Fartlek Friday XXII: I love kittens, but I hate cats (sorry folks, these are just the facts)

FartlekFriday_BannerI’m not going to lie, it’s kind of strange not having a race this weekend. Well, no, I take that back. I do have a race tomorrow it’s a 5K. But, what I mean is that I don’t have a half or full marathon this weekend. Between April 19th and last weekend I’ve ran six races in six consecutive weekends.

YEAH, RUNNING!!! (keep telling myself this, keep telling myself this, keep telling myself this).

I don’t necessarily expect a pat on the back (but, a check for $50 would be nice), I’ve just been running a lot lately. And I won’t lie, It’s kind of nice needing to wake up get up SO dang early just to catch a bus up a mountain before the sun even THINKS about rising. It really kills your Friday night and your Saturday afternoon (aka naptime) as well. And, quite honestly it’s the worst part about running races in my opinion. Well, that and the bloody nipples. But, I really do love running! Now the focus is on the next couple of weeks to get myself ready for the Utah Valley Marathon. Tomorrow I am planning on running 10 miles down Emigration Canyon before going up to Layton to run my 5K with my friend Elsha. That will give me 13.1 miles for the day and I can definitely live with that. Next week I just need to be consistent throughout the week and I should be fine. I just want to make sure I am ready for my next marathon. And, really, consistency will be the key. I’ve got to mentally and physically forget about Ogden and look forward towards Utah Valley (there’s probably some kind of life lesson in that?). So that’s the goal. But, this week hasn’t been all about running, here are a few other things that have caught my fancy this past week …

  • I got my tax return this past week and signed up for a few races I’ve been waiting to get on my race calendar. WOOHOO!
  • I am now OFFICIALLY signed up for the following races –
    • Utah Midnight Legacy Half Marathon (July 11)
    • Farmington Days Half Marathon (July 12)
    • Run Elevated Half Marathon (August 23)
    • Mt Nebo Half Marathon (September 6)
  • I have ran all four of these races before, and I am excited for each one for different reasons. The Midnight Half and Farmington Days will be part of my ALL-NIGHT Marathon. The Midnight Half starts at 10pm and the Farmington Days Half the next morning at 6am. I’ve always wanted to do a back-to-back half and I’m going to do it!
  • Then the Run Elevated and Mt Nebo Half are all about SPEED! I am hoping to PR and get a sub-two at either one … but before Nebo of course.
  • Since I am running the Big Cottonwood Marathon in September all of my races and training runs will all lead up to the marathon. I think for the most part though I am done registering for races for the year.
  • Well, okay, I take that back. I might add a couple more. I still need to sign up for the Haunted Half and Thankful 13. There are also a couple other races that are possibilities, but I don’t need to worry about those any time soon.
  • I really need to start working on a training plan for the Big Cottonwood Marathon. I kinda of a 20 miler plan over my birthday weekend, but that’s about it. I know that I will need to schedule a few more throughout August. Stay tuned …
  • Too funny. I love animals.
  • I need an animal.
  • No, I need a dog.
  • Or maybe a cat?
  • No, I need a three legged dog or cat. Maybe even both?
  • I’m sorry to hear about the passing of Maya Angelou. I’ve always had a lot of respect for her and it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the fact that she was on Oprah a lot. I loved her book, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” … and her poems and quotes are inspiring!
  • I found this online and had to share it. There are some awesome quotes from Maya Angelou.
  • Sigh, I really wish I had a stunt double. I think that should be a new goal in my life.
  • This is pretty amusing actually.
  • I sucked at this bad. But, it’s worth taking … oh, Disney.
  • Speaking of Disney. They announced their newest half marathon for next year. It’s the Star Wars Half Marathon. Which, I must admit sounds AWESOME! But, I think I need to announce my retirement from Disney races. The price is getting too ridiculous. It’s $200 for a half marathon! Then $100 for a 10K and $70 for a 5K! I’m NOT about to fork out $200 for a half marathon. I had a hard enough time forking over $125 when I ran the Disneyland Half two years ago.
  • Oh, but you get this awesome deal where you can run all three of the races … half, 10K and 5K for only $320!!! Such a steal!
  • Sorry, Disney, I still love you.
  • Okay, while we’re still on the topic of the Star Wars Half can I point out this AWESOME picture of Chewy running in Disneyland? But, please take special attention to the guy in the lime shirt. Dude’s gonna get some NASTY bloody nipples if you ask me.
  • But, seriously. Nope.
  • I find this pretty funny.
  • I support this kid’s future.
  • Oh, gosh, I hate ugly crying. Why, I pretend that you ask? Because I do it TOO MUCH!
  • But, OLD YELLER! Oh, gosh, I feel an ugly cry coming on … CRAP!
  • AND E.T.!!! I’ve never cared so much for an alien before. So much ugly crying!
  • Oh, I shouldn’t admit this, but I totally ugly cried during A Walk to Remember. And, Hotel Rwanda. And, possibly even Marley & Me. Don’t judge.
  • I went and saw Marley & Me with a friend in the theater and when they put Marley down I was all ugly crying and then I turned to my friend who was stoned faced and asked, “Aren’t you emotional about this? How are you not crying?” His response? … “I’m a cat person.”
  • Moral of that story … don’t take cat people to a show about dogs.
  • I’m so glad that I love both equally.
  • Cat-memes-are-you-kitten-meWell, actually I take that back. I do love cats. But, I don’t. I am more of a kitten person than a cat person. Kittens are nice … cats … eh.
  • I think what I want to do is get a kitten and then replace it every 6-12 months for another kitten. That way I can always have a kitten. I’ll even name it the same followed by a roman numeral … Greg I, Greg II, Greg III, Greg IV, Greg V, Greg VI, Greg VII, etc., etc., etc.
  • Heck, I could probably make that into a business.
  • Oh, gosh, instead of starting my own business maybe I should just shop more at flea markets, garage sales and the DI?
  • Oh, probably not? I kind of feel like that would be one step closer to becoming a hoarder.
  • This would have been really good information to know AS A KID!!!
  • THIS!
  • Why do I find these pictures so hilarious? Why?
  • I hope that this is the beginning of the end of the whole Donald Sterling crap. But, I have this feeling that it isn’t, which is a shame. It’s just time for Donald Sterling to MOVE ON. Just imagine what some energetic and caring ownership can do for the franchise!
  • I think that I want to put this place on my list of places to visit. Who doesn’t want to go see polar bears in their natural habitat?
  • Actually, I guess you could consider me one of those nerds? Well, not really. But, I did win the Sixth Grade Special Ed Spelling Bee. No joke. Actually, I wish I was joking. Actually, I wish I wasn’t admitting this.
  • Also, for the record I got 100% on ALL my spelling tests that year. That’s right. I didn’t miss spelling ONE word the whole year.
  • But, I still stayed in Special Ed for another six years. Go figure?
  • This is pretty interesting.
  • This is also pretty interesting as well.
  • I really like maps if you couldn’t tell. I could probably spend HOURS on Google Maps. I also love finding out what cities are what degrees of latitude and longitude. It’s an addiction I have.
  • Gosh, while I am admitting things I probably wouldn’t/shouldn’t … I used to read Map Atlases in the bathroom.
  • And … maybe I still do?
  • Being a vegetarian is tough sometimes, especially when you stumble things like THIS.
  • This doesn’t help much either.
  • But, this helps a lot actually. Also considering how ridiculously funny it is.
  • I am really getting excited to run my 5K tomorrow with my friend Elsha. If you haven’t met Elsha yet the news did a story about her last week. And, it DOESN’T disappoint. You need to meet her.

Well, that’s about it for me today. Have a great weekend and whatever you are running, wherever you are running ENJOY IT! Running has a lot to offer to those that take the time to enjoy it! HAPPY RUNNING!!!



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