Fartlek Friday XLVI


I didn’t blog much this week. I won’t lie, there are some times I just don’t feel it. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and sharing my story where I can, but sometimes … it just doesn’t happen. Blank canvas. Which sometimes I am fine with actually.

I’ve actually been planning more for future posts this past week. I want to start doing “theme weeks” on the bloggy blog. I kind of did this on my old blog right before I went to Disneyland a couple years ago.

Each day I shared something new about Disneyland. One day I shared diet tips to not gain weight while at the park, another day I shared videos of MY favorite rides and then another day I blogged about what to expect running a Disney race.

I liked doing a theme week like that and I’m kinda disappointed that I didn’t do others since then. Sooooo … I’m going to change that.

So, I’ve been thinking about some themed weeks that I want to do coming up. The weeks won’t just be about JUST running, dieting, fitness and all that jazz, I want to throw in some of my life in there as well.

But, here are some possible themed weeks …

  • Thanksgiving Week
  • Christmas Week
  • The Joshby’s Week (a yearly tradition really).
  • New Years Resolutions Week
  • Word of Wisdom Week
  • Couch to Half Marathon Week
  • Couch to Marathon Week
  • Super Bowl Week
  • Weight Loss Week
  • Fast Food Week

Those are just a few. I am sure inspiration for more will come later. But, that’s a start. So, in a couple of weeks look for a Thanksgiving themed-week. I’m not sure what will gone on during the week, but it will be fun, thoughtful, useful and did I mention fun already?

I am also up for suggestions for theme weeks and content. Just comment below.

In addition to planning for the future of the bloggy blog, I am also getting ready for the Saltair Half tomorrow morning. This will be race #8 in the past 7 weeks. I won’t lie, I somewhat relief and also somewhat sad. But, when I get to the point that I think the Haunted Half was last week … TOTALLY … bypassing The Burn, I know it’s time for a rest.

But, it won’t be the last race of the year. I am running Thankful 13 on Thanksgiving and then I MIGHT still run the Bakers Dozen Half down in Hurricane. I haven’t decided on that one yet. But, on the other hand I feel like I need to stay away from racing in December for the sake of my body. Especially since I’ll be running at two if not three half marathons in January. But, we shall see …

Oh, how I love racing.

But, if Thankful 13 is my last race of the year I will need to run 15 races (over 13.1 of course) before the Park City Half Marathon on August 15th (my birthday). I want to hit my 100 race milestone on my 34th (gulp!) birthday. It just seems fitting. So far this is game plan …

  1. New Year’s Run Resolution (January 1, 2015)
  2. New Year’s Half Marathon (January 3, 2015)
  3. Riverton Half Marathon (March 21, 2015)
  4. Winter Circuit Half Marathon (March 28, 2015)
  5. Lagoon Half Marathon (April 4, 2015)
  6. West Mountain Half Marathon (April 18, 2015)
  7. Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon (May 9, 2015)
  8. Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon (May 16, 2015)
  9. Alpine Classic Half (May 23, 2015)
  10. Jordan River Half Marathon (May 30, 2015)
  11. Utah Valley Half Marathon (June 13, 2015)
  12. American Fork Canyon Half Marathon (June 27, 2015)
  13. Independence Day Half Marathon (July 4, 2015)
  14. Timp Half (July 18, 2015)
  15. Deseret News Classic Half (July 24, 2015)
  16. Park City Half Marathon (August 15, 2015)

I am going to not race as much in June, July and August as I did last year … mainly because I plan on training for Nebo and my sub-two more extensively during those months. But, I feel like those races and the Trifecta in June will give me a good challenge going into sub-two territory. But, of course this will all be subject to change.

Plus, if I don’t pace the Timp Half I’m going all balls and trying for a sub-two at the race. Actually, I should just plan on that. I’d give me a good gauge to work on leading up to Timp.


I might not have blogged much this week. But, I’ve had a number of things grab my attention at least. Here are a few of them …

  • I ran with Elsha last night at the Salt Lake Running Center’s annual Liberty Park 5 miler. I did this last year and it’s a good little jog up to and around Liberty Park. Plus, it’s free. Can’t go wrong with free.
  • The Jazz-Cavs game the other night was AWESOME! I am getting really excited about this team. We might not win much this year, but our foundation is set and it will be fun watching them grow throughout the year. GO JAZZ!
  • My sister and brother-in-law are officially foster parents, I am so excited for them! I am also extremely proud of them for opening their home to children that need stability and more importantly … LOVE! I would love to be able to be in a situation to do likewise. The world needs more love!
  • I did sign up for a race this week. It’s the Jordan River Half Marathon on May 30th. Come run with me! There’s also a marathon course!
  • I almost signed up for the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, but I’m waiting on that one. I have until the 15th of this month to decide before prices go up. OH, DECISIONS! 
  • ‘Tis the season for 2015 race registration …
  • NACHOS!!!
  • This cartoon couldn’t be anymore like me … especially considering the guy on the left is wearing a cat shirt. I mean, c’mon!?!
  • Um, I hate saying this, but I am sure I would probably buy half of what’s on this list. Especially #5! HAHAHA!
  • Last Friday was Halloween (if you didn’t know already) and I got a visit from this Angry Bird (aka Dave). It really was my favorite part of my least favorite holiday.
  • But, Halloween wasn’t THAT bad for me this year. I did win the Pumpkin Decorating contest that came with a $100 reward! Which will magically transform into new shoes in the next couple of weeks. Oh the life of a runner …
  • This is a good beginners’ guide to having a cat. Duly noted and indexed for future cat owning.
  • I really hate TV (this shouldn’t be that big of a surprise) so I loved this article about the death of reality TV. It can’t come soon enough!
  • There is a reason why I am not married yet, I’ve just been waiting for THIS to happen.
  • I snapped this picture of the sunset the other day as I was leaving work. Simply put … IT WAS GORGEOUS!
  • If you want a good laugh look no further than with this list of bathroom humor.
  • These are also pretty funny for a good laugh. Some might be creepy, but you’ll still laugh. Is that creepy to say?
  • When I get myself some kids I should make some of these gifts, sure beats buying them a X-Box, right?
  • Oh, maybe I can get my abs sooner than later now, no?
  • I absolutely love this picture of Jill and I at least week’s race. It’s such an epic snap.
  • Epic snap? Geez, I feel like I’m trying too much on that lingo. Meh.
  • No matter how cute this otter might seem to be … I still hate otters.
  • Toy Story 4? I don’t know how I feel about this? Ask me in 2017.
  • Um?
  • Double um?
  • Some of these tattoos are pretty awesome. I love the originality of most of them. Especially for those missing fingers or toes.

Welp, I think that’s about it for me for the week. Have a fun and safe weekend and of course … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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