Fartlek Friday XXVI: RAGNAAAAAAAR!!!!



Ugh, I won’t lie, that kinda annoyed me. Sorry, folks.

I hate this thing.

I’m just, like, really excited … if you couldn’t tell … to run Ragnar this weekend. I love Ragnar. Like, really love, love, love Ragnar. Probably not as much I love three-legged dogs and Rice Krispy Treats, but it’s up there. Easily a Top 5 love though.

Plus, I am running with really awesome people, which makes or break a good Ragnar … right? I’ve made my team my some Rice Krispy Treats for the relay. I made my sought after Snickers, Pretzels and Caramel RKs and a newby … S’mores RKs. I used two part rice krispy treats and one part Golden Graham and then of course Hershey’s Chocolate and marshmallow chunks. I haven’t sampled it yet, but Fat Josh is anticipating them.

The focus has been on Ragnar this week, but I have also been trying to finalize my racing schedule for the year, not to mention getting back into a training schedule. Since my marathons the past month I’ve just lost motivation to regularly run like I had before the races. My mileage this month is horrible, but I am planning on being more regular come July 1st.

I can’t believe that my Grandma has had this up on her door for the past two years?! She loves me!

I should freak out a bit, but I am not. I am still ahead of my running goal this year and marathons are beasts. I still have no doubt I’ll get my sub-two in September. I just need to train for speed instead of a marathon and that’s a shift I need to mentally and physically take.


Besides that I am also doing another challenge for July called “No Scale July.” Basically, I am throwing out my scale for the month. Why? Well, I have a number of reasons which I covered in my post this past Tuesday. But, basically, I don’t want to be ruled by a number anymore. I am tired of it. I am still not sure if I am going to just pull out the batteries or throw away the scale? I have a couple more days to decide.

There have been more things that have caught my interest then just Ragnar and the scale. Here are a few other things that have caught my attention …

  • I signed up for two new half marathons this past week. I signed up for the Haunted Half and Howloween Half both are slated for October 25th in Provo. The Haunted Half is in the morning and the Howloween is an evening half. Luckily they are not the same course. The morning race runs down the Provo Canyon Trail and the evening run is out by the mall and round neighborhoods.
  • I am excited to do both of these. This is be the first time that I’ve ran two half marathon races in the same day. While that seems like a big feat the races start time is actually further apart then my All-Night Marathon in a couple of weeks. I’ll have about 12 hours to recover for those races and about 5-4 for my July races. I am not sure which one to be nervous about?
  • I really feel this need to knock out a lot of races this year. I figure since I am single I need to focus on that because once I get married and have kids that time to train and run is going to be more limited. On my pace now I’ll have to run 12-14 races per year to reach my goal. I just need to reach it smart.
  • I am starting to double guess myself on running the Corner Canyon 25K on October 18th. I kind of want to run the Haunted Half in Salt Lake City that day. It’s down Emigration Canyon and one of my favorite races. Plus, I have sentimental reasons to run that race as well.
  • I might run a couple more races in the fall, but I am not sure what … yet. I’m looking at the following from September through November …
    • South Jordan Half or Sandy Firestation Half (September 20)
    • Huntsville Half Marathon or Layton Half (September 7)
    • Opers61 Half (October 4)
    • Saltair Half (November 8)
  • I am planning on running the Thankful 13 in Lehi on Thanksgiving as well. But, those races are ones I am kind tempted to run. We shall see though. It depends on money, sponsorship and life events. But, I really do feel that need to knock a number of races out of the way this year.
  • Plus, I need more t-shirts and medals … πŸ˜‰
  • I really should remember to wear sunscreen during Ragnar this weekend.
  • This is really cool! Congrats on the weight-loss!
  • I want to be famous and a cartoon voice. No joke. Don’t knock the dream.
  • I also might have always wanted to be in a Disney movie. Again, don’t knock my dream.
  • The NBA Draft was last night and I am ecstaticΒ to see the Utah Jazz land Dante Exum. I think it’s an excellent pick, especially considering that he was slotted to not get past Philadelphia or Orlando. I am happy to see the Jazz pick up Rodney Hood at number 23. He was expected to go 10 or so spots higher. He’ll be a great shooter to add to the team. Something we need VERY bad last year.
  • I want to be this elderly couple when I grow old. TOO FUNNY … and cute.
  • Gotta love those 80s cartoons!
  • Oh, Canada … Canada Day is THIS upcoming Tuesday! Who’s excited, eh? (This hoser is!)
  • These are pretty awesome.
  • GO GIANTS! I feel like it’s going to be another magical year for the Giants. And great job Tim Lincecum on his second no-hitter against the Padres! I love baseball!
  • San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit. I need to get back there soon. I still need to run the length of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s on my Honey Bucket List.
  • I love me some ice cream, but some of these flavors … um, no thank you.
  • I should remember some of these when my wife gets pregnant.
  • I love hilarious church signs. I’ve wondered why we Mormons don’t get in on them? I’d want that calling.
  • Wow, I love this. I love the mixture of history, photography and geography. Awesome.
  • So, this has become a thing that I need … as of 5 minutes ago.
  • I grew up on Nick at Nite and I have to say I love this list, but they are TOTALLY missingΒ The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. That was my favorite show next to I Love Lucy.
  • I won’t lie, I am not a big fan of the current make up of Nick at Nite. It needs to be the old school shows from the 60s. Has to be.
  • One thing that I would love to be able to afford is to get a number of those shows on DVD for my future kids. They I Love Lucy, Leave It To Beaver and Dobbie Gillis in their lives.
  • I also want to buy a bunch of Disney movies as well.
  • But, I won’t lie, I don’t want my kids to watch a lot of TV. For one, I hate TV and two, it’s a waste of time. BIG waste of time. Such a distraction to doing other things.
  • Which coming from me as a kid … and an adult to an extent … would shock most, including my family. I just to be addicted to the TV, not to mentioned I spent too much time on video games. But, ever since I started my journey that urge to sit and veg or play has trickled down to nothing. There is too much to life to waste it on your butt.
  • Thanks for allowing me to get on my soapbox.
  • Dumb, dumb, dumb …
  • Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb …
  • Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb …
  • I didn’t really like this article when I first read it, but once it mentioned cornucopias I instantly hated it ten fold.
  • Kids + Animals + Quality H2O = THIS.
  • Kids + Dangerous Toys = THIS.
  • Two of my favorite things … puppies and vegetables!
  • So this might be the best thing to come out of soccer. Ever.
  • #totespresh
  • #toteschristian
  • This doesn’t lessen my love for burritos, at all.
  • I think I need a goat?
  • LION KING!!!
  • SCIENCE!!!
  • I once held an alligator. I don’t know why I am telling you this, but I feel like you should know.
  • I also once took a picture with a Chimpanzee. I wish I still had that picture. I won’t lie, I am surprised it didn’t want to rip my face off. Those chimps aren’t friendly! Oh cow!
  • Well, walking about Chimpanzees, I am getting really excited for the new Planet of the Apes movie coming out on July 11th. Watching the trailer gets me really excited and that’s saying something when I get excited for a movie that’s not a Muppet movie.
  • I know I shouldn’t root for the Chimpanzees, but it’s hard not to!
  • Um …
  • It’s kind of true …
  • You should read this.
  • Count this as my reason why I am glad I don’t live in a major city.
  • I found this pretty interesting.
  • Can you tell that I am excited? If not … RAGNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!

Well, have a great weekend and of course remember to have be safe, have fun and … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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