Fartlek Friday XVIII: Marathons, derby horses and something about Cinco de Mayo and burritos …

FartlekFriday_BannerI have been so ready for this weekend. So ready. It’s been a long week. One of those kind of weeks where it’s Tuesday and you swear it should be Wednesday. Yeah, that bad. Well, it wasn’t really a miserable, miserable week, just looooooooong.

But, here we are. It’s Friday. And, there are no complaints here about that.

I am looking forward to a fun busy weekend. Tomorrow I am running the Provo City Half Marathon this will be race #60 since I ran my first half marathon in July 2011. I can’t believe that I am sneaking up on my three year runniversary. I think what’s even crazier than that is that this will be my third time running the Provo City Half Marathon. I ran it in 2012 with Cousin Em and last year with Susette where I PR’d my first sub-2:20 time. I’m getting old.

Speaking of getting old, I noticed this week that I am starting to get more and more white hair. Being 32 I feel like I should freak out … but … I also feel like it’s a sign of dignity, maturity and sophistication (I just have to look at myself in the mirror every morning and repeat this 10 times).

I really should be worried that I am single, but at the same time I am not. I am really enjoying dating, especially Tinder. I never thought I would be big into Tinder, but it’s an addicting app. In fact, I’ve got a Tinder date tomorrow night. So, if you don’t hear from me by Monday I’m probably in some ditch out in the middle of the woods in Duquesne County.

In fact tomorrow is going to be pretty crazy. Right after my race I need to hurry and shower and then get myself back up to Salt Lake City in time for a Zeal Launch Party at the Grand America (fancy, right?). The number salesman and ambassador, Brad Murray will be speaking. It starts at 1pm and it is free to the public. If you want to change your life financially and physically this is a GREAT event to attend. You can also email me any questions about the event or Zeal in general here.

And, then I have the Tinder date. Wish me luck.

While I am extremely excited for tomorrow this past week has also been somewhat entertaining as well (despite how long it’s felt at times). Here are a few other things that have caught my attention …

  • Honestly, it’s been a pretty crappy week of running. I’ve worked out consistently, but last week’s 30K really, really, really wiped me out. I only ran 20 miles during the week which isn’t great for me at all. But, I still managed to get 140 miles in for the month so I am happy with that. I really just think my body needed the rest and I shouldn’t feel bad about that. I know I’ll still be ready for my marathon in June.
  • Since I am running the Provo Half tomorrow and since I didn’t want to make TWO trips to Provo in two days my friend Ty agreed to pick up my packet. So I wrote him a permission note.
  • I should feel bad about this, but I don’t. I had a really good run last night.
  • I’m feeling the itch to sign up for another race soon … but which one … ??!??!!?
  • I kind of want to run the Hobble Creek Half (August 16) and I still need to sign up for the Run Elevated Half (August 23) … but … we’ll see. There are also some runs in June I might want to run. Again, we’ll see …
  • So the Kentucky Derby happens tomorrow and each year I look forward to this.
  • I want to become a derby horse owner just so I can name my legion of thoroughbreds. I think my first three horses would be named
    • Captain Kangaroo.
    • Unicorn Princess.
    • Stan the Man.
  • I think I also want to name one Sarah Jessica Parker, but only if the real SJP agrees to personally jockey the horse.
  • Also, I want to make cow racing “A THING” … I think it’s time society embraces that.
  • As a Clippers fan it’s been really heartbreaking to see what has happened with Donald Sterling’s actions. Sterling deserves to be banned for life by the NBA and there is no room for racism not just in sports, but society.
  • But, I really like this article from Bill Simmons about Sterling. There’s a reason the Clippers have been the Clippers and it’s because of him (this is not a compliment).
  • I really (I mean really, really) hope that the Clippers can turn this into a positive and make a run at the title. If any team deserves it they do! Go Clips!
  • Okay one more Clips thing … promise. I really like these reactions from fans.
  • Ok, I promised that was my last thing about the Clips, but then there’s this #oprah4clipsowner.
  • All this talk about Los Angeles just makes me want a Disneyland trip that much more.
  • Speaking of Disneyland, I am pretty close to announcing my retirement from Disney races. I still want to do the Dopey Challenge and Coast-to-Coast, but unless I get a sponsor or marry a dying billionaire there is NO way I can feel comfortable paying $200+ for a half marathon. Not only that, but the Dopey Challenge is well over $500.
  • Disney sure knows how to take your money, eh.
  • I still love Disney don’t get me wrong.
  • Oh sign me up for all of these.
  • You know what one of my favorite foods are? Stale Peeps. Seriously. All you have to do is rip a hole in the Peeps box and leave it for a couple weeks (for the best results of course) and then chew away. So good!
  • Then there is this. Thank you Internet.
  • Hey look, old trees!
  • This HAS to exist doesn’t it?
  • I found a treasure trove of pictures of me as a kid. So, I put together this Facebook album. Most are my cute years, but there are a couple in there from my extreme awkward years. I mean, EXTREME awkward.
  • Just an FYI, I started a new Facebook account (long story) so if you want to friend feel free here.
  • Oh, I am also in the process of putting all of my races and race reports in my timeline. So if you’re an info nerd like me, you might like it. More reason to stalk me I guess?
  • I don’t know why I find this so amusing.
  • This is also pretty amusing.
  • Okay, really, this is pretty amusing as well.
  • If you get bored this afternoon and need something to do, this is a good (and entertaining) time filler.
  • Oh, this is another good time filler. Enjoy.
  • Really?
  • Interesting.
  • I’m very much a teeth person. I find this pretty interesting. Some of the differences are impressive and gross at the same time.
  • I used to have a gnarly tooth that was kind of just dead, I guess? Anyways, I even gave him a name … Toothy McGee. I hated him. He was the reason I did mostly duck faces from 2007 to 2010.
  • I really hate duck faces, but sometimes I still catch myself doing them. Some habits just don’t die.
  • Speaking of bad annoying habits. I absolutely hate saying “bub bye” on the telephone and I still catch myself saying it. I can’t stand it. Especially at work.
  • I hate pants.
  • I also hate shoes.
  • And, I hate my hair. I’d rather go around bald.
  • But, I still want hair on my chest (the things I say on this blog … )
  • In honor of World Penguin Day (which was earlier this week) I give you this. Thank me later.
  • I’m also going to be bookmarking this
  • I’ve always really wanted a penguin. Like always. I’d name him Earl.
  • I want a cat, even after looking at this.
  • But, really I want a dog. Even one of these awesome shelter dogs.
  • Well, I take that back, I really want an awesome three-legged dog. That runs. Is that too much to ask?
  • Okay, some of these are funny. But, the first item is nothing new here in Utah.
  • I can’t tell you how many times I used the same asking out method in High School. I always got a fish bowl and filled it in with red Swedish Fish and then one yellow with my name on it. Then I’d make a card (actually usually my Mom) that would say, “You’d make me the happiest fish in the sea, if you went to Prom with me.” … then we’d doorbell ditch it.
  • I think I want a baby platypus now.
  • Sometimes I want a parakeet again, but the all I have to remember is how absolutely messy those birds are. I don’t think I’ve ever had other kind of birds that would get seed and their poop all over like they would. Nasty little budgies if you ask me.
  • As a kid I always wanted to domesticate a blue jay. I have a feeling that’s nearly impossible.
  • Another kind of bird that I would like is a homing pigeon. I think it would be fun to train them. Then, again, I hear they are kind of messy. I might just pass?
  • Gross.
  • Oh, Cinco de Mayo is on Monday. I feel like I should celebrate? Preferably with a Sears burrito. That’s the fitting thing to do.
  • Now I really want a burrito, now. Oy …

Welp, that’s it for me this week. Have an awesome weekend. And, always remember … HAPPY RUNNING!!! 


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