Fartlek Friday XIX: Words about Orlando, burritos and my ’80s sitcom fantasies … just wait, it’s riveting.

FartlekFriday_BannerWorking in higher ed has it positives and negatives. One big negative is the week after the semester ends. It’s dead. It’s slow. It’s practically miserable. None of the students are around and most of the professors are on traveling.

And, I am here.

The one good thing is that I’ve been able to get a lot of little projects done that I’ve needed to do for a while. But, on the other hand it’s been horrible, because I’ve been able to get a lot of little projects done that I’ve needed to do for a while. This is my existence.

This is how every Cinco de Mayo should be celebrated. SEARS BURRITOS!!!

But, I can live with it too because I have another race tomorrow morning. I am running half marathon #56 and race #61 the Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon down … of course … Big Cottonwood canyon. I wanted to run this race last year but decided not to because at the time I was planning on running the Ogden Marathon (which I eventually ended up downgrading to the half) and didn’t want to run that long of a race before the marathon.

But, not this year. I really love Big Cottonwood Canyon and it’s extremely fun to run down. This is one reason I love the Big Cottonwood Marathon so much, and why I want to run the Drop 13 Half Marathon next year. The canyon is just that great … what can I say?

I taught my Mom this face. In time we’ll get her an Instagram account so she can take selfie after selfie for my general amusement.

My only gripe with this race is that it isn’t 13.1 miles. It’s actually 12.57 miles. So, even if I get a PR I feel like I can’t even really count it. Which makes it difficult really calculating a time goal. I did 2:19:59:57 (I have to include those nanoseconds, because of how close I was) last week at the Provo City Half … so … I know I can get at least 2:19 again if not faster. A part of me wants to shoot for 2:10 … that would be about a 10:00 min/mile pace.

So, I guess that’s my goal? Either way, I will make my goal by tomorrow morning. All I want to do is go FAST (twss). So that is my goal. But, I know I need to be more definitive.

I’m just excited to run.

Anyways, there have been other things that have caught my attention this past week. Here are just a few …

  • In case you missed it. I was interviewed by Heather from the Half Size Me podcast on Monday. Check it out!
  • I’m really starting to plan out my fall races. Well, August and the fall. I still need to sign up for the my birthday weekend run. It’ll either be the Park City Half or Hobble Creek Half. Decisions, decisions.
  • I also need to sign up for the Run Elevated Half before the end of the month before the price rises.
  • And, for September I am thinking about doing the Nebo Half. Well, I am pretty sure I am going to do it. I need to do it. But, I am also thinking about upgrading my Big Cottonwood registration from the half to the full marathon. I still need to pray about that one. BUT … there are a few other runs on the 20th and 27th that I might run. The Fire Station Half (20th) is pretty cheap … so … we’ll see. Again, I’ll need to pray about this again.
  • I am pretty much set on my July races though … I’m still waiting to sign up for my all-night marathon races, but I’m signed up for Timp and the Deseret News Half Marathons. I’m half tempted to even do the Morgan Half Marathon on the 26th. We shall see. But, that will be five half marathons in July if I do them all. Too bad there isn’t a half marathon over the 4th of July weekend that is nearby.
  • So, tickets to Orlando (from SLC) in November to January on JetBlue are $89 each way. I am thinking I need to take a little vacation. That’s practically the same price for tickets to Southern California. There’s a half marathon on December 6th in Orlando that I’d run and then of course I’d do a couple days at Disney World. That’s like a no brainer.
  • Oh, and maybe I could picket Sea World while I’m there. But, not until I swim with the dolphins.
  • Oh, gosh, I really need to do this trip. That’s such a great deal. Anyone else want to join me?
  • I celebrated Cinco de Mayo the right way this past week … SEARS BURRITOS!!!
  • I find this pretty accurate about Planet Fitness. But, I almost feel like they’re trying to make it seem like the Walmart of gyms … which … they are not. But, then again, I go to Planet Fitness and shop at Walmart. This doesn’t bode well for me.
  • This also happened the other day at Planet Fitness. I really need to remember not to put cream cheese on my towels.
  • I love this! Good for both of them. I am a big proponent of the buddy system in any fitness journey.
  • So I got a promotion from a race for a Winder Farms free $20 delivery. So I bought a fresh produce box. If it’s good I think I might stick with the order on a bi-weekly cycle.
  • One of my favorite summertime foods is a tomato and Miracle Whip sandwich on white bread. Not the best for you, but that’s summer for me between bread.
  • I also love cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese on them. Again, probably not the best with all that cream cheese.
  • Remind me to not buy a tortoise as a pet. Or a bowhead whale. But, I’ll take a flamingo for sure. Debating on the parrot. I used to have parakeets and birds are just overly messy. But, a flamingo I could just put it in a pool outside with a fake palm tree.
  • I really now want a flamingo. I’d name him Amigo the Flamingo. We’d be best friends.
  • Oh, gosh … what if I got a one legged flamingo? Do those exist? I mean regular flamingos just hang around the pool on one leg … so why not?
  • This doesn’t diminish my love/need for a three-legged dog though.
  • Congratulations … on making America fatter?
  • I’ve never really had any desire to try a cronut, especially after I realized that all a croissant was a stick of butter hidden in bread.
  • Just letting it all go in the car.
  • I probably should post things like that, but then again it could lead me to one of my life goals. Take voice lessons. Who wants to teach me?
  • I started this Facebook album called, “Deliberate Wrong Number” … the purpose of it is pretty much all in the title. I will text random numbers, or people I know who don’t have my number and try to get a fun response out of them. Just something to make them laugh, etc. Who knows maybe I could a new friend out of the process?
  • But, I have some good conversations on there already. You should check it out.
  • Based off of this list it seems like I have a problem. Especially with this. But, is that really a problem?
  • See, I don’t know if you can classify ketchup as a problem. I put it on my eggs, rice and other American delicacies. It’s good. Like, really good. Like, I could marry it good.
  • Okay, it’s a problem.
  • I also might have a problem with sauerkraut. But, don’t worry I don’t put ketchup on my sauerkraut. That’s just nasty if you ask me.
  • Here are some other dinosaurs I wouldn’t want to run into.
  • Can anyone tell me what Land Before Time movie they are on now?
  • This really made me laugh.
  • I miss Maury. But, not really. After Springer came around he quickly became a dirty old man.
  • I always liked Phil Donahue. The worst though was Dr. Phil. He was boring.
  • I was once given Dr. Phil’s weight-loss book as a passive-aggressive gift from a family member. It really didn’t do anything … actually … I am pretty sure I gained 100+lbs. after it was gifted to me. So I blame Dr. Phil a lot for Fat Josh. The mother issues have nothing to do with it.
  •  Speaking of mothers … it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. I should probably go buy my mother something nice, huh? Maybe I’ll make her a card with chore tickets and then go pick flowers from the neighbor’s yard? She’ll love that.
  • True story: When I was a kid I would always pick my neighbors flowers. Not to mention I would always steal his newspaper as well. I was a great kid growing up. If I was Dennis the Menace I am pretty sure Mr. Wilson would be serving 20 years to life. Just sayin’ …
  • These are pretty amusing.
  • Nope.
  • Even though I am not a vegan some of these actually look pretty good. I’ll have to archive this.
  • I really don’t understand veganism. Cheese and eggs are the greatest gifts the good Lord gave us. Tofu bacon … not so much.
  • Another reason to love science.
  • Well, this is probably the first reason to love science.
  • You have to admit that the best part about that YouTube video is that ridiculous soundtrack. Don’t tell me you weren’t thugging …
  • I didn’t even know that lists like this existed, but apparently they do?
  • I am still partial to Iggy’s bread with Sweet Chili Water. That’s the best bread out there (but let’s be honest here I just love carbs).
  • Except of course my Mother’s bread. LOVE YOU MOM! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂
  • This isn’t scary.
  • But, you know what … I still want to swim with the sharks sometime. That’s kind of on my bucket list.
  • I also wonder if it’s possible to swim with the llamas? Sharks, dolphins and llamas are my favorite animals … so why can’t I swim with all three? Riddle me that.
  • I’m one of those people that actually like watching the NFL Draft. I know, right? But, this is pretty funny … and … sadly true.
  • There is also this about the NFL Draft … if you care.
  • Fat Josh would have probably watched all three days of the NFL Draft even though no one knows anyone’s name after the first round.
  • I love football.
  • But, luckily for you I love running even more.
  • Horrible and good. My brother showed me it while he was laughing. I called him things. Horrible things. I should have kicked him as well. But, I didn’t.
  • But, I am glad that kid was taken into custody. Why are people so cruel to animals? There is no need. And, it’s not funny.
  • COSBY!!!
  • Gosh, now I want a pudding pop.
  • And, an ugly dad sweater.
  • And, a cameo on the show. I’m still holding out hope this dream comes true. I’ve had that dream ever since at least 1988.
  • Same with Full House. I always wanted to play Stephanie’s love interest.
  • Oh, and I always wanted to be Rose Nylund’s grandson from St. Olaf, Minnesota who gets into trouble and his Mom sends him down to Miami to spend 2 to 3 seasons with his Grandma. But, then I fall into a bad crowd (lead by of course a young Scott Wolf) and end up into drugs. Then I get killed off after just a season and a half from a drug overdose. Which leads to a PSA personally delivered by Nancy Reagan with each Golden Girl then telling you why drugs are no good. Then the last word will be said of course by Sofia who will leave it poignant and with one last stinger.
  • Obviously I have had some time to think about this …
  • For the record I am ‘Everything But The …” Interesting. This is apparently important information you need to know about me.
  • Sometimes being lactose intolerant saves me. But, most of the time it curses me. At least I can still eat cheesy without getting awkwardly gassy.
  • I just talked about getting awkwardly gassy on my blog. That’s not awkward.
  • But, you know what? That’s life. Gas happens.
  • I want to be rich.
  • I also want to be rich so I can buy my own dolphin. I’d charge the neighborhood kids $5 to ride it. Right there is a million dollar idea.
  • I also think I could make millions by handcrafted unicorn horns that can be graphed onto horses’ foreheads. Do you know how much some people would pay for a real unicorn? I’m telling you … MILLIONS.
  • Well, here’s one less reason to drink Coke. But, still … you ain’t gonna find me drinking that crap.
  • Shoot, I really shouldn’t have stumbled upon this. I want to make them all.
  • But the title … EASY desserts? That kind of implies that these desserts are more floozy like than actually easy to make … I’m so confused.
  • But, then again most desserts I’ve eaten are floozies. I can’t say no to floozy desserts. Impossible.
  • Impressive. I now need to go to a baseball game and try that. But, of course with a cup of water (I don’t drink beer or soda).
  • I think Neanderthals weren’t sub-human at all, just really awkward hairy humans.
  • Which I think naturally makes me assume that Sasquatch is just an Neanderthal that doesn’t like to shave. You know I’m right.
  • One thing that I’ve always wanted to do is actually go Sasquatchin’ out in the middle of the forest. Of course this kind of camping would include a heated camper, flushable toilet and satellite TV reception.
  • I am not a camper. I just am not. I blame my father, because my mother owned a gun ever since she learned how to walk. Plus, she’s an avid angler and once wrestled a bear with her bare arms. Okay, that’s not true, she hates fishing.
  • I would love to run more trails but I have this fear of running into cougars, snakes and dead bodies.
  • Speaking of dead bodies. There is a reason why I run instead of jog. It’s always the joggers that find the dead bodies. Always.
  • Not to mention that, but almost all the horrible things you hear in the news. That’s why you should be a runner. Life is great as a runner!

Well, I think that is it for me today. I’m getting more and more pumped running down Big Cottonwood tomorrow! I hope you have a great weekend. And, of course … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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