Fartlek Friday VI: How well do you want to know me?

FartlekFriday_Banner I’m doing something a little different for today’s Fartlek Friday. When I first launched this blog I made a list of 180 reasons I love running, it was quite exhaustive and took me a while put together. But, it was fun, because … well … I love running. And, I love lists. It’s always a win/win. Since I have a number of new followers I decided to do sort of the same thing, but with facts you may or may not know about me. And, what better day to do this than on a very Fartlek Friday, right? If you’re new to my blog (or a long time stalker) please also introduce yourself in the comments. I’d love to get to know you as well. But, without any further adieu, here are the180 things you may or may not have known about me …

  1. I was born legally blind and wore bottle Coke glasses until I was about three years old. But, after a couple surgeries as a kid, I now have near 20/20 vision with minimal help from glasses.
  2. I once weighed over 400 and then got skinny. You can read my story here if you haven’t already.
  3. My middle name doesn’t come from the weather element of snow, but I am actually a great, great Grandson of Lorenzo Snow who was the President of the LDS Church at the turn of the 20th century. 
  4. I’m an fourth Greek. My favorite Greek things to cook are dolmathes, spanakopita and tiropita. I also have a feta addiction. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have feta in the house.
  5. I have family in Greece and pretty much everyone in my family besides my younger brother and I have met. Within the next couple of years I really want to visit my family in Greece and if I can time it, I’d love to run the Athens Marathon.
  6. I faked a speech impediment in the second grade just to get out of class and into special ed, but the joke was on me. By the fourth grade I was actually in Special Ed and spent nearly eight years in the program. 
  7. I failed Special Ed Social Skills. Sure, it was because I never went to class, but I still failed it. It still an area of much laughing for me.
  8. That quarter I got something like a 1.3 GPA. Needless to say that was probably rock bottom for me?
  9. I did manage to pull myself out of Special Ed right before my Senior year in High School and I actually thrived. I also got my first (and only) 4.0 GPA that year. I gained a lot of confidence by taking that leap of faith and challenging myself. I have no doubt that’s why I was able to get through college and especially … MATH!
  10. I shouldn’t make math sound that bad. I actually enjoyed doing it. I am just not the good at retaining it for longer than three months. Don’t even ask me how I passed Statistics, I don’t even know how?
  11. I actually have been diagnosed with a learning disability. I have an auditory processing disorder. Basically, I have to work extra hard sometimes to process what’s told to be audibly. So if I give you a blank stare while talking to you it’s not because I’m not listening to you, it’s because I’m not processing what you’ve said.
  12. I’ve been told is kind of like dyslexia for the ears.
  13. I’m a dog person with cat person tendencies (it shouldn’t be implied that this automatically makes me a hoarder).
  14. I only hoard three things: race medals, race shirts and Fancy Ketchup packets.
  15. I have a slight obsession with Rice Krispy Treats (lovingly called RKs). I don’t only love eating them, but I love concocting new recipes. I’m trying to make a new RK recipe each month this upcoming year. So far I’ve made these and these.
  16. I still have a MySpace account. I don’t know if this changes anything between me and you, but you should know I have one. 
  17. You should also know that I still don’t get MySpace. 
  18. It took me forever to finally get Twitter. The emergence of #hashtags though have made it actually comprehensible to me. 
  19. I sometimes like live Tweeting events. So far I’ve live Tweeted LDS General Conference, a BYU vs. Utah football game and an episode of The Biggest Loser. I like the challenge because it’s an exercise of quickly coming up with jokes, observations and content before the moment passes. 
  20. One day I want to live Tweet a NASCAR event. The feed would probably all be the same … #anotherleftturn #anotherleftturn #anotherleftturn #crash #anotherleftturn … exciting, huh?
  21. No, but seriously, I need to live Tweet more in my life.
  22. I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill. I love it for speedwork, but I hate it for long runs. I have an EXTREMELY hard time running longer than 5 miles at a time on the blasted thing.
  23. I mainly run at the gym, but when I HAVE to I run at home on my treadmill. I’ve named my treadmill. Her name is The ‘Ol Hag. It’s a fun name to say when you don’t really want to run on it … “better drag out the ‘Ol Hag.” 
  24. I make up stories about the other people on the treadmills while running at the gym. I’d like to think I am 95% accurate in my assessments.  
  25. I consider it a victory whenever anyone on the treadmills next to me in the gym get on and off their treadmill while I am running.
  26. As a kid I didn’t fantasize about being an NBA player like most of my friends, I wanted to be a General Manager of a team and build a championship caliber team. I’m pretty sure this was because I was a fat kid and knew my basketball days wouldn’t go much further than church ball.
  27. I cried in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 after the Utah Jazz lost in the playoffs (and especially the Finals) after that I’ve grown an extra thick skin whenever we lose. Though it still stings.
  28. As sports teams go I tend to cheer for the 49ers (NFL), Chargers (NFL), Giants (MLB), A’s (MLB), Sharks (NHL) and the Clippers (NBA) … besides the Jazz of course. Once my favorite team is knocked out of playoff contention I always pick another team to cheer for, except when it’s the Yankees. I never cheer for the Yankees.
  29. I judge people who cheer for the Yankees. I also judge people who cheer for the best team in any league, but mostly the Yankees.
  30. For the record I’ve liked the Clippers ever since they sucked. I’m not a bandwagon fan. Danny Manning 4 Life!
  31. The last time I wet the bed was when I was 17. I might have when I was 23, but the last time I remember was when I was 17.
  32. When I ran my first marathon they were deflating the finish line and as I crossed the finish a team of teenage volunteers (or good Samaritans) worked together to lift it up so I could cross.  
  33. The sucky thing about being a slower-ish runner, especially for the marathon, is that once you finish generally all the food is gone. This is why I prefer running half marathons. 
  34. I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood).
  35. I’ve lost plenty of toenails though. I count three, but you could make an argument for five (the other two were the small baby toenails).
  36. I have a love/hate relationship with the Biggest Loser. It’s such horrible television, but I can’t help but watch. I love the transformations, the journeys and stories. 
  37. Whenever I watch the Biggest Loser at home I always have to fight the urge not to eat junk food. Why? How? Shouldn’t it make me want to eat celery? Nope, just celery with lots of cream cheese.
  38. I tried out for the Biggest Loser twice. Once through the mail and once in person. I waited in line in front of the KSL Triad Center for over six hours waiting to audition. After that I thought it’d just give up and do it myself. I did.
  39. I once saw Jackson Carter (the finalist from last year) at the Ogden Marathon, but I was too cold, tired and sore to make any effort to say hello or acknowledge. Instead I camped out at the food station and probably ate half a loaf of bread while shivering to death. It was quite the moment.
  40. As a kid I was obsessed with killer whales. Every trip to Southern California HAD to include a trip to either SeaWorld or Marineland. I would also constantly draw killer whales on any kind of paper I could get my hands on and my goal was to be a killer whale trainer when I grew. Time hasn’t changed much.
  41. Powerade makes me burp and Gatorade makes me gassy. Go figure?
  42. I sing songs from Les Miserables at least once a week. Usually it gets stuck in my head for a couple days as well. Right now it’s “Look Down” or whatever it’s titled.
  43. If I have a hard time motivating myself to go run I’ll sometimes eat an Oreo just to motivate me to get and go. The guilt works. 
  44. Sometimes my favorite part about running is the carbo load dinner the night before. My favorite is simple pasta with a Marinara sauce. Yum!
  45. Once, when I was VERY new to running I carbo loaded alongside my cousin before we ran a 5K. We laugh about that now.
  46. The best movie of the 1980s is hands down “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” and I will fight anyone to the death over this fact.
  47. This clip is by far my favorite part of the whole movie. 
  48. One of the reasons I got “THE TALK” was because of Pee-Wee’s Last Adventure in that darkened movie theater that got him arrested.
  49. I was given “THE TALK” at my local KMart Cafe over Pizza by the Foot from Little Caesars. Oddly enough it wasn’t awkward. Well until now.
  50. I’m determined to give my kids “THE TALK” in an equally awesome place. I’m thinking about the McDonald’s at the local Walmart would be a good location. But, I also think any department in Walmart would almost be equally as awesome. Oh, to be a parent.
  51. I “ran” a 10K three years before I started my weight-loss journey. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever done, but I did all 6.2 miles and … yes … I was dead last. I had no idea what I was doing, but it really helped motivate me to redeem myself after I really started running.
  52. I was a vegetarian for three months last summer. I loved it. Sometimes I think about going back to the lifestyle and then think … bacon. 
  53. In my three month vegetarian journey the one thing that really bugged me was when vegetarian products advertised themselves as tasting like meat. Why does it have to taste like meat? Are you really trying to fool us that the veggie patty we just ate was really a juicy hamburger.
  54. I also hate most restaurant vegetarian options, because they’re either a veggie burger, salad or simple cheese sandwich. However, even though I currently eat meat I order the vegetarian options whenever I can and/or sound good.
  55. I’ve read three biographies about Walt Disney including numerous books on Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disney animation. I am slightly a big Disneynerd.
  56. How much of a Disneynerd you might wonder? Well, I have a Disneyland Almanac that lists the daily park attendance, weather and special events (ride opens, special visitor, etc) from opening day to 2010. Yes, I’m that kind of Disneynerd.
  57. I have a goal of visiting ALL of the Disney parks around the world. So far I’ve just done Disneyland and Walt Disney World. But, one day I’ll do the Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Hong Kong, etc. One day …
  58. Sadly though the extent of my international traveling is Mexico and not that much of Canada. I’ve been to Hawaii before, so I know what it feels like to be on a plane forever. But, that’s not really international traveling.
  59. I love the international crepes at IHOP, that’s got to count for something, right?
  60. I also love eggnog pancakes at IHOP during Christmastime. This usually counts as 5 lbs. of the annual holiday 15. 
  61. The Cavanaughs, as in Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate, were neighbors growing up. They were great neighbors except for the fact they gave out just nuts on Halloween. No chocolate. I feel ripped off for some reason?
  62. My favorite chocolate candy from Mrs. Cavanaugh’s is the marzipan chocolate Easter egg. Seriously, it’s the best.
  63. I haven’t seen any of the Lord of Rings or Hobbit movies (but I saw 20 minutes of one when I was running on the treadmill at the gym). I don’t know if I want to either? I’d have to be thoroughly convinced and/or bribed.
  64. My favorite movie trilogy is Back to the Future. And, yes, I plan on having a party on October 21, 2015 … hopefully with hoverboards. 
  65. Sometimes I wonder if I would be friends with my parents My Dad was a hippy and my Mom the typical Mormon girl. I think I’d be more interested in seeing how my parents found each other and got together. 
  66. If I could travel back in time I’d go back to the Pioneer Salt Lake in the 1850s, turn of the 20th century and post-WWII America. Maybe also the early 1980s. 
  67. I’d also think like Biff and take a Sports Almanac with me and bet big. But, I’d be smart with my money and not get overly greedy. I’d also invest heavily in Coke, Pepsi, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Google and probably even eBay. It’d be richer than Bill Gates from my early assessments.
  68. I’d than buy the New York Yankees and then move them to Topeka, Kansas. 
  69. I’m a diehard University of Utah football fan, but my first love is that of my alma mater, Southern Utah University! GO T-BIRDS!
  70. People ask me what I did for fun in good ‘ol Cedar City when I was there and the answer is … Denny’s (there was a reason why I gained so much weight in college).
  71. I’m also a proud alum of Salt Lake Community College, best four years of my life.
  72. My claim to fame at SLCC was winning the “Truffle Shuffle” contest when we brought in Andy Cohen who played Chunk. Come to think of it, it’s probably a contest no one REALLY wants to win, right?
  73. I sometimes crave broccoli at the most random of times. And, it’s not uncommon for me to steam it as a late night snack.
  74. I can watch Elf year round. 
  75. My favorite foods at Disneyland are in this order — Pineapple Dole Whip, Hand-dipped Corndog and Mickey Waffles. The turkey legs and Monte Cristo sandwiches are overrated and I’m still mad they went from handcrafted RKs to prepackaged in 2012. They made the best RKs on Main Street. 
  76. I have dined at Club 33. It was everything I hoped and dreamed of …
  77. When I was about 6 or 7 years I threw the fit of all fits at Kmart. My Mom who was SICKER than SICK went to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy. I wanted to ride the mechanical horse outside, but my Mom was in a hurry to get back home and said no. I screamed and screamed and then started yelling that my Mom was going to leave me. Some lady called the cops and later that night we got a police officer at our front door asking about the incident to my sick mother. I was a devil child. 
  78. My mother constantly asks why I did the things I did as a child. My answer is always, “how should I know? None of it made sense then or now?!
  79. In my life time I want to own a goat, house pig and monkey. Maybe not all at the same time, but if I did I could possibly start my own circus?! Oooo … just no clowns. 
  80. I once went on this date where my date brought along a lobster Beanie Baby that she would talk to occasionally. True story. 
  81. I met her on LDSSingles.com, which coincidently I keep coming back to. I joined back in 2004 and periodically come back every 6-12 months to see who’s new. It’s a vicious cycle. 
  82. My secret hobby that I don’t tell most people is that I love a secret love for ghost hunting. In fact it runs in the family. Well, ghost hunting and UFOing are big time family hobbies.
  83. I also personally have a fascination with Sasquatch. I want to find him some day. If I find Sasquatch I’m sure my life’s mission would be complete. I hope he’s nice like Harry Henderson.
  84. I hate vampires. And, zombies are getting up there too. But, I do enjoy The Walking Dead so far. Probably because they don’t actually call them zombies in the show. Kind of refreshing, I guess? 
  85. My favorite TV show growing up was Full House. I had a major crush on Stephanie Tanner and would often fantasize about playing her boyfriend on the show.
  86. I also desperately wanted to be on The New Mickey Mouse Club as well. To think I could have been BFFs with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and JC Chavez … to name a few … before they were really cool. Truly a missed opportunity. 
  87. One of the most memorable TV episodes I watched when I grew when Punky Brewster’s friend Cherie got stuck in a refrigerator and almost died. It changed my life. I was scared of fridges from then on out, except whenever I wanted to eat.
  88. This shouldn’t make me laugh, but it does.
  89. I truly believe that season six of Kids Incorporated was their best season ever. It was the only season that Fergie and Jennifer Love Hewitt were on together. Why did it have to be cancelled? I’d love to think this is where current stars Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber would have gotten their starts.
  90. I’m lactose intolerant. This wouldn’t be a big issue, but I love frozen yogurt and chocolate milk, especially after a long run/race and it just totally cramps my style.
  91. Sometimes I live on the edge and go strawberry milk which doesn’t get the respect it deserves.
  92. Oh, and root beer milk.
  93. I’m a proud uncle to two cute nieces and equally cute nephew. Each has their own unique personality and they sometimes make me baby hungry. But, then again I also live in the same household as my two year old and she cures me of that quite often.
  94. The one thing I don’t like about kids is their messiness, specifically their sticky hands and faces whenever they eat. This is one time I love just being the Uncle. I can walk away and tell their parents to clean them up without feeling bad.
  95. My niece couldn’t say the word “fox” for the longest time and it always came out like a derogatory word. Needless to say the answer to “What does the Fox say?” in our family means something entirely different than mainstream America’s answer.  
  96. I have a life goal of walking on Antarctica. Heck, I think it would be fun to also run the Antarctica Marathon as well. Well, I don’t know if I should really use the word “fun” … but I’d think about it.
  97. When I was a kid my family owned a baseball card shop. As an adult we still pretty much have all of the baseball card shop. It’s just now in our basement. 
  98. When we had the actual shop we had a video arcade, Coke machine and a plethora of candy. One my little Fat Josh’s favorite meals was a Welch’s Grape Soda and Milky Way candy bar. The thought of the combination now sickens me, because I can still taste it. Chocolate and grape flavors don’t mix. Fat Josh had no taste buds. 
  99. The best Muppets movie ever made was “The Great Muppet Caper” … handsdown. “Muppets Take Manhattan” is probably tied at second with the Muppet Movie. I hate “Muppets Treasure Island.” Just do, can’t explain.
  100. Another hatred (well, actually strongly dislike, I don’t anything but Satan and maybe Sarah McLachlan) I have is that of Peyton Manning. I just don’t like him and I don’t know why? Maybe it’s because I’m still mad Denver gave up on Tim Tebow so quick to get him?
  101. When I was a kid my sports hero was BYU great and Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer (mind you I am a Utah fan), but that didn’t stop me from lusting over Ty Detmer’s heroics. In fact, in the 5th grade I changed my name to Ty Hansen to reflect from hero.
  102. Ty isn’t the only name I’ve tried to change to. I’ve gone by not just Joshua, but Josh, Jay, Snow, Daks, Ty … and … Jason (I can’t remember where this came from?)
  103. I want to legally change my name to Joshua Oscar Snow Hansen. No joke. That way I can just sign my name J.O.S.H.
  104. I’m not a big fan of Mormon music, but I absolutely love Christian music. Michael W. Smith can do no wrong in my book.
  105. I find hiccups extremely annoying, yet baby hiccups extremely adorable. 
  106. I also find it really annoying when people sit at equipment while at the gym, especially gym equipment in which you are using. Sometimes I swear they look like they’re just sitting there pondering upon the cosmos of the universe. Move along!
  107. Another annoyance is people’s walking habits in public. They’re either going to slow, walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk or blocking the whole sidewalk in a group of people OBLIVIOUS to the fact that there are other people around them.
  108. Oh, and I get really annoyed when people don’t walk at all while riding escalators. It’s not a ride!
  109. I have an irrational fear of deer. Seriously, I can’t explain it. But, if you ask me all deer’s eyes glow red and I can read their murderous thoughts telepathically.
  110. I’ve hit two deer in my lifetime. Once, I merely knocked it down since I was going up hill in a snowstorm and “gunning” it at a speedy 15-20MPH.
  111. One early memory I have is making pancakes with my Aunt to take to the zoo and feed the deer. Why we made pancakes for deer is anyone’s guess? But, it sure makes me miss my Aunt that much more.
  112. My favorite Disneyland rides are in this order … Splash Mountain, Radiator Springs Racers (I know I’m cheating here since it’s technically DCA) and Pirates of Caribbean. 
  113. Not a fan of Disney California Adventure, but Carsland (though I hate the movies) and Disney’s World of Color give it some redeeming qualities. Oh, and I cannot forget about Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Shop!
  114. My secret millionaire goal is to buy a Disneyland and Walt Disney World annual passport. I go to both each month. On my private jet of course.
  115. If I ever got a tattoo, it’d be either one of these, of this or even this … yes, that last one.
  116. I love waffles. I feel like I need a t-shirt to commemorate this as well. Like, instead of a heart it would be a heart shaped waffle. Oooo … I’m copyrighting this.
  117. My favorite races that I’ve ran, in order, have been … the Big Cottonwood Marathon, St. George Marathon and Disneyland Half Marathon. But, in reality I love all the races I’ve ran. Each provides their own unique challenges (ie-course, hills, elements, etc.). 
  118. I have this dream of marrying a runner and having both of us run a marathon or half hand in hand on the morning of our wedding. Our photographer will be Zazoosh and we’ll serve Gatorade, Chocolate Gu and orange slices at the reception.
  119. I once got stuck in the toilet as a kid. Got stuck underneath my bed once as well. Being a fat kid kinda sucked. But, sometimes I must admit it was hilarious. 
  120. I once had a goal of riding an elephant, but then I found a picture of me riding an elephant when I was five. So I took that goal off my bucket list. 
  121. I haven’t drank soda in over a year now. It started as a New Years goal, but now I just don’t have an interest in drinking it. Not just for health benefits, but I don’t agree with the practices and advertising strategies of Pepsi and Coke. Besides, I love water.
  122. I have the same strong feelings about McDonald’s and other burger chains. But, mainly McDonald’s. I haven’t had a McDonald’s burger in years, mainly because of that and KNOWING that they’re basically crack to my senses. Give me McDouble and I’ll eat five more.
  123. My top life goal right now is to swim with the dolphins. 
  124. In my bigger days I kept track of how many chairs I broke. My count got up to 17.
  125. My favorite fat meal used to be the Arby’s Five for $5 Arby Melts and a large Mountain Dew. Yeah … judge away.
  126. When I was a kid I would spend HOURS drawing pictures of killer whales and dolphins. I would design pools for SeaWorld and once designed a whole SeaWorld that would open in Salt Lake. Could you imagine?
  127. The worst movie I actually ever paid for was The Legend of Johnny Lingo. My friend and I were the only two people in the whole theater (a theater of 600+ seats) and this was on the second weekend after it’s release. It was definitely a low in my life. 
  128. My favorite baseball player growing up was Jose Canseco. Still is. 
  129. If I could choose one place to live outside of Utah it would probably be the Bay Area. But, Seattle, Orange County (preferably close to Disneyland) and Chicago would also be strong candidates. I just wouldn’t want to live in Los Angeles. 
  130. One day I want to have skin removal surgery. After my Mom’s double mastectomy for breast cancer I offered her my man boobs. She declined. The offer still stands for anyone else … just sayin’ …
  131. Speaking of my Mom’s cancer, she’s been in remission for 19 months now! I made this video last year on the anniversary of her diagnosis. She’s a fighter!
  132. Speaking of moobs I also know my bra size (42B), I got measured in December because I get chronic bloody nipples. I haven’t bought a sports bra … yet. But, it’s definitely still an option if my bandaids and NipGuards don’t work. 
  133. I want an urinal in my bathroom when I grow up. 
  134. As a kid I would put ice cream in my cereal while watching early morning Saturday cartoons by myself. Sometimes I am still tempting to do the same thing now, because I love the combo so much.
  135. I once titled my weight-loss book, “No More Ice Cream for Breakfast”
  136. Now the working title is, “I Blame the Fried Chicken” … ok, just kidding. It’s “Running Towards Home,” but odds are it will probably change once again. Writing a book is a VERY hard thing.
  137. My favorite cereal growing up was Trix followed by Rice Krispy Treat cereal. I could eat both like candy … and most times I would. 
  138. My twelfth year was a big year for me. That’s when I learned how to tie my shoes and a ride a bike. Needless to say I was a late bloomer. Sad thing is I’m still not much of a bike rider either. Riding a bike in Downtown Chicago gave me panic attacks. I’m surprised I never got hit.
  139. Once when I was a kid I got strep throat so my Mom bought me a red ICEE before going to the doctor’s office to get a throat culture. Well, as soon as the nurse swabbed my throat I threw up my red ICEE all over the nice nurse and myself. We got a new doctor shortly after that.
  140. One word that Utahns say that annoys me to no end is “have” because it always comes out “half” when they put it in a sentence like “I didn’t want to do it, but I feel like I half to do it.” It’s a classic example of what I call “Lazy Utahanese” 
  141. I have a dream of one day being a writer that stays at home, writes on a typewriter, eats melted cheese sandwiches for lunch and has two golden retrievers named Miles and Rupert. I have very specific dreams.
  142. I really want a golden retriever. But, I’d also like a black lab, boxer or Jack Russell Terrier. Heck, maybe I should just breed my own breed and come up with a Golden Black Russell Boxer? My life goal after that would be to get it into the Purina National Dog Show. I’d also make sure that it’s bloodline included Wishbone.
  143. I strongly judge people on their use of “They’re, There & Their” not to mention “You’re & Your.” I wish Facebook would allow me to edit these unfortunate souls’ mistakes.
  144. My second book (after I release my weight-loss/running book) will be a children’s book called “They’re, There & Their.” I want to educate the children before they find their way onto social media and look like idiots. I’ll also follow that book up with “You’re & Your,” “WHY ARE WE YELLING?” and “grmmr n pnctin r imprtnt.” They would be my gift to humanity.
  145. My favorite Disney movies are in this order … Mary Poppins, Finding Nemo (I know I’m slightly fudging since it’s technically Pixar, but Nemo does have his own ride at Disneyland so I’m counting it) and The Rescuers Down Under. 
  146. My favorite movie of all-time though is The Sound of Music. It’s my Mom’s and my movie. Plus, it’s got Julie Andrews in it … you can’t go wrong.
  147. If time travel ever becomes reality I am going back in time to win the affections of Julie Andrews. Also, is it weird wanting to name my first born daughter Mary Maria von Hansen? 
  148. I’m a Mormon. I did the mission thing in Chicago back from 2000-2002. I also have this secret goal of one day singing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  149. But, the thing is … I am a horrible singer. I mean horrible. Dogs howl whenever I sing Amazing Grace (or anything for that matter). Yeah … it’s that bad.
  150. But, luckily I make a better Mormon than I do a singer. Except back in the day when I was a coffee addict. Now, I’m just a Postum drinker that obnoxiously calls the 1-800 number of the label suggesting Postum makes a caffeinated version of the drink.
  151. People say I am addicted to Facebook, but for the record I’ve never religiously played a Facebook game or flooded people’s inbox with invitations to Candy Crush … just my latest page. 
  152. If you are wondering, I am avoiding making a statement on whether or not I am addicted to Facebook.
  153. I am addicted to Instagram though, I won’t lie. I can’t eat anything without my friends knowing what it is. 
  154. This gives me an idea. Maybe I should write “The Instagram Diet: How to Diet and be held responsible via Social Media with sexy looking pictures of your food“?
  155. My favorite US cities to visit, in order … San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, DC and Boston. I like New York City, but I’ve been once, seemed like enough. 
  156. I really want to visit 8 mile in Detroit. Is that strange?
  157. I love visiting San Francisco and try to always leave something to do so I can another reason to come back.
  158. One thing I haven’t done yet is Alcatraz. I really want to ghosthunt there. Also, I want to eat freshly cooked crab from the street vendors on the pier.
  159. My favorite food from San Francisco is the “It’s-It” … I was introduced to it in 2010 by the McNaughtans and we’ve been together ever since.
  160. I loved visiting Honolulu, because I love the Hawaiian culture. There’s something about saying Aloha and Mahalo that makes you want to stay in that place forever. Well it also doesn’t hurt to have awesome beaches, palm trees and pineapple burgers. If it wasn’t the fact that I feel trapped on islands I’d sooooo live in Hawaii.
  161. My most embarrassing moment involved me losing my underwear while running on the treadmill at Gold’s Gym. My shorts stayed on, but the underwear decided to try a daring escape.
  162. I also once ate a whole pizza on a date before. That’s also pretty embarrassing as well. Stupid Fat Josh. Stupid Single Josh. 
  163. I have ambitions to draw my own cartoon strip, but I’ve learned I have a hard time staying focused for long periods of time. I’d like to think of myself as slightly ADD with genius tendencies. 
  164. I’ve owned 13 parakeets throughout my lifetime. I am currently parakeet-less and probably will remain that way until I have kids old enough to clean their cage. Parakeets are messy birds! They’re like carp with feathers.
  165. My first parakeets were named after my babysitter and first crush: Jackie and Elizabeth. I had Jackie for over 8 years, Elizabeth died after only a year or so. But, later on I honor Elizabeth by naming one of my other parakeets Elizabeth II, but she died after a year as well. Moral of the story? Don’t name your parakeets Elizabeth.
  166. Sometimes I go to the pet store and don’t buy anything. I just like looking at the animals. It’s like a free zoo.
  167. I was on my mission in Chicago when the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics happened. I kind of feel bad about this even though I know I was where I was suppose to be. But, I’d love Salt Lake to make another bid so I could actually watch an Olympics in my backyard. I love the Olympics, winter or summer.
  168. For my size I was actually a really good swimmer growing up. Once I treaded water for an hour and half. Why? Why not?  
  169. My favorite color is indigo. I didn’t know this until last week. 
  170. I joined Facebook on July 27, 2006. It scares me to think I’ve been on there for almost eight years now. Time flies so fast. 
  171. I try to convince my friend Becca to embrace her childhood nickname of Becky. But, there’s much resistance on her part. 
  172. Another life goal of mine is to spend Canada Day in Canada. 
  173. I hate the word moist. Like, a lot.
  174. I’m also not that keen on the phrase, “you see what I am saying?” How can I see what you’re saying? I understand what you are saying, but I can’t see them.
  175. I don’t like Las Vegas, but I still like visiting Las Vegas. It’s quite a conundrum.
  176. I end up at Walmart more often than I’d like to admit on a Friday night. 
  177. My brother and my Christmas Eve tradition is going to a Chinese Buffet for dinner. Since all of our other siblings spend the night with the in-laws we decided to have our own tradition. We plan on keeping this going once we have families of our own.
  178. I have had a Walmart Goldfish now for over a year. Which is probably some kind of record I’d imagine?
  179. I could never be vegan because I have an affinity to hardboiled eggs. Well that and the whole chocolate/strawberry/root beer milk thing too.
  180. I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and have never been skiing or snowboarding. Not to mention I’ve never been to Lake Powell either. And, honestly, I don’t really have any interest in changing that.

And, end scene … Hopefully you know me a bit better now. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments and please have a fun and safe weekend! HAPPY FRIDAY! HAPPY RUNNING!


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