Fartlek Friday XVII: Something, something, running, Mt. Dew …

FartlekFriday_BannerOh, why, hello there Friday, my long lost friend. It has been an eternity (well actually a week) since I saw you last. I am ready for this weekend. So ready. It’s not like it’s necessarily going to be a easy going and relaxing one. Quite on the contrary.

I will be running my second (and last) 20 mile run (well it’s actually the Winter Circuit 30K) in preparation for my marathon in June. I know that I am peaking a few weeks sooner, but I’ve just followed the training plan for the Ogden Marathon happening on May 17th. The same marathon that Becky and pretty much the rest of my running group is running. I just found it easier to train with them. I’ll just make sure to keep myself marathon ready during the three weeks between Ogden and Utah Valley with a couple 15 milers and probably something around 8-10? I haven’t decided yet.

I do wish I was running the Ogden Marathon with everyone. But, I had signed up for the Ironwill Half Marathon a couple months before everyone in my running group started committing to Ogden. I would have through about selling my Ironwill bid as well, but I also committed to running with really good friends and family that weekend. But, I wouldn’t say that I really missed out. I’ve done all of my long training runs with Becky and the rest of my running group so I’ve very much been a part of this marathon journey as well. It’s been fun watching Becky and a lot of the first time marathoners train. I remember what it felt to be in their shoes.

Speaking of races. I signed up for another race this week (surprised?). I signed up for the Pink Series Park City Half Marathon on October 11th. If you’re wondering, yes, it’s a woman’s only race and yes, I crashed it. After signing up for this race I also tried to crash the Huntsman Senior Games Half Marathon in St. George later this summer. But, apparently they have a better participant filter than the Pink Series does?

There are a couple of reasons why I am doing this. For one, because my mother is a breast cancer survivor and this race raises awareness for breast cancer research. Two, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Three, I want to continue honor my mother by raising money for the Huntsman Hometown Heroes that I have been fundraising for the past couple of years. And, four, I want to dress in drag.

Yeah, you heard me right.

Now, if you are my mother (or any respectful human being for that matter) you probably went directly back to my third reason and just asked yourself, “how does this honor your mother?” Well, I’m not quite sure, but it’s the thought and gesture that counts, right? I’ve got a sister that could do my hair and makeup (well, okay, maybe not makeup, but you’d think I should apply SOME type of eyeliner, right?) and then Becky and I could go sport bra shopping like we’ve always talked about … since December.

I really want to make this a huge deal and raise some great money for the Huntsman Hometown Heroes and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The way they treated my mother throughout her surgeries, chemo and radiation therapies and followup appointments really was a big reason why she fought so well. I really would like to give back to them in that regard. They’ve been a huge blessing to her and our family.

  • If you really want to know (and I am pretty sure you do), I have a 42B sized bra size.
  • Now you are probably wondering why I know this? Well, a long story short … I chafe a lot and I wanted something that would help stop the bloody nipples.This was something that was recommended. So I went to a running store one day I got to talking about my chafing. I asked about bra sizes and before you knew it a stunned sales associate was measuring my chest.
  • Oh, and Becky was there. She didn’t do much other than nearly die laughing.
  • You are probably now wondering how I am ever going to get a job if I put these kind of stories up on the internet.
  • But, if you are a guy, odds are you are probably wondering what size you are. Am, I right?
  • Um, ok …
  • Great, now I have “Thank You For Being My Friend” stuck in my head. Odds are I’ll be singing it all weekend long.
  • I count it a blessing that we are still graced with Betty White’s presence here on earth … 92 and still ticking!
  • I miss Estelle Getty the most though. Let’s be honest, I don’t usually play favorites, but she’s my favorite Golden Girl.
  • Okay, let’s be totally honest here, I totally play favorites. This is why it worries me to be a parent.
  • You need to read this post from my friend Jill. Such a touching post on where she’s been and how far she’s come. What a tribute to her daughter Isabel.
  • I am leaning towards running the Mt. Nebo Half Marathon on September 6. I might be working Comic Con again which happens that weekend. So, if I am going to run this, I need to make sure I get enough sleep the night before. I really want to PR at Nebo. SUB-TWO BABY!! SUB-TWO!!!
  • But, if that doesn’t happen I am still signed up for the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon the week after … BUT … I might bump that up to a full marathon. I am not sure yet. But, that’s my friend’s Jill first marathon and I’d love to run it with her. The plot thickens … stay tuned for next week …
  • I can think of a few people that would appreciate a cake like this for their birthday.
  • Another reason why I don’t like the dentist. Stupid necessary evil.
  • I’ve had some bad experiences with dentists, but my number one rule of picking out dentists? Don’t go to a dentist that has an office in a strip mall. Just don’t. You’ll thank me later for following this advice.
  • This is an interesting take on the NBA Playoffs.
  • I haven’t really been following the NBA Playoffs this year, but I’m really hoping the Clippers win it all. I’ve actually been a Clippers fan since 1991. Really kind of by accident. I am first and foremost a diehard Utah Jazz fan, but my first game I remember watching was against the Clippers back in 1991. And, I just kind of always cheered for them. They were the anti-Lakers and you just felt bad for them. It’s been fun watching them the past few years build a legitimate contender.
  • It’s also really fun to watch the Lakers become basically the Clippers this past year as well. Even if that won’t last long. Still … GO CLIPS!
  • I don’t know about this? I’ll take a burrito over a taco any day. Any day.
  • I’ve eaten three burritos this week. This isn’t really share worthy, but I feel like you should know.
  • I am really excited about my 30K tomorrow that I am running with Becky. Tonight we’re having a party with our friend Sonja in Ogden. We’re going to have homemade pizza! I’m sure I will include all of this in my race recap on Monday … so … stay tuned. But, of course if you can’t wait I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot it on Instagram as it happens … it’s just what I do folks.
  • I’ve posted over 1400 pictures on Instagram in the year that I’ve had my account. But, to put that into perspective I’ve posted 400 pictures in the past month. But, I am a little hesitant to call this a problem. Sure my posted picture average is on par with most 14 year old girls, but I do also post a lot of motivational posters as well. So … I guess you have to be the judge?
  • I will admit I might have a slight selfie problem. But, again, where’s the line? I feel like my selfies tell a story, I’m not a 14 year old girl that sits around the house and takes 15 pictures of my duckface for the thousands of followers I’ll never meet.
  • I compare myself a lot to 14 year old girls. That’s probably the root of all my problems right there?!
  • Yeah, the answer would be … not very long.
  • I’m adding “take a space selfie” to my bucket list now.
  • Sometimes I think I would love to travel into space and then movies like Gravity come along and … NOPE.
  • Ooooo … I love this. What would your #1 song be on this list?
  • Well, this was kind of stupid. I feel bad about the situation, but that thing called the internet is a tricky thing sometimes.
  • I really feel bad for both parties though involved. But, really, you’ve got to think before you speak … or … type in this case.
  • Speaking of Tongans (well, okay, not Tongan … but Islander, right?), when I was a meat eater, one of my favorite places to eat was Mo’ Betta Steaks. They have the best chicken I’ve ever had. It’s … dare I say it? … very moist (shutters).
  • Ok, I find this hilarious.
  • Wow, what a jerky thing to do. Original, yes. Jerky, even more so. She is definitely better without him. I think we can all agree on that one, right?
  • Did you know that National Jelly Bean was the other day? Yeah … I didn’t even celebrate properly. I feel like the worst human being right now. I’ve let down humanity.
  • I got ‘dark unicorn’ from this BF quiz. I don’t know what that says about me, but I like unicorns and diversity … so … I win?
  • I once got in an argument with my niece and c’nieces (cousin nieces) about the differences between unicorns and pegasuses. I knew I was obviously wrong, but it was just fun having an argument between a 30 year old uncle and 5 year old girls.
  • All this talk about rainbow farting unicorns and unicorns in general has just made me hungry for Skittles.
  • Even though Easter was last week my family is officially celebrating it this Sunday. We’re doing the traditional Greek Orthodox Easter dinner with lamb, spanakopita and some other Greek foods … plus other traditional non-Greek Orthodox Easter foods like boxed Potato Au Gratin, deviled eggs and asparagus. I’m excited.
  • Can I declare my undying love for asparagus right now?
  • Oh, and we also have an egg tournament. I’ll blog about that next week. It gets intense. Epically intense. Sometimes I’m surprised it doesn’t end up as our way of making crunchy egg salad.
  • PEEPS!!!
  • CEREAL!!!
  • CHEERS!!! (or should I yell NORM?)
  • Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking when he made giraffes? Why such the long neck? #mysteriesIamaskingwhenidie
  • Oh, also, I am putting the platypus on that list. But, I am pretty sure when he got around to making the platypus he just go bored and said, “lets mess with some people.”
  • I was a horrible Boy Scout (I really do mean horrible), but I feel like I kind of missed out on some of these merit badges.
  • If you have to know my Mom basically earned my Eagle Scout. Well, she actually could be credited for my brother’s Eagle Scout awards as well. Just so you know my Mom is basically on the level of McGvyer now. You better watch out.
  • Okay, these artist renderings of Star Wars are AWESOME. Purely, awesome! I almost feel like I need a couple of them to frame and hang up in my man cave. A man cave that doesn’t exist … yet.
  • I really want this painting. Oh, and this, this and this. They’re like three-legged puppies, I want them all.
  • Now, I kind of want to re-watch Star Wars. It’s been a while.
  • Sometimes I wish that I was a Jedi, but I am pretty sure I’d be on the dark side. Why you ask? They’ve got better cookies. Simple as that.
  • I’m easily persuaded.
  • This really made me laugh. I also thought it was real (read above comment and you’ll understand why).
  • Have you seen this? What a sad and embarrassing moment for the running community. It’s a shame that people would be so dishonest as to run with a bib that wasn’t their own … especially at Boston. It’s a slap in the face to those who work hard to get there and those who barely missed it.
  • Fascinating.
  • This seems like a place I’d want to go in New York City.
  • If you’re looking for something to read on a nonproductive Friday afternoon check this out. I like odd/unusual/fun history.
  • I also feel like I need a gangster name? How awesome of a name is Squizzy Taylor?
  • Oh, I know. My gangster name would be Pee-Wee McFly based from my two favorite ’80s movies. And, if you don’t think that’s tough enough just remember the name Squizzy Taylor.
  • Can we talk about the awesomeness of this llama?
  • I really just want to sign up for all the races in the world. Is that too much to ask? I really wish I could race EVERY weekend. That’d be frazy (fun + crazy)!
  • Sometimes I miss drinking Mt. Dew, but it’s been nearly 17 months since I’ve had soda. I’m kind of proud of that.
  • Speaking of 17 months, did you know that elephants are pregnant for that long? I’m not a woman but I have a feeling everyone that has been and is reading this just winced.
  • But, back to Mt. Dew. Sometimes I swear I can taste the Mt. Dew when I get a craving. I love that stuff.
  • But, really, Mt. Dew like all sodas are really CRAP. I mean … CRAP. You’re almost better off drinking chemical cleaner. Just drink water.
  • Plus, water won’t make you fat.
  • I feel like those last 5-6 bullet points quickly became a Public Service Announcement. Mrs. Obama should hire me.

Well, that’s about it for me this week. Make sure to have an awesome weekend of running! Whether you are running a mile, 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon or 30K (well I guess I should also include 50K, 50 miler, 75 miler, 100 miler, etc., etc. as well) … HAPPY RUNNING!!! 



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