Fartlek Friday XIII

HAPPY! HAPPY! FRIDAY! It’s been such an awesome week. Not only did it go by quickly (always a bonus), but I had some really neat experiences. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post I had the opportunity to share my story to a group of women training to run the Ogden Half Marathon/5K in May. Such a great experience and I really felt honored that they let me share a glimpse into how I’ve gotten to this point in my life.

I didn’t run much this week. I put in 5 miles yesterday, but between having things in the evening and having quads that wanted to put a hit out for him after running the Riverton Half last week, I just kind of eased my back into running this week. The plan is to run 18 miles tomorrow with my running group. So I’ll still get 23 miles in for the week, so I am still on track with my marathon training. But, still not the bed mileage. I just feel like after last week my body was telling me it needed some rest. So, I gave it rest.

But, I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s run. We are running down Emigration Canyon (approx. 12 miles) to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City and then doing four laps around the park (approx. six miles). Then afterwards we’re going to Sears to get ourselves a Sears Burrito! Well actually a burrito from the taco stand on the corner of State St. and 8th South. Sears doesn’t actually sell the burritos. And, if they did I’m sure they’d be extremely horrible. Extremely.

Probably just as bad if Walmart ever made burritos. That’s saying something.

Since April is now just around the corner I am getting really excited for the upcoming month. I’m still working towards my marathon. My running group has a couple of awesome runs planned. We’re running from the LDS Draper Temple to the LDS Oquirrh Mountain Temple here in the Salt Lake Valley on LDS Conference Weekend (April 5). We’re calling it Running Conference and will be about 13 miles. Then on the 12th we are running the Murdock Canal in Utah Valley which I’ve never done, but am UBER excited about. I am planning on running the Murdock 17 in August so this will be a good introduction to the paved trail. Then of course I’ve got the Salt Lake Half Marathon on the 19th and Winter Circuit 30K on the 26th (which could turn into just a 20 miler instead of the race, we’ll see …). It will be a busy month of running. Fun, but busy.

But, running is not just the only thing keeping me busy. I’ve got a family reunion, a bunch of family birthdays, Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX that I planning some events for and a number of busy projects at work that I won’t bore you with … like, really it’s boring. Oh, yeah, then there’s Easter as well. But, as busy as it will be I am really excited to just tackle April. I’m going to have to be creative and dedicated to stay on track with my running and fitness regime. But, I know I can do it. I’ll have to just do it (I hope Nike doesn’t sue me for that last one).

Besides getting ready for April I’ve had a number of other things grab my attention this past week. Here are just a few others …

  • I read this article about this girl who crashed the Georgia Half Marathon and took like 20 selfies to document. Not only did she give runners a bad rap, but selfiers (can I make up that word?) as well. But, I have to admit I did like her camera work. But, seriously going “bandit” or crashing a race without paying is just dishonest. Pay the $50-$60 and do it right. A lot of people sacrifice money for the right to run the race the right way.
  • This is funny and to the point about that girl’s bandit run.
  • But, taking those many selfies gave me an idea. No, I’m not going to race taking 20 selfies. But, I think one of these days I want to document just my day in like 100 selfies. I kind of did that last April. I wanted to document a normal day in the life of me, but that ended up when I ended up being on two news stations that night. So much for normal, eh? But, I think it could be fun. What do you think?
  • My goldfish Midas died this week. He was 18 months old. Probably a record for a Walmart fish. He was proceeded in death by Sparkles (my niece named her? him? it?).
  • In honor of his memory my running group is dedicating our run in his memory by wearing orange. Naturally.
  • I also believe we will be eating Goldfish crackers during the run. I know it would be something Midas would want (really meaning me).
  • I held his funeral services on Tuesday evening.
  • I need kids.
  • But, this one will work with anyone (diabolical laugh)
  • April Fool’s Day is practically a holiday in my family. Well, at least to me.
  • I started reading Apolo Ohno’s book Zero Regrets. I’m a few chapters in, but seriously a GREAT book. Not only am I inspired to achieve so many things in my life, but I’m also motivated to grow a soul patch!
  • But, seriously, you should read the book as well. I’m sure LeVar Burton would encourage it too.
  • Okay some of these are pretty freaking hilarious. I think #14 is hilariously mean. Oh, and #20.
  • Speaking of cats. This list is somewhat lengthy, but a must read when you get bored this afternoon (we all know what happens on Friday afternoons at work …).
  • But, quite honestly reading all about cats just made me want a (three-legged) dog more than anything.
  • But, I did buy this shirt this past week. Because, well, why not? CATS!
  • I’ve got a crazy niece and nephew. Check out this video we took last night. They crack me up!
  • My nephew basically is a horse. Seriously. He nays when he gets excited and puffs like a horse when he gets mad. He cracks me up.
  • Oh, yeah and he gallops.
  • We’re not going to talk about my brackets, ok? Totally busted.
  • I hate Duke right now. Like bad.
  • But, I like Jabari Parker. Yeah, Mormon basketball players not named Jimmer!
  • For being one that has ran for a cancer survivor in a costume this makes me upset. I encourage you to write on SELF’s Facebook page about how you feel as well. Totally uncalled for and downright bullying.
  • It kind of makes me want to run my next race in a tutu.
  • I need a running dog.
  • Okay this is hilarious. But, I don’t think I could do that at Disneyland? Or could I?
  • I went to the Jazz game this past Monday (of course we lost), but I had a lot of fun.
  • I do love the Jazz, but knowing where we are right now in terms of rebuilding I’m kind of okay with the way we have been losing. I feel like a horrible fan.
  • But, hey could you imagine if Jabari Parker got drafted to the Jazz? I’m afraid to say this, but he’d big bigger then Jimmer (THANK GOODNESS!)
  • I now want a manatee. But, before I get one, do you think I could swim with them? Like in a program much like swimming with dolphins?! I feel like that needs to happen.
  • I wonder what a manatee birth would look like? (NOTE: I Googled it. Nothing good out there) (EXTRA NOTE: Yeah, I just really Googled that) (EXTRA EXTRA NOTE: I need a hobby)
  • This World Record intrigues. Not that I necessarily want to break it (not totally against it either), but wouldn’t you run out of slavia or something at some point? Fall sleep half way through? I feel like after 24 hours I’d start hallucinating and end up pretending I was making out with a manatee or something? Oh, I could go on with this one, but I shan’t, my mother reads my blog.
  • So while we’re on the topic of kissing there’s this.
  • But, if you think I am judging them there’s also this.
  • My mother isn’t going to like that last picture.
  • Either will my Grandma.
  • Once I tried to explain Facebook to my Grandma. Basically I think she went away from that conversation thinking that it was book of faces that people like. I love my Grandma.
  • Don’t get me started on her interpretation of Twitter. Like, seriously.
  • The geography nerd within me really loves this list. So much better than putting a ruler up to a map.
  • I went to the doctor’s this past week and was diagnosed with very low testesterone. They did some more blood work on me and I should (hopefully) be on medication within the next couple of weeks. My weight has stalled for the past three months and we’ve been trying to figure why. This was it. Once I get it in line I should be able to drop the 10lbs. I need for running season. There’s more to this and I should probably do a post of it’s own later next week?
  • Oooooo … this makes me feel smart. Who needs the Weather Channel now?
  • Well at least it seemed like a good idea at the time?
  • I must say, What Does The Fox Say? is an awesome song to karaoke to. Even if the result is horrendous.
  • I’m really excited to run tomorrow morning. Have I stated that yet?
  • Wow, this list is long. I had no intentions of this happening … it kind got out of hand …

Well that’s it for me today. I hope you have a great weekend and of course … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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