Fartlek Friday XLIX


Welp, the fartleking is back! I’m not really sure if you missed it though? I basically just didn’t do a Fartlek Friday last week because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead I ran my race report for the Thankful 13.

So, yeah, here we are.

Anyways, I am excited Friday is here. I really am. I genuinely truly am. It hasn’t been an extremely difficult week. I did have Monday off, but it was spent going to doctor appointments all day … the dentist, family practitioner and then the eye doctor. Kinda fun, but lots of nope.

I did find out that I will need a tooth pulled and a bridge made on my lower jaw. I am not looking forward to it. Oddly, I am not looking forward to the payment of the work, the work itself doesn’t bother me. I actually like the dentist. As long as I’m numb and you let me watch cartoons while you’re working … I’m a happy camper!

The doctor on the other hand was frustrating. I blogged about it on Monday. But, I think the hardest part about it for me is that it’s not a quick answer. Initially when I got my hypothyroidism diagnosed it was an easy fix. They just gave me a prescription and it did its’ magic. But, not knowing what’s going on with my body is kind of frustrating.

Well, a lots frustrating.

But, I have no doubt I’ll get everything together and my body will respond and act as it needs to. I just want to focus on running and being a healthy and happy individual. Oh, and drop that annoying 25lbs. that I gained in all this mess.

Anyways, enough of that. I am sure I’ll be blogging about it endlessly in the coming months. Because you know you’ll be on your seat waiting to hear about my thyroid and low testosterone.

I am excited about this weekend though. Tonight I am going to a holiday party with all of my running friends. I am bringing Rice Krispy Treats (naturally). This creation is a Sugar Cookie & Egg Nog RK. I am not a huge fan of the nog, but these turned out pretty good. The sugar cookie compliments the egg nog pretty well. I even spiced the cookies with a tad of nutmeg. I am curious to hear what my friends think about it?

I don’t have a long run planned tomorrow morning. I am going to go run at least five miles by myself. I haven’t decided whether that will be on a dreadmill or outside. I guess a lot of that will depend on the weather? I’m praying for sunny or cloudy. Just no snow. Please, no snow.

But, there is a fun little group run next Saturday that anyone is welcome to attend. Actually, it will be somewhat big. We’re meeting at Station Park in Farmington and then running the Legacy Parkway Trail. Oh, and we’re eating Peeps. At least I am. I bought mine yesterday and they are now open and drying out like every Peep should be before consumed. It’s just a rule. Or should be.

Anyways, here are a few other things that caught my flailing attention this past week …

  • The biggest news this week is that I was named an Ambassador for Extra Mile Racing. I am beyond excited. Here’s some more info on it from my bloggy blog.
  • Next week is Joshby Week. It’s the week where I give out awards to my AWESOME friends and family. Naturally, they are called The Joshbys.
  • I’ve actually been giving these out for the past seven years. What started as a fun little thing to do has grown into a whole week extravaganza. One of these days I might have to end up booking a reception center for the awards. Or at the worst a Motel 6 meeting room. Okay, that’s pushing it, but I’ve maintained that I’ve got some of the best friends in the world and they deserve to be celebrated. So why not?
  • AND … if that wasn’t enough, the following week will be Christmas Week. And, if you’re wondering (I know you are) I will be counting down the TOP TEN WORST CHRISTMAS SONGS. I’ll give you a hint at what #1 is on that list … it involves a kid in a shoe store. Ugh, just the thought ruins Christmas for me.
  • Hey look, here are some things you MIGHT not have known about Baby Jesus’ birth.
  • This has to be the worst paper to put a coloring contest picture on, right?
  • Do you know what the worst thing about KFC is? The chicken. And, do you know what the best thing about KFC is? The chicken skin. Why can’t they just sell the skin instead? Life isn’t fair.
  • Oh man, I love Elf. It’s not my favorite Christmas movie, but it’s a solid second behind It’s A Wonderful Life.
  • I’m kinda indifferent about Christmas Vacation. But, I won’t turn it off if it’s on, unlike most Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.
  • I hate having hair, especially when you forget you have it and end up with a bad hair day like this.
  • 13lbs., 13oz. baby?! That ain’t a baby, that’s a burrito! WOW!
  • Sometimes I feel like I am George Constanza.
  • I don’t really want to talk much about Ferguson or NYC, but I just find both very tragic. Not just for those that lost their lives and those that took them, but the friction and attitude of many Americans. It feels like sometimes we’ve gone back 10-15 steps into the past … on both sides. But, that’s the only I am going to say about it. Just sad, sad, sad …
  • Cats & Christmas. Love it.
  • So I took this selfie while at the eye doctor on Monday. I kinda like it.
  • I’m not a parent, but this Hurricane, Utah couple is in the news for “canceling Christmas” for their kids. There’s too much to explain so read this first. I am not sure what I would do? Personally, I don’t want my kids to personally be attached to “things” so I get that from these parents, but instead of canceling Christmas and the traditions they set with them I think I would have looked for another punishment. Traditions are important. But, then again, I wonder how bad the kids really have been?
  • I love good, fun basketball, especially this montage of Jason Williams clips.
  • I might have just gotten sucked into about an hour of YouTube videos. Oy!
  • I just … can’t … I can’t. Oh, and this? Stop feeding animals.
  • This could be a great shopping list for me to use to find things for my family and friends. And, me also. Gosh, there’s some gold in this thing!
  • File this under “NOW YOU KNOW”
  • Well this is a little scary, no?
  • Or how about this? I ain’t going swimming in there!
  • So, for over the past week I’ve had a banana peel that’s sat on my bumper unscathed. It’s quite impressive. I’ve driven over 300 miles between Bountiful and SLC nearly every day and on the freeway at least three times. I can’t get myself to take it off the bumper. It’s earned the right to go on its’ own accord.
  • I almost feel like once it leaves I will need to hold a memorial for the fallen peel. I’ve just become too emotionally attached at this point.

Welp that’s it for me this week! Have a good weekend and as always … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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