Fartlek Friday XXV: This should be kind of quarter life crisis, right?


If you haven’t noticed I’ve spruced things up a bit with my Fartlek Friday post. A new banner and post image. I thought it was somewhat fitting for this being my 25th FF post. I’d break out some bubbly as well, but I hate soda … so … that’s out of the question.

This past week has been a bit relaxed. No running. I worked out at Firehouse Fitness, but decided to not run at all since I am running the American Fork Canyon Half Marathon tomorrow morning. I felt like my legs can handle the post-marathon grind, but I really should ease into it to avoid injury.

Chopsticks and ice cream, an unlikely pair, but a delicious one nonetheless.

My goal is to get back into running 3-4 times next week in preparation for both the Big Cottonwood Marathon and my quest for the sub-two half marathon time. I am going to go for the sub-two at both the Run Elevated Half Marathon (August 23) and Mt. Nebo Half (September 6) both are pretty fast courses. Depending on how I do tomorrow though I might even try next month at the Timp Half (July 19).

We shall see.

I just need to get some great training in. I am working on a training plan that will combine strength training, run/walk training, interval training and good ‘ol long training runs. I have never really done a lot of interval training so that should be … fun? Not sure yet. I am excited to do the run/walk training though. That Jeff Galloway knows what he is doing.

It’s been kind of crazy that I am starting to plan my fall and winter races. Not to mention I am starting to plan out some of next year’s races as well. I signed up already for next year’s Utah Valley Marathon. I wasn’t planning on running it again, because I wanted to run the Drop 13 Half Marathon that same day. Guess not. But, I really fell in love with the Utah Valley Marathon course. I’ve got to run it again. I just have to.

I wonder if I can get this on a t-shirt?

Also this past week I signed up for another August race. The Porter’s Half Marathon, that I ran last year, was slated for September 6 (the same day as Nebo), but they ended up changing the date to August 30th so my running group got a team together and got a nice little discount. I’ll be using that as a training tune up for Nebo the next week. Should be fun.

But, I am know I am going to need to sign up for the Haunted Half and Thankful 13 here soon as well. I do not want to miss out on those two races. I might be pushing my friend Elsha at the Thankful 13 as well. She’s checking with her manager (aka Mom) to see if that works. I hope she gets clearance!

Just looking at 2015 I am getting more and more excited. I kind of want to run the St. George Half Marathon again. I did that in 2012 and would love a little redemption on that course. The same with Dogtown down in Washington. I’d like to run some races I haven’t done before, but I also plan on sticking to some of my friends … Salt Lake, Provo City, Utah Valley, Ogden, Big Cottonwood and Nebo. But, I still have some time to REALLY figure that all out.

I love running. If you couldn’t tell.


I love my Momma. She’s the best.

But, I’m excited for tomorrow!!! I also excited for tonight. Some of my friends from our running group are going to go hiking around Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We’re going to go picnicking. I think I am going to take my favorite carb-load food … SUBWAY. It’s just so fitting. I’ve really fallen in love with hiking and nature lately.

Plus, it’s so much fun to photograph. I know it’s very cliche, but there is something about trying to capture something immensely beautiful and share that with others. How do you capture some of the emotion you’re feeling and convey that to others?

This is some pretty deep stuff.Especially for me.

But, I captured a few pictures of the sunset the other day. Totally gorgeous, or as the kids say it these days … totesgorgs! I even made one into a quote graphic. Totescool.

Oh, speaking of quotes (and totes) a friend of mine and I started a Facebook page of quote graphics called TotesQuotes. It’s nothing fancy, just a page to post quotes we come across. In fact if you want to contribute we’d love to have more people posting on it. Just let me know.

But, I am getting pretty excited for my run tomorrow morning and my hike tonight! I am hopping to PR with my friend Sonja … soooooooo … we shall see. YEAH RUNNING!!!

Here are a few other things that caught my fancy this week …

  • I went to Petsmart last night. BIG MISTAKE. I wanted to adopt all the cats. Luckily I didn’t, because my mother would quite literally kill me.
  • Like, seriously, she would.
  • Plus, I don’t know if I really want to have a pet right now. I kind of want to wait until I have kids old enough to clean up it’s poop. Isn’t that what kids are for?
  • Well, that and to mow the lawn.
  • There’s probably more you can add to that list as well.
  • I just know that when I have kids I am having all of my serious talks with them in a Cosby sweater. When I break it out they’ll know that they’re either in BIG trouble or about to get “THE TALK”
  • Speaking of Cosby my brother and I bought tickets to Bill Cosby for my Dad for Father’s Day. I’ve never seen Bill Cosby live, but I’ve seen him in Jell-O pudding pop commercials … so that counts for something, right?
  • I am really excited. I practically consider Bill a second Dad.
  • Oh my gosh, I want to adopt all of the baby koalas in the world! IN. THE. WORLD.
  • Speaking of koalas. My niece got a toy koala from my brother who just got back from the land down under (that means Australia).
  • I have this desire to someday visit Australia, but then again I don’t.
  • I think I just want to box a kangaroo that’s all. I don’t really want to visit.
  • One place I do want to visit and stay there for a while is Prague. I have no reason to do so, just that I love saying the name Prague (you’re repeating it to yourself aren’t you? … SEE!)
  • Oh, I should add Greece, Norway, Great Britain and Jerusalem to that list as well. I don’t know why I am sharing this list, but for some reason I feel the need to share my future travel agenda with you.
  • If you need any more reasons to NOT eat fast food read this.
  • This soldier needs his dog back.
  • I won’t lie, this made me laugh quite a few laughs.
  • I hate when my Mom does this.
  • Like, seriously, I hate it. M&M’s and Skittles should NEVER be mixed together. NEVER.
  • I find this somewhat fascinating.
  • I’m am happy to hear the news that the Washington Redskins’ copyright to the name has been cancelled. It will still be a long process before the name actually changes, but this is a GREAT start.
  • I have always been against the use of generic Native American names used as mascots. I took a Native American culture class in college and as part of an assignment I held a week long event exploring the use of Native American nicknames in sports.
  • I also explored the use of the local high school’s nickname. They are the Cedar Redmen. We had a panel of community members that talked about the name and whether it should be changed. A lot of people agreed it should, but I feel like there isn’t enough local pressure or desire to pursue it.
  • But, I am all for the Washington Reagans!
  • I don’t see deer on here.
  • I really need to watch Friends. Thanks, Becky.
  • I am in the middle of watching Prison Break. I just started Season Three. I loved the first two seasons, but the third one seems to be a tad of a drag. Still, I love it.
  • I need some more Netflix shows to watch. Ideas? Suggestions?
  • Why do I find this so mesmerizing?
  • I’m not really a soccer fan, but you’ve got to love this reporter’s American pride, right?
  • While we’re on the topic of soccer there’s this. Consider that a “now you know” …
  • Then there is this too. I don’t know what to think about it? I just feel like I should acknowledge the World Cup in some way?
  • Oh, but this gives me the feels.
  • So, Greece and Japan played yesterday to a 0-0 draw. This is why I don’t like soccer. All that energy spent on cheering the Greeks to victory and they tie?! How can you sit there and be thoroughly entertained by hours of scoreless soccer?
  • But, I feel the same way about NASCAR. How can you sit there for hours watching 50 cars make left turn after left turn? Seriously? How is that fun.
  • Oh, I think I just understood why you should drink and watch NASCAR at the same time. That TOTALLY makes sense now.
  • This is kind of interesting. Makes you think about the music you are listening to.
  • Oh, Canada.
  • Speaking of Canada, every year I want to throw a Canada Day party, but I don’t
  • I love that this is a list. Because I could care less. But, still, here I am posting it.
  • Sometimes I feel lame. But, meh.
  • I kind of want my future cat to be famous like these cats.
  • Well this is giving me the feels.
  • So this happened the other day.
  • I hate this, because I love sharks.
  • In fact I want to cage dive with great white sharks sometime. It’s on my bucket list.
  • And, I can’t wait until Shark Week!
  • I seriously need a pet shark at some point in my life.
  • Maybe my shark and three-legged cat can be BFFs?
  • Or better yet maybe my shark can help me get a three-legged cat?
  • Such brilliant ideas that PETA would crucify me over.
  • In my 12 year old like maturity I actually think this is kinda funny.
  • I know we are like three months from April Fools Day … but this is pretty good.
  • Oh my gosh … this is how NOT to mommy blog. SAD. SAD. SAD.
  • Interesting.
  • Some of these headlines are pretty funny.
  • Okay, maybe half of them?
  • Okay fine, 4-5.
  • Ooooo … I love this. Batman looks exceptionally delicious, no?
  • Seriously, I want noodles now.
  • One of Fat Josh’s favorite meals was making Ramen Noodles then sautéing them in a pan of oil, frying up 4-5 eggs and then topping it with who knows how much cheese.
  • Oh, yeah, and then I would top it with ranch dressing. Fat Josh dipped almost everything in ranch dressing. In fact, Fat Josh ate a lot of veggies. Just drowned in Ranch dressing.
  • That’s how I rolled. Buttered roll that is.
  • Sometimes I forget about some of my stupid little habits in my bigger days. Maybe it’s a good reason I have forgotten?

Well, I think that’s about it for me this week. Make sure to have a great weekend … and of course … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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