Fartlek Friday XXIV: So, I’m running a marathon tomorrow.


So, um, I am running a marathon tomorrow.

Let’s repeat that together … I am running a marathon tomorrow.

Cue panic attack, composure, another panic attack, followed by calm nerves a swig of Kool-Aid and another panic attack.

This is what happens when you take a selfie in the wilderness around friends that like selfies as well.

Don’t ask me how prepared I feel for this marathon, because … well … I don’t know. And, don’t ask me what time I am going for either. Well, I have an idea of what time I want to run, but still. All I will tell you is .. faster than Ogden. I kinda, sorta would like to PR and I feel like I could, but we’ll see.

We shall see.

I know I will have fun running it with my many friends and I am excited to see Elsha before the race as well. This will be her first marathon. I am excited for her and this accomplishment. I know it has been difficult not just for her, but for her dedicated family getting up so early to get her to races. Elsha and her family are a great example to me about what family should be. This is all of theirs marathon.

The only amount of running I did this weekend before that “M” thing I am doing tomorrow. No complaints here though. Running with Shaylee was #totesfun

Plus, I love the marathon scene. Well, the running scene in general, especially these bigger races. There’s an energy to them that is undeniable and … AWESOME. I love them. And, I love that they love me back. It’s a mutual friendship of love #totespresh.

While I am looking forward to running this marathon tomorrow I have also had a fun filled week of running, hiking and burritos. Not necessarily in that order, but nonetheless it’s been a busy fun week. And, yeah … I am running a marathon tomorrow.


Here are a few other things that have caught my attention this week …

  • My Mom is going in for surgery today to get something removed. At this point I just don’t ask questions. It’s not very serious and it’s day surgery. But, she’ll be away from laundry for 2-3 weeks which is bad news for my younger brother.
  • Hey, it’s Father’s Day this Sunday! I’m going to have a special post so look for that!
  • Speaking of Father’s Day some of these are pretty much the truth, eh?
  • I have an awesome surprise for my Dad that my brother and I went in on. And, if you’re wondering … no, it has nothing to do with the Beach Boys (sorry Becky).
  • These sandwiches made me hungry. Mmmm … I love sandwiches. LOVE.
  • About 5-6 years I started a blog with the idea of trying a state dish each week. The blog was called something like “50 States, 50 Foods” … I started it, but then shortly afterwards I started my weight-loss journey and it kind of died with my lifestyle change. Probably for the better. But, sometimes I still kind of want to do it.
  • I actually only made like two things on my list. I made scrapple (Delaware) and Coconut crusted chicken (Hawaii). They were good, but just remember Fat Josh was the chef.
  • I am really happy that the Spurs are up 3-1 against the Heat in the NBA Finals. I can’t stand the Heat. But, more than that my brother jumped on the bandwagon. Makes me feel good seeing him looking for another wagon.
  • Also, good for the Los Angeles Kings they are one win away from the Stanley Cup once again. If only the Sharks could get there. I’m praying.
  • I really don’t care for hockey, but at the same time I can’t help but pay attention as well. I don’t know what that means, other than I am probably addicted to sports.
  • I watch too much ESPN. Or is it that I have too much ESPN.
  • Actually, I really don’t watch much TV. In fact, I hate it. I am not sure if I have gone off on that rant on my blog yet. It’s just a big waste of time, especially when you are mindlessly sitting there watching it.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love my stories, but it’s usually Netflix and I watch it during lunch or right before bed.
  • I am currently getting myself through Prison Break. It is SO GOOD! I’m in season two right now when they are in Utah looking for D.B. Cooper’s money.
  • Actually, they are in Tooele and I love how they make Tooele look very po-dunkish. Seriously. They even make fun of the name. Which I am kind of glad they did.
  • Anyways, that still doesn’t make up for my hatred for TV. I really need to blog about it sometime.
  • I also need to rant about soda, sugar, big food and the Easter Bunny sometime.
  • Oh gosh. Social media gone horribly wrong indeed.
  • This is glorious.
  • Oh, gosh, remember how I am running a marathon tomorrow?
  • I want animal superpowers. But, quite honestly I just want to have the life of a cat.
  • I want to play Cat Jenga with a cat. But, you know what bugs me about this video? That it’s not landscaped. How hard is it to record video on landscape, especially on your phone? This might not mean anything to you, but it’s one of my life’s 1,001 pet peeves.
  • I love WWII history and I’ve always been drawn to the story of Anne Frank. I stumbled upon this during the past week and LOVE it.
  • These make me laugh and think at the same time. Too funny.
  • White people … smh.
  • This just made octopuses THAT much cooler in my book.
  • I crack up at this bit by Bill Cosby. It never gets old for me. Someday my children will be singing songs to me about giving them chocolate cake for breakfast.
  • Actually, a tradition I want to start with my kids is to make them chocolate cake for breakfast on their birthdays. Of course I’ll make it healthier by hiding vegetables in the batter. It’s just the thought of having chocolate cake for breakfast that makes me laugh and want to do this.
  • Oh, you know that my kids will sing praises to me after I make them chocolate cake for breakfast.
  • After watching this it kind of makes you wonder if you have any strange addictions.
  • So what if I am in a serious relationship with my car? And, don’t judge me that it’s a total Grandma car. I just like the older ladies that’s all. Stop judging me.
  • But, I won’t lie most people would think that my strange addiction would be eating cat hair.
  • The one addiction I’m worried about is the smell of gasoline. I love the smell, but I’m not IN LOVE with the smell. Just wait 5-10 years I’ll be carrying a bottle of gasoline around with me everywhere.
  • Like, really, I am not joking here. I LOVE the smell of gasoline.
  • I now feel so learned.
  • Some day I want to be able to tip a waitress $500. And, someday I will.
  • Remember how I am running a marathon tomorrow?
  • I love this.
  • These are pretty awkward, but #16 is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen. I even remember watching it the first time on TV. Number three is also pretty good as well.
  • Avocados and eggs. A vegetarians best friend.
  • I love avocados. Or is that asparagus? No, wait. Maybe it’s avocados? I can’t remember. But, in reality, I love both. So why am I arguing with myself?
  • They have a point
  • I’ll be honest I just clicked on this to see where burritos were on the list. No burritos. But, I won’t lie, after looking at this list a now want a torta tamale.
  • So, um, in the past week I’ve had four burritos. And, I had three within a 24 hour period. I am not proud of this. But, today there’s no way I am eating a burrito since I have a marathon tomorrow.
  • In Mother Russia this is happening
  • These are some pretty white things to do. Just sayin’ …
  • You should let these cats predict your future. I got, “you’re in store for quite the surprise!” … I sure hope it’s a kitten!
  • How come these never get old? Like NEVER.
  • And, and people who play with fire … that never gets old either.
  • Let’s be honest though, we all laughing at other people’s misfortunes because they aren’t our own misfortunes. But, when someone’s hair catches on fire in church … you laugh.
  • Um, yep.
  • Not going to lie, these pictures are pretty cool. I love now and then pictures.
  • If I spend more than 1-2 hours in a bookstore it’s usually because I am looking at “Now and Then” picture books.
  • Gosh that last sentence almost makes it sound like I don’t read.
  • This is kind of interesting. I won’t lie. Especially in Utah. I would have thought Catholicism would have second. Meh.
  • Remember how I am running a marathon tomorrow?
  • I found this kinda funny.
  • What kind of soda are you? I’m Coke … bleh. I was hoping there was a water option. I hate soda.
  • But, I think you already know that about me.
  • I want to be just as cool as half of these people.
  • I think I might be a tad cooler if I didn’t wear as many cat shirts as I do.
  • I might be blogging right now while wearing a cat shirt.
  • Okay, I #totes am.
  • And, this is why I drive an Olds.
  • Running
  • Running a
  • Running a marathon
  • Running a marathon tomorrow
  • Running a marathon tomorrow …
  • Running a marathon tomorrow … YIKES!
  • Seriously, though, have I told you today that I am running a marathon tomorrow.
  • YIKES.

Well, that’s about it for me today. Have a great Friday, a safe weekend and even more so … HAPPY RUNNING!!!

If you hear from me on Monday it’s because I didn’t die running my marathon.

Just kidding … LET’S BRING IT UTAH VALLEY!!!! (you can’t see it right now, but I totally have my game face on).



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