Fartlek Friday VII: Single Awareness Day

Happy SAD -2
You know what is the most depressing element in this picture? No, not the lonely guy on the bench (because in all reality he could be happily enjoying the beach and crashing waves), but the use of Papyrus.

HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY! … yeah!!! I’m single and I know it! (which you would think I should feel bad about or something, right? Which for the record, I don’t. But, you know companionship would be cool) I was going to treat myself to a horse drawn carriage ride for one around Downtown Salt Lake City. But, apparently people reserve that in advance for Valentine’s Day, go figure?! So, my plans are, pretty much … no plans. I am doing a game night with some friends and probably making some Rice Krispy Treats for a run tomorrow.

So don’t feel sad for me it’s going to be a fun weekend. I mean I get RKs, running and friends. Oh, yeah, plus Monday is a holiday. That’s like double awesome, right? Thank you President Lincoln and Washington for having a birthday in February. I salute you in all your honesty, cherry trees and monuments. Speaking of the two, have you ever thought how ridiculous both President’s famous was? George Washington wore a wig and Abe Lincoln a chimney top hat. In a way you always kind of wish they still did that, but at the same time … no.

Either way I am looking forward to a nice long weekend. But, then again I always build up in my mind how awesome the weekend is going to be and then Monday comes and I do nothing. Then I kind of can’t wait to get back to work on Tuesday. That should never happen. But, sadly, it does. Yet, I preserve.

Anyways, here are a few things that have caught my fancy this Friday …

  • I am running down on of my favorite canyons here in Utah. Becca and some other running friends are going to be running 12 miles down Emigration Canyon tomorrow morning. I love this course! Not just because it’s downhill, but it’s close to home and gorgeous.
  • The Deseret News Marathon, Haunted Half and Emigration Canyon Half (cancelled … boooooo!!!) run down Emigration Canyon. I’m sure there’s a run or two I am forgetting here.
  • Sanity got the best of me and I decided to do the 25K instead of 50K at the Corner Canyon Ultra Trail in October. I plan on doing an Ultra Marathon eventually, but that course is a tough first ultra and I’m going to be busy leading up to. I’m just afraid I can’t give it the time I need to properly train for it. The 25K will be tough enough and I can still count it towards my 180.
  • Like I stated above the Emigration Canyon Half was cancelled on April 5th. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • I am starting to feel the itch to run a marathon at some point in the year. I’ve tried to quell these urges by eating boxes of brownies, but oddly that just makes me want to run even more. If I am going to do one maybe August or early September? We shall see. This urge might pass.
  • I don’t think I am that far off though. During the week I am averaging about 15 miles and then a long run of 10-15 miles on weekend. All in all, I am averaging about 100 miles a month. Which is good for marathon training, I guess? Now just to decide if I am going to start training for one …
  • Since it’s Valentine’s Day here’s this.
  • I love the Olympics. But, I won’t lie, I am not a huge fan of the Winter Olympics. The only events I like to watch are speed skating, moguls and anything I can watch that doesn’t take much of my attention while I am doing something else and/or sleeping.
  • This is like one of the worst parts of the whole Olympics. I won’t be able to sleep for another two weeks …
  • I want a Sochi Dog. Like a lot.
  • The best part about the Winter Olympics is no NHL for three weeks.
  • I am a San Jose Sharks fan, not because I am necessarily a huge fan of hockey, but because SHARKS!
  • I also kind of like the Anaheim Ducks, but that love was greater when they used to be the Mighty Ducks, because MIGHT DUCKS!
  • The NBA All-Star Game is this weekend in New Orleans ever since 1992 I haven’t missed it (except for these two years I spent in Chicago). I am such a NBA nerd in that respect. No matter how boring or ridiculous the game or even the Slam Dunk gets … I still watch.
  • I remember clearly watching the game in Orlando in 1992 where Magic Johnson came back after retiring due to his HIV-positive diagnosis to win the MVP. I was hooked.
  • I also got to be around a lot of the All-Star events when the game came to Salt Lake City in 1993. Our family used to own a sports card shop and we attended the memorabilia show at the first NBA Jam Session in the old Salt Palace. It was an awesome experience. I snuck into the All-Star practice and a few shows in the arena. That’s where I also met my hero Ty Detmer. It was magical.
  • Ooooo … I like this.
  • Have I told you how excited I am to run down Emigration Canyon tomorrow morning?
  • This is an interesting read about Rachel Fredrickson and her Biggest Loser win. She admits she was ‘too enthusiastic’ in her training. I am not surprised, but I have no doubt she’ll be fine. Wouldn’t you do everything you could with $250,000 on the line? A lot of contestants do similar things.
  • I just think in this day and age people are quick to not just judgement, but look at the negative first. It’s almost like they want to be offended. Why not be happy for her? Sure, she went a bit too far, but she understands the regime is not a long term solution. Let’s move on. I almost feel like a longer post is worthy of this rant.
  • And, for the record, I’d still date her.
  • I took this quiz on BuzzFeed and it says I belong in Oregon. I tend to agree.
  • I really love the Northwest. My brother used to live in Seattle and I have family in Oregon. Plus, I love rain. I mean … I LOVE RAIN. And, I hate snow. So it’s like the perfect place for me. Would I leave Utah for the Northwest? Probably. But, I’d have to have a real good reason to leave, because I’d have a hard time leaving my family.
  • I also kind of consider San Francisco the Northwest and I could live there too.
  • I think the hardest thing for me about moving to Oregon would be the Trail Blazers. I am just a well conditioned Jazz fan that hates the Blazers.
  • Since we are talking about basketball again all I am going to say about this is JIMMER’S BACK!!!
  • I really kind of want the Jazz to sign him. He’s never going to be a start player in the NBA like he was at BYU, but I think he’d be an awesome instant-offense bench player.
  • Plus, I’d love to see Jimmer in the NBA Three-Point contest, but have them move back the ball racks like two feet for him. I think he’d still win.
  • Jimmer love. As a U fan I don’t care declaring my love for The Jimmer. It’s Valentine’s Day afterall.
  • Man, the South really doesn’t know how to process snow does it?
  • Not a fan of the McDonald’s, but I got a good laugh from a number of these.
  • Okay, I actually really hate McDonald’s. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I ate there. Actually about a year ago I went through the drive-thru for a free cup of water. But, there are times I crave a McDouble. Why? Simply put … they’re made from crack. Pure unadulterated crack.
  • Burger King fries are made out of crack as well. Same with their biscuit breakfast sandwiches. Oh, and KFC’s chicken skin is made of crack as well. Taco Bell’s Baja Blast? Crack. Arby’s Melt? Crack. It’s just made out of crack! Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack!
  • I feel like I should follow up that rant with a public apology to Nancy Reagan for my flippant use of the word crack. For the record Nancy, I still say no.
  • I think I am going to be making Cakebite RKs with my friends tonight. Once again, crack (sorry Nancy).
  • Yes, this is strange, yet captively intriguing. Especially this story. So, so, so strange!
  • Interesting. Don’t know to make of it? Why not just vote via text message and let anyone 13 years olds vote. That’s kinda the same thing, right?
  • I compared Gold’s Gym and Planet Fitness yesterday. I’ve done both gyms and both come with pros and cons. In the end it just matters what you want and need from a gym.

Well, that’s it for me today! Have a great President’s Day weekend, have a great Friday and … of course … HAPPY RUNNING! What are your plans this weekend? Anything fun?


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