Fartlek Friday XXIII: Is it doughnut or donut?

FartlekFriday_BannerAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! It just hit me! I have a marathon next week! Ask me how prepared I feel. I dare you! From a scale of 1 to PAN!C … um … 8.75? It’s been difficult getting back into a groove after Ogden that allows me to feel ready for Utah Valley. I feel like I should have been running more than I have … but … here I am.


That oddly feels better … even if it was really just words and not a real life scream.

Luckily Utah Valley is mainly downhill so I’ll have gravity helping me on the run and my Hokas. But, really, being a bigger runner gravity and canyons are my two best friends. Sure there’s some flat parts of the race, but when the race gods give you downhill you ENJOY IT!

The only thing I am a tad worried about in this whole process is my race the following week down American Fork Canyon. I know my legs will be sore and I plan on getting a couple cryotherapy treatments done to help out the ‘ol legs. But, I KNOW that I will want to fly down that canyon. It’s too beautiful and step not to want to!

But, alas, the focus after this marathon will be to continue to train for Big Cottonwood, but also work on the speed training for Nebo. I bought a Jeff Galloway running timer because I plan to do a lot of run/walk training. But, I HAVE to break that sub-two goal. HAVE TO! I’m just getting anxious thinking about it right now.


But, it’s been a fun week for running. I ran on Wednesday … which was National Running Day … at Liberty Park with a bunch of my friends and then tomorrow I Have another run with friends down Emigration Canyon to Liberty Park. I probably should be “tapering” for next week’s marathon, but since I haven’t put many miles on the legs since Ogden I’ve needed this week.

Once again … I LOVE RUNNING!

One kinda big thing that happened today is that my brother, Free, and I launched a business together. It’s called Like Bros Media and it’s a social media management company. We tailor more to small businesses and non-profit organizations that don’t either have time or resources to hire someone to do their social media.

We’re just starting up, but we do have a couple clients. I’m really excited to see where this will go and what my brother and will be able to do. It’s really taken up most of our time the past month getting this ready to launch (I’ve even been reading up on social media books to make sure I’m current).


Anyways, running and Like Bros haven’t been the only thing taking up my time and interests. Here are a few other things that caught my fancy this past week …

  • Today is National Doughnut Day or is that National Donut Day? I guess that might all depend on whether or not you’re American or Canadian, I guess?
  • But, anyways … I am not going to really talk about donuts mainly for the reason that I hate them. Not, like hate as much as Satan and automated tellers, but pretty up there.Just the idea of fried things topped with frosted and glaze doesn’t appeal to me.
  • Plus, in my fatter days I ate plenty. Not because I really liked them, but because they were there (pretty much the story of why I was fat).
  • The worst donut though … chocolate cake donuts. NASTY. But, I can tolerate Krispy Kreme now and then. Those are pretty good. But, not crave good.
  • Surprisingly I didn’t sign up for any races this week. GO ME?
  • But, then again, Running Josh is going through withdrawals. Maybe if I just a little run? Maybe a 5K? Just a little one.
  • Oh, gosh, I’m a race junkie.
  • So, Wednesday was National Running Day and I celebrated it at Liberty Park with none other than some of my favorite running friends. It was perfect. I did walk more than I ran, but I didn’t care I was in good company!
  • What started out as National Running Day quickly turned into Slurpee, Banana, Running and Burrito Day as evidenced by THIS.
  • But, seriously, what’s a run at Liberty Park without a trip to get a Sears Burrito?
  • But, seriously, I ate like four bananas on Wednesday. Sometimes I think I have a problem. I just like them so much. Quick energy … and DELICIOUS!
  • But, sometimes I should pay attention to know whether or not they are ripe. YIKES! This was the nastiest banana I’ve ever eaten. Not sweet. Not delicious. Crunchy. Way too green. Obviously bananas are my crack.
  • While we are on the topic of bananas. How is this picture of my niece TRYING to eat a banana not the cutest thing?
  • I really don’t know why I am sharing this article, other than a day before my races I do eat some of these foods to, you know, clear things out?
  • But, really, pooping and timing your pooping is crucial to running. If you mistime your poops this happens.
  • Since we’re on this topic one thing I make sure to do before every race is take two Immodiums. It will save you SO MUCH pain. Trust me.
  • I have a feeling my mother is going to talk about my mentioning of bowel movements on my blog.HI MOM!
  • #runnersreality
  • Personally, I don’t find anything really that wrong with what this bride did with her newborn baby, I just find it strange. Too many people are blowing this WAY out of proportion.
  • Being a graphic designer, I love these logos and the hidden messages behind them. Too cool.
  • This movie is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. It probably shouldn’t, but I LOVE IT.
  • This is also how I like to choose my March Madness brackets. Let the mascots fight to the death! Ole!
  • Interesting … this intrigues me. But, still … 250,000 year old meat? Ugh. Kinda gross. But, kinda intriguing. So conflicted.
  • These are nothing but AWESOME! Well, awesome and hilarious.
  • I’m glad I don’t look like this
  • Actually, maybe I want to?
  • This is CRAZY … and comes from my neck of the woods in Davis County. Good for Bryson and if you’re wondering YES there is a GiveForward campaign started to help him with car repairs.
  • This is great for a slow Friday afternoon.
  • Oh, this is too.
  • Some of these are kind of funny.
  • These are HILARIOUS.
  • This could easily be 23 reasons why I am rooting for the Spurs in the NBA Finals. Just sayin’ …
  • I feel like I should expound on the Finals, but I kinda don’t care? I feel like a horrible NBA fan right now.
  • While we are talking about championship rounds the Stanley Cup is going on between the Rangers and Kings. I found this pretty interesting.
  • I had an interesting conversation with someone the other night in Taco Time while I was filling up my water. The Stanley Cup game was on and it just went into overtime, I was making conversation with him asking if he was a Kings or Rangers fan. He said neither and in fact he hates hockey, but it was better than sitting down with his wife who was having a bad day.
  • I have feeling that’s the kind of relationship most people have when watching hockey.
  • For the record, and I’m pretty sure I’ve stated this before, I am a San Jose Sharks fan. For a couple reasons actually. One, sharks. Duh. And, two I love the Bay Area and since I am a 49ers and Giants fan it just kind of fit into that fandom.
  • I also do like the Anaheim Ducks. But, I’ll be honest I was more of a fan when they they were the Mighty Ducks. Because, well, Mighty Ducks fly together. Duh.
  • Actually, I am a fan of most California teams with the except of the Lakers and Dodgers. I just can’t get myself to cheer for either one. But, I love the 49ers, Giants, Sharks, Clippers and A’s. The other teams like the Angels, Padres, Chargers, Ducks and LA Kings I’ll root for. But, when it comes to the Warriors and Sacramento Kings I’m indifferent.
  • I kind of feel that my fandom would make a lot more sense if Salt Lake at least got a baseball and hockey team. Football would be nice, but that’s not going to happen. Plus, Utah and BYU football games are MUCH better than any pro team. Now if they would just start playing each other again …
  • So … now you officially know something about me that you probably really didn’t care to know, huh?
  • While we’re at it let’s also get this out of the way … the last time I wet the bed was when I was 20, I had a really bad yeast infection (under my armpits) when I was 13 and I was once fitted for a bra … which was six months ago … and if you’re wondering … 42B.
  • Oooooooooo …
  • These are great … CATS!
  • … more cats …
  • And … EVEN MORE CATS!!!
  • Okay, last cat thing. I promise!
  • Okay, okay, I am a liar. BUT … I felt like I had to share this, because well … apparently I have a rather high IQ?! Thanks cats!
  • So last weekend I ended up making A LOT of Rice Krispy Treats. I kind of didn’t intend to. It just happened. I was planning on making RKs for my runs on Saturday morning so I ended up making Brownie M&M’s RKs for the group and Elsha. VERY GOOD! I should go into detail, but I feel like that should be a whole post on it’s own.
  • Anyways, then when I got home after the runs, my sister asked me if I wanted to make a RK cake for a church fundraiser she was having in Murray. I’ve made RK cakes before, but I wanted to actually add cake into it, so I agreed.
  • I ended up baking a Funfetti Cake and using part of it in the RK (along with cake batter) and then part in the frosting for the middle. Then I iced the top. The end result was THIS.
  • And, this lovely lady bought my cake. Her name is Bonnie. I don’t know her, but I told her the only way she could buy it is if I took a picture of her with it. I should have asked to take a selfie with her and the cake. #imakebaddecisions
  • Then my mother had me take this picture. She gave me no choice. Really, I promise.
  • I want one.
  • So my friend Kenny makes this list (#95) and I don’t? I should feel offended, especially considering that they didn’t have this one on the list? Or this one, or this one or this one?
  • Everyone should take this BuzzFeed quiz. Everyone.
  • Oh, this is kind of a tearjerker.
  • Okay???! Riveting and strange. Rivetrange? Strangviting?
  • Mmmmm … burritos.
  • Yes, these are all pretty much important … thanks Patrick.
  • Gosh, I love Spongebob Squarepants. Probably a bit too much.
  • But, not as much as I love social media and running.

Well I think that’s about it for me today. I’m now ready to run down Emigration Canyon tomorrow and HAVE SOME FUN!

Have a fun and safe weekend … of course … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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