Fartlek Friday XI

FartlekFriday_BannerI was looking for quite the relaxing week this week, since it was Spring Break and the students wouldn’t be around at all. But, alas, it was not. I guess it could go without saying that I am SO ready for this weekend. I’m actually really excited about this weekend. I’ve got a little running planned (well, actually a lot of running … 17 miles worth tomorrow), some friend socializing and then family dinner on Sunday. It will be fun, challenging … and hopefully somewhat relaxing.

Besides being a generally busy week at work, it’s also been a busy week outside of work. I’ve had something each night so working my workouts and runs have been tricky and I probably have ran as much as I would have liked … but here I am.

But, it was a fun week. I went to the Jazz game on Monday with Free and our friend Dave, Tuesday night I went to a SUU event for incoming Freshmen, Wednesday night I had a event planning for Salt Lake Comic Con and then last night I had a Church Ball game (we won! yeah!). I was however able to get a nice long run in before the game, so that made me extra happy. Lots of fun, busy, busy things happening right now in my life.

One thing somewhat negative that happened to me (well, it’s probably more of a positive now that I know what’s wrong) is that I got my blood work results back from the doctors. They are slightly tweaking my thyroid medication, but they also found out that testosterone was pretty low. This explains why I’ve been suffering from fatigue and a lack of energy lately. It also explains why I haven’t seen the results I have expected with my strength training and the increased body fat. No matter how much I’ve cleaned out my diet and worked out I’ve pretty much STAYED at the same weight. It’s been frustrating. But, now I have something to work with and I should be starting a treatment plan soon.

Besides being busy and tweaking with my thyroid and testosterone levels, there have been many other things that have caught my interest this week, including …

  • I’m excited for my RUN tomorrow! I am running down Little Cottonwood canyon with my running group. The plan is for 17 miles. We might go a bit more, maybe even a bit less, but nonetheless it’s a CANYON run! I love any run that lets gravity work for me, I love!
  • My friend Becky and I are also planning on FINALLY eating a taco from the taco stand in front of Sears in Downtown Salt Lake City. We’ve talked about it forever and we think it’d be a good post-run refuel (much better than Taco Bell I figure?!).
  • Fact: After my first marathon I ate Taco Bell. It was the best and worst experience of my life.
  • So Becky made me pretzels yesterday. They were grood (great & good)! She wasn’t happy about the twisting part, but the bread part was delicious. Thank you, thank you Becky!
  • I have some exciting news to announce next week. Well, at least I think it’s exciting. But, I’m pretty sure you will too.
  • Oh, Provo.
  • I could also see that happening here in Bountiful.
  • I wouldn’t even try that in Salt Lake, let alone Ogden.
  • So, I’ve bought two running/sports books this past week via the internets. I got Terry Fox: His Story and Zero Regrets by Apolo Ohno. I love biographies.
  • Mmmmm … Girl Scout cookies.
  • I want to invent my own holiday. I’m thinking of ‘International Cat Shirt Day’ and celebrating it on … say … tomorrow? Okay, how about May 22nd? Not sure why I picked that date, but it sounds good. The object of the holiday is to wear a cat shirt during the day. It’s kind of straightforward I guess?
  • I have about 4-5 shirts
  • I love me a good potato. Check these recipes out. Some of them look pretty dang good.
  • There is one potato I actually don’t like. Well, practically hate really. What’s that you ask? THE TATER TOT. Hate ’em … hate, hate, hate. So gross.
  • I also hate soda, but that’s a whole other post for another day. Trust me.
  • I also hate Satan, but I think that pretty much goes unsaid, right?
  • So, looking at races this past week I really got tempted to sign up for the Deseret News Marathon, not the half, but the full. Hmmm … that would be about six weeks after the Utah Valley Marathon … I’m not sure if I want do marathons so close to each other? So much to decide! I wonder if I will ever finalize my race schedule before the end of the year?
  • I’m also debating whether or not I want to put my name in the St. George Marathon Lottery.
  • Potentially I am looking at 3-4 marathons this year if I do that. So, I’m kind of looking at Utah Valley (June 14), Deseret News (July 24), Big Cottonwood (September 13) and St. George Marathon (October 4). I like the idea of even finding a marathon somewhere out of state in November. But, we’ll see. I feel like I am kind of getting ahead of myself.
  • I am however STRONGLY looking at running the Murdock Canal 17 miler on August 30th. If you put in the code ‘AWESOME’ at checkout you get 10% off. Go it right now.
  • This kind of made me sad to read about this morning. I loved the 49th Galleria. I have a lot of fond memories of the place. Miniature golfing, roller skating, bowling and of course the Alpine Slide simulator. Not to mention the countless baseball card shows my family had a booth at there. Fun times.
  • I love Jimmy Fallon. This cracks me up.
  • You know what? I love the Pharrell Williams’ song Happy. Like a lot. But, I can’t listen to the radio without it being on at least 2-3 times a day … if not more. The last thing I want to do is get sick of the song before I’ve memorized the lyrics. That’s the one thing that bugs me about radio. They kill almost every good song for me.
  • Can we talk about that hat from the Oscars? It really did make me want some Arby’s … I won’t lie.
  • Did I ever tell you how one of my favorite meals was eating the Arby’s 5 for $5 deal? Yeah … if you haven’t figured it out yet, I once was fat.
  • The whole situation of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 not just baffles me, but really makes me feel sad for everyone connected to the those that are lost. But, who knows … miracles happen?! I hope searchers find SOMETHING.
  • I kind of love and hate this list. But, mostly I find it interesting. This list is just as interesting.
  • Gosh, I’m feeling a pull for a Disneyland trip. My niece still talks about and it doesn’t help at all. Oh, Disneyland, why do you have to be so magical?
  • I love this video of a hippo helping out a wildebeest from the grasp of a crocodile. If only people were just as helpful.
  • One of my favorite attractions at any zoo is the Hippopotamus Pool. Especially if there is an underground pool view. I don’t know why those beasts underwater are awesomely majestic.
  • I also love rhinos. I have no reason to love rhinos though. I just think they’re awesome.
  • Elephants are alright. But, rhinos and hippos are my favorites. This is information I just think you should know.
  • Have I told you how excited I am to run tomorrow? YEAH 17 MILES!

Well, that’s it for me this week. I have a fun, busy and relaxing weekend ahead of me! Have a great Friday, weekend and as always … HAPPY RUNNING!!!



  1. SEARS TACO! If I survive that run.

    Claire has a cat shirt.

    I’m torn about the Murdock run vs the Park City runs. I wish I was rich. And I wish I knew where I’ll be. Sigh.

    I don’t like tater tots that much. Shredded hashbrowns!!


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