Fartlek Friday XLII: So you want to get to know me, eh?


Does it really have to almost be mid-October? Seriously? I don’t remember ever really have a summer. Which actually I shouldn’t complain too much because I hate the summer heat. I’d take this autumn weather any day. Yeah, I totally forgot why I am complaining.

Oh, yeah.

I don’t want the snow. I hate the snow. Like with a passion. Which I find somewhat ironic considering that Snow is my middle name. If you’re thinking I got this name because I was born in the middle of a freak blizzard, you would be … wrong. I was actually born in August. The name comes from my great, great, great Grandpa Lorenzo Snow who was the fifth president of the Mormon Church.

Now you know something about me.

Actually, there’s more to me. So here are a few other things you may or may not have known about me before … enjoy?

  • I was actually born legally blind. But, I got better. Rumor has it the doctor was going to recommend a seeing-eye dog for me before I had a lot of surgeries and prayers sent my way. Once I got better and my sight back to 20/20 the dream of ever getting a dog flew out the window.
  • I really do want a three-legged dog. Like that isn’t even a joke. And, if the dog can run … even better.
  • I do want a cat, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate cats, I’d rather want a kitten and then just trade it in every six months for a younger cat. It just seems better that way. Cats are mean.
  • But, I absolutely love cat shirts. They’re not territorial, they won’t bring home “gifts” and they won’t pee on you. It’s a win-win.
  • I am very much a bandwagon fan when it comes to the NFL. Over the years I’ve tried to have a favorite team, but it never pans out. I was raised a Cowboys fan until they started doing drugs and then for about 15-20 years I just kinda rooted for the better story line … Panthers, Broncos, Patriots, Packers, Saints, Giants, 49ers, etc.
  • I do tend to root for teams in cities or areas that I like … San Francisco, Green Bay, New York, San Diego and Seattle. I’ve never gotten myself to like the Chicago Bears even though I love Chicago. I just can’t.
  • Oh, and I can’t stand Peyton Manning. I don’t hate him or wish him ill (except in the Super Bowl) … I just don’t like him.
  • I do like his brother Eli Manning though.
  • I’m a complicated football fan. I just love football, period. So for me it doesn’t matter. But, I must say I might pick up the Rams as a team to cheer if they move back to L.A.
  • With that said I will forever be true to the Utah Jazz and San Francisco Giants. And, to the San Jose Sharks by default. I’m a Sharks fan not just because I love the Bay Area … but … SHARKS. The combination can’t get any better for me.
  • I literally cried when the Jazz lost in the playoffs in 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. When they lost to the Blazers in 1999 I just kind of accepted the fate that the Jazz will forever be cursed and I’ve been numb ever since.
  • My first ever “race” was a 10K back in June 2007. I had no idea what a 10K was, I was encouraged to “run” it with friends. I trained for it by “running” on the treadmill twice. I think I “ran” around a mile and a half each time? Either way, I was the last person to cross the finish line about 20 minutes AFTER the last person crossed. I hurt bad and I swore off running. I won’t lie, I’m kinda surprised I tried running again after that experience.
  • Back in my bigger years I used to be a HUGE TV buff. I watched TV all the time. But, when I started running I hardly watch it anymore. I do however love watching the Food Network while running on the treadmill at the gym.
  • My favorite show on the Food Network is by far Chopped. I love the creativity more than anything of all the chefs. But, I also love anything dealing food trucks.
  • One day I’d love to have a food truck.
  • If you had to label me culturally, I would consider myself a Norwegian Greek Canadian with British and American tendencies.
  • My grandmother is Greek and at least once a year we cook Greek food. My favorite dish by far is spanakopita. It’s a spinach pie made with feta, filo, butter and even more butter. It’s seriously the best.
  • We also have a tradition of having a Norwegian Smorgasbord every Christmas. We make fish patties, meatballs and the works. It’s quite smelly, but delicious.
  • We don’t really do anything Canadian-ish except acknowledge Canada Day and daydream about eating poutine.
  • When I was a kid I got peer pressured into stealing something from a convenience store. I freaked out and didn’t want to seem like a chicken sh–, so I stole a half-sized Smartie roll. Like, it was literally five cents. I felt so much guilt for it that a year later I admitted to it to my Mom and then went back to pay for it. I cried when I gave the clerk my dime and told him the five cents extra was for interest. I learned a valuable lesson that day and I am sure the clerk got a good laugh about it.
  • I would purposely start fights with my friends about which M&M’s color tasted better … knowing they all tasted the same.
  • But, that I’ve been introduced to Smarties, I won’t ever go back to M&M’s. Ever.
  • I served a two year LDS mission to Chicago, Illinois. But, I served most of my mission actually in Wisconsin. And, if you’re wondering … Packers > Bears.
  • I also blame Wisconsin for my cheese addiction. Serious. Cheese is no joke over there. My favorite cheese? Extra Sharp Cheddar. Put that on a sandwich or eat it with some slices of dill pickles and I’m in heaven.
  • I’m somewhat of a big Disneynerd. Not only do I love Disneyland and the Disney movies, but I love the history of all of that including the history of Walt Disney. In fact I’ve read four biographies on Walt Disney.
  • My favorite park is Disneyland. But, then again I’ve only been to the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. But, I’m sure if I went to the other parks around the world my heart would still remain to Disneyland.
  • My least favorite park is California Adventure. Before the renovations and additions it border lined on pretty much hatred. I still think it’s one of the worst designed Disney parks … but … it’s better. By far my favorite addition to the park is Carsland. But, I also really love the Wonderful World of Color.
  • My favorite ride in Disneyland is Splash Mountain. I could ride that on a continuous loop and it wouldn’t get old. I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite. But, if I had to choose one it would be … um … maybe … anything in Toon Town.
  • My favorite food in Disneyland is the hand-dipped corn dogs. It used to be the handmade rice krispy treats, but they stopped making those in 2012 and went to pre-packaged crap.
  • I can’t tell you where my obsession with Rice Krispy Treats came from? I wish I could. I guess I just kinda love the idea of trying to elevate something so deliciously mundane.
  • Oh, and for the record, I love HOMEMADE rice krispy treats … NOT … the store bought crap. Except have you ever had the store bought rice krispy treat made from Cinnamon Toast Crunch? That stuff is GOOOOOOD!
  • I don’t eat RKs often, but when I make them I love sharing them with my family and running friends. Otherwise I am more than certain I would at a whole pan. No joke.
  • I hate otters. Don’t judge.
  • When I have a kid I had an extensive collection of stuffed killer whale dolls. But, when I turned 10 they started disappearing as my dad thought I shouldn’t be playing with dolls (oh those gender rolls, eh?). But, still, ever since I was a kid I’ve loved killer whales and Shamu.
  • I’ve watched Blackfish and I’m in the middle of the issue. I see both sides’ view. I do wish Sea World deemphasized shows, but let’s be realistic that releasing whales into the wild now is kinda foolish. Especially the captive born whales.
  • Then there are sharks. I live for Shark Week. It usually falls on the week of my birthday which makes it double awesome in my books.
  • I hate hammerheads and LOVE tiger sharks … just so you know. That information might be useful someday.
  • I have no ambition to run anything longer than a marathon (knock on wood).
  • I do have the ambition to one day use the restroom in every continent. Not sure why I have this goal … but … whoever said the bathroom wouldn’t take you places?

So now that you know about me. Tell me something about you in the comments below. And, I’ll see you back here on Monday with my race report for the Pink Series Half that I am running tomorrow morning. HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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