Fartlek Friday XLIII

FFHoly macaroni and cheese is it really PAST mid-October? I really hate how this year has flown by. I didn’t feel like I had the opportunity to really enjoy my summer and I don’t feel like I am able to really enjoy my autumn. What gives?

But, actually, this is my favorite time of the year. The last three months of the year are my favorite.And, I try to deliberately focus on slowing down the time. Why? Because, these are the family holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. The focus in on family and I love that.

Plus, being an uncle I get to participate in a lot of these holidays with a renewed excitement as I watch the kids get excited about things that long ago I did. Sure, time moves on, but kids have this way of sparking long forgotten memories in you that are simply priceless.

In addition to creating those memories my nieces and nephew have also kind of renewed my “appreciation” for Halloween. I still kinda hate Halloween, but it’s different with kids. It’s definitely cuter. And, not to mention you don’t actually have to go trick or treating anymore to get candy. They do all the work, right?

Plus, I am kind of excited for the three Halloween races that are coming up in the next couple of weeks. I am sweeping the Haunted Half down Emigration Canyon tomorrow. Sweeping just means I make sure the runners are out of the canyon before 10:30am and I am the last person to cross the finish line.

And, yes, I am dressing up.

I am not going as Nemo like I did last week. I actually have a pretty awesome costume. Well, I think it’s an awesome costume. I am VERY tempted to tell you now. But, it should wait. Look on Instagram sometime tomorrow morning. I think you’ll like it.

Besides the Haunted Half tomorrow, I have the Haunted Half and Howloween Half next weekend in Provo. The Haunted Half is in the morning and the Howloween in the evening. It will be a fun challenge, unlike the back-to-back half marathons I did in July. Luckily, it won’t be only 5 hours between races. Otherwise, I’d die.

Anyways, besides Halloween and running Halloween races there have been a number of other things on my mind this week, including some of the following–

  • If you haven’t seen it plastered all over Facebook, my friends are trying to get me to run my first 50 mile ultra marathon in March. While it’s on my Honey Bucket List, I’ve been putting it off. Anyways, I told them I’d do it only if I got a million votes on THIS POST. So there you go. If you want me to run go ahead and ‘LIKE’
  • It’s been interesting following the reaction it’s gotten. Most people are very supportive and LIKE and SHARE the picture. While others either just ignore it or turn kind of rude about it. There were a couple of Facebook groups that friends shared it in that kind of jumped on me. Personally, I don’t care what people think of me, especially if they don’t know the bigger picture. Plus, I learned early on in my journey to grow a thick skin. You just worry about yourself and be VERY selective about who you take counsel from.
  • Anyways … odds are I will be running the 50 miler whether or not I get a million votes. The more I’ve thought about it the past couple of days, the more I realize that this would be great training for me during the winter. It’d keep me motivated to keep running. So Robert Merriman … you win. The Naked Canadian always wins.
  • Um, no thank you. That’s not my kind of fun.
  • So there’s this.
  • Oh gosh, I love October baseball. I am happy for the Royals to have made it into the World Series. I love the underdog story, but I won’t lie … I’m pulling for my Giants. Crab legs over BBQ ribs.
  • So this bit of news just made me REALLY excited. For the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert this year they’ll be joined by the SESAME STREET MUPPETS!!! Here’s hoping that Cookie Monster narrates the whole thing ala Monster Piece Theater. Heck, just bring the rest of the Muppets and reenact The Muppets Christmas Carol.
  • Can you tell I am excited about the concert a tad?
  • I think my legs are sexy.
  • Yesterday, I blogged about needing a map to get towards my goals. I used Dora the Explorer as the example to how I came to this conclusion. If you’re wondering … yes, I like Dora. But, I also have a two year old niece in the house that makes it okay for me to watch.
  • I’m still raising money for my family’s “Christmas Eve at Huntsman” fundraiser. If you’d like to donate you can do so … HERE.
  • Our local Kmart is closing its’ doors in December and while I am not a regular Kmart shopper I’ve found myself there TWICE this past week. The store has already started liquidating their stuff, but it’s not at that dirt cheap level yet. BUT, I was able to find a few nice polos for 60% off. Not to mention two beanie hats … my Nemo hat and I also got a Sock Monkey one. Oh, and they might have had Peeps on sale that were 30% off. Someone needs to save me from Kmart.
  • After reading that last point, I have to say … that was probably the most boring thing I’ve ever written? Who writes about their Kmart shopping habits? Who does that?! Sheesh, I disappoint myself.
  • I love this article about The Beach Boys’ album Pet Sounds. I won’t lie … I am a bigger fan of the Beach Boys than I am of the Beatles. I am not sure if this debate or stance is even relevant these days. But, now you know …
  • I can relate to most of these problems … considering that I am 6 foot 3 and 3/4. Or 6 foot 5 with my Hokas.
  • If you want a good laugh read this post. But, I am dying at this one. Oh, this one just changes everything.
  • One thing about Breast Cancer Awareness month that I love … my Mom and I match on Sundays!
  • If you didn’t catch it earlier this week, I shared the recipe for the pumpkin cake that I made for my Sunday Family Dinner last weekend. It’s pretty good, especially if you are one of those crazy obsessed Pinterest Pumpkin board people.
  • I might hate soda now, but some of these sodas give me nostalgia for my childhood. I remember going crazy over Crystal Pepsi. Oh, and Jolt. I drank that stuff a lot in Jr. High. That stuff was horrible. But, you know … CAFFEINE!
  • So maybe I’ll have better success with Tinder if I pose with art? I should try that.
  • I can’t enough of this kid. Even though she’s not moving too far away, it’s going to take some adjustment getting used to not having her around.
  • See here’s more proof that the kid is too cute to give up.
  • Oh, and the MANY faces of Koko. They never get old. NEVER!
  • I’m kind of impressed at what I am seeing from the Jazz so far. Granted it’s the preseason, but I am excited to see what Rodney Hood and Rudy Gobert are going to be able to do with the team this year. We’re still a growing team, but there’s a lot of potential there and we’re doing it the right way in my opinion.
  • I find this actually somewhat fascinating. Okay, I lied, I actually really love it. I love killer whales. My inner child is squealing in excitement.
  • Okay, I think that’s about enough killer whale joy for me right now. Now time to get ready for tomorrow’s race down Emigration Canyon!

Welp, I think that’s it for me this week. Have a great weekend and as always … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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