Fartlek Friday XL: The XL stands for 40, not just the size of my shirt.

FF_FridayFRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! After a week of no running this week made up for it. I still have a lingering cough, but other than that I am fine and rearing to run the Huntsville Half Marathon tomorrow morning. I also started a new competition at my gym this past Wednesday.

It’s a 12 week, clean eating and exercise program that will take until December 23rd. So, yep, that goes over the holidays.All of them. It should be a good challenge. I know it will be tough, but doable.

I need the challenge, especially now that I have gotten my thyroid under control and the weight it starting to come off easier. Besides wanting to lose the 25-30lbs I gained over the summer, I really want to get faster in my running. That in which should happen since I will be running eight races within the next seven weeks. Then of course the Thankful Half on Thanksgiving.

Hopefully, I should see some improvement in the upcoming weeks. VERY HOPEFUL about the next 12 weeks and yes, it’s a competition … sooooooo … I want to win as well. I’ll keep you updated along the way.

Mentally, I need this challenge. I’ll also blog a little bit more about the challenge. But, if you want to follow me along I will be posting all of my food, exercise, etc. on MyFitnessPal. So if you’d like to befriend me, let’s stalk each other!

Anyways, I’m really excited about running tomorrow. It’s an awesome downhill half. I just hope I’ve got the legs underneath me to fly. We shall see … But, in the meantime here are a few things that caught my attention this past week …

  • These have been saving my life as of late.
  • Um, this is a definite need.
  • I was watching Bubble Guppies with Koko while she was eating her dinner. After the episode was over I found her like this. Odds are I watched over half of the episode by myself.
  • Speaking of Bubble Guppies, I kinda like this song. It gets stuck in my head more often than not.
  • Oh, the cuteness exudes! I really should hop onto this parent thing.
  • Absolutely love this! Everyone should read it too!
  • I made some Maple Bar RKs the other night for a few friends of mine. I haven’t eaten any since I am bringing Sexy Josh back. I might try one tomorrow BEFORE my race. Might.
  • Speaking of Rice Krispy Treats. This is pretty much what I think about Snap, Crackle and Pops’ version. I want to challenge them to a RK bake off.
  • Remember how I am on a diet? Yeah … I shouldn’t have seen these. Looks like I’ll save this list for Fall 2015.
  • Again, I’m glad I am on a diet.
  • I have always loved Steve Smith. I remember his days at the U. I just hate the fact that he’s on the Ravens. I don’t know why I hate the Ravens so much? I just never have (well and they beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl a couple years ago … reason enough, I guess?).
  • Speaking of the Steve Smith era and the U. I was at this game back in 2000. It was LaVell Edwards last game and five days before I went to the MTC to start my LDS mission. The ups and downs of this game nearly killed me!
  • Speaking of BYU football and BYU TV. I always find it funny that BYU TV only plays games where BYU won. Sure it’s their network, but stop portraying BYU as an unbeatable team.
  • I should probably stop there, heaven knows we don’t want to start a Utah-BYU fan bicker-fest. The least enjoyable thing about the rivalry. I’m kind of glad that the two teams are taking a timeout from each other.
  • Odd fact about me. Though I am a Utah fan, I grew up IDOLIZING Ty Detmer. So much to the point that I changed my name in school to Ty Hansen. It was pretty much for the whole 4th grade that I did this. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t follow through with this going into the 5th grade.
  • Which is all said and good, because my brother from a polygmist mother is also called Ty Hansen …. AAANNNNNDDDDD … if I was ever going to change my name back to Ty it would be because of him and not Detmer.
  • I don’t know why, but all of the sudden I feel like I should move to New York City.
  • Well, okay, I don’t know if I’d want to move to New York City. I’ve been there once. I kinda scared me. Let me count you the reasons why …
    • There are equal amount of pigeons to people (meaning a lot), which means there is probably four times the amount of rats.
    • This happened while we were walking towards Midtown. It was probably more freaking watching a mass of humanity head our way screaming, because they thought it was a terrorist attack. It was unnerving for sure.
    • Body odor on the subway … um … yeah … so gross.
    • I hate the Yankees.
    • The constant sound of people honking their car horns. PLEASE STOP IT PEOPLE! There are over 7 million of you living there, traffic is going to be PACKED. If you aren’t moving, there likely isn’t anything the person in front of you can do about it. So just relax.
  • But, for what it’s worth I love visiting the place ever so often for these reasons …
    • New York Pizza is just … just … heaven (don’t worry Chicago, I haven’t forgotten about you … all pizza goes to heaven, right?).
    • I kinda like the New York Mets. It’s actually more complicated than that to understand if you are less than a casual sports fan. I am a fan of the National League in New York City. This includes the Mets, but also the history of the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. I have their history fascinating. This is one reason why I am a San Francisco Giants fan.
    • I’d love to run the New York City Marathon at some point in my life.
    • I love Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and what it means to not just the American story, but to my family as well.
    • And, of course I love all the other historical and meaningful buildings in the city. History is such a fun thing to explore and learn.
  • But, yeah, so there’s my issues with New York City. Very much a … “lovely city to visit, but never live there.”
  • I absolutely love tattoos, I think I’ve mentioned this here. Personally, I would never get one, but I love the stories and artwork behind many of them. That’s why these Disney tattoos caught my attention the other day. Awesome!
  • I have no reason to post this article, but I do want to say that I really love the United Kingdom’s Union Jack flag design. That’s all. I thought you should know that.
  • My top three flags have to be as follows …
    • U.S.A.
    • United Kingdom
    • Greece
  • And, if we were picking US State flags … um …
    • Texas
    • Maryland
    • Hawaii
  • Oh, my OCD … the agony!
  • I love the world of Apple.
  • Speaking of Apple, here’s an article about apples.
  • I am not even a parent, but these have me cracking up! Should I be concerned?
  • So I made this sandwich the other day. So far this new diet is delicious! I absolutely love Dave’s Killer Bread!
  • I really do hope that one day Seattle gets the Sonics back. I was actually in Seattle the day that the Sonics’ move to OKC was made final.
  • The saddest part for me is that I actually love watching the OKC Thunder play and to think this could have all been happening in Seattle stings. Sonic fans deserve that team.
  • Um? Speechless.
  • These Tinder responses are making me laugh like no other … HAHAHAHA!
  • I like these.
  • So my friends from Vegas came up this past week and after nearly six months I finally met their kid. You can just tell he is just as thrilled as I am to finally meet.
  • Speaking of friends and babies. My college roommate and close friend’s wife had a kid over a month ago and I just found out about this week. Which is very odd because both he and his wife are fairly active on Facebook. How did I miss this? I am a horrible friend and my Facebook stalking skills have apparently diminished.
  • That same couple I am still trying to have them call one of their kids after me. One of these days. One of these days.
  • Well according to this quiz my future profession is meant to be that of a Professional Puppy Sitter. I’m okay with that granted I don’t have to pick up the poop.
  • Ehhhh … the more I am thinking about this, the more I am realizing I will probably have to clean up poop. I don’t think I want that job anymore?
  • Oooo … oooo … oooo … I want to be a jelly bean taste tester at the Jelly Belly factory. That’s my calling in life right there.
  • I better also keep up with the running so I don’t get the DIABEETUS.
  • I linked to this blog LAST week. Looks like BuzzFeed just found it. Score one for Joshua!
  • I don’t know what to think about this? You want to knee jerk and say it’s because the driver was black, but then on the other hand maybe it was a jumpy rookie officer? I don’t know? Both? I am just glad the driver wasn’t killed.
  • Oh heavens, I love this. Especially #11, #17 and #20.
  • I now want bacon pancakes … DANG YOU DIET!!!
  • This is basically one reason why I hate Halloween. Like I really do hate it. Sans the candy corn of course.
  • I kinda found this article about coffee interesting.
  • DOGS!!!
  • SHRIMP!!!
  • ANIMALS!!!
  • FOLIAGE!!!
  • I don’t know what to think about with this whole Bill Simmons and ESPN thing. I don’t get wrapped up much into the TV stuff (mainly because I don’t watch TV), but I can see both sides of the story.
  • Ultimately … I just shrug and move along. No reason for ME to worked up on something that doesn’t involve me.
  • A friend of mine keeps on wanting me to watch Friends, this might be another reason why I should
  • I kind of imagine that when an armadillo is born it kind of rolls out in a ball…
  • These are poop stories, so you’ve been forewarned once you click on that link. Oh the horror! I never want to poop my pants. Ever. (actually that should be read, “ever again.”)
  • Of course Utah’s signature food is funeral potatoes. And, here I thought there was a chance we would get green Jell-O.
  • So, speaking of Jell-O … I used to really, really, really love Jell-O, but just in the last couple of years I’ve really grown to hate it. I don’t know what it is? I kind of feel like I am betraying my Utahhood by admitting this. Just whatever you do, don’t tell my Grandma.
  • Well, this seems like a problem.
  • Yeah … maybe I don’t want kids? Creepy.
  • So, I won’t lie, I think I’d rather just eat the lobster. Does that make me a horrible person? Of course not. Just someone that hasn’t eaten for a couple hours.
  • I need a snack.
  • Wowzers, this list is long. That just means it’s going to be an awesome Friday! Well, or that if you have time to click through all of these links a very slow and lazy Friday. Here’s hoping for … both?!

Welp, that’s it for me today! Have a great weekend! And, as always … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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