of want them to be a surprise.
  • Oh, today is Chinese New Year. Makes me want to celebrate with Panda Express, but I don’t want to be sicker than I already am. So, I’ll just stick with a Happy New Year and/or fortune cookie.

I think that is about it for me. I am sure hoping I feel somewhat better tomorrow for a nice jaunt around the neighborhood. I am starting to feel better, but I can’t wait until I am back at full strength. I hate being sick and out of the loop. But, as always … HAPPY FRIDAY and HAPPY RUNNING!!! Have a fun, safe and SUPER weekend!



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