Happy Independence Day! What better day to have a day about America full of hot dogs, hamburgers and blowing things up then on a Friday? The 4th of July and Fridays were made for each other. You can’t tell me otherwise.

I really don’t have any real plans for the 4th per se. I am going to a neighborhood breakfast and that’s about it. Maybe even a run? I’m sure I’ll watch fireworks from my back porch in the evening. Simple holiday, no parties. And, I’m fine with that.

Besides, I’ve been partying with friends this week on Canada Day and then we will be running down Big Cottonwood Canyon tomorrow morning. There are two groups doing either 15 or 10 miles. I haven’t decided which one I will do. I am leaning towards 15 miles, but depending on how far I run today I might just do the 10. We shall see …

I do feel a need to do a late night run tonight to get my body somewhat used to running two legs so short together in preparation for my back-to-back half marathons next week. But, just as I was typing that sentence I remembered that I basically did the same thing at Ragnar last week. Soooo … just ignore this whole paragraph … it never happened.

I finalized my running schedule for the year … FINALLY. I signed up for the Layton Half Marathon on September 27th which will be as bridge between the Big Cottonwood Marathon and my Pink Series Half Marathon. I’ll have a week in between those races and the Layton Half.

I don’t know why I go back to running the Layton Half because each of the past two times that I’ve ran it I haven’t cared for it much. It’s kind of a boring run. But, it’s cheap and I actually really do love starting line on the causeway of Antelope Island (even if at mile two the lake stench will make you hurl).

I wish the half started on Antelope Island with the marathon and then ended at the causeway. Now, I would run that EVERY year. So, with that said … who wants to run with me?

The only races I need to sign up for still are the Thankful 13 and Utah Indoor Half Marathon. I am more than likely going to sign up for the Saltair Half in November, but it’s the same weekend as Ragnar Vegas and I kinda want to run that if I can so I can get the Saints n’ Sinners medal.

I’m a medal whore. Also a t-shirt slut. And, I have no shame.

But, I’m really excited about running the Thankful 13 because I will be running with my friend Elsha. This will be our first half marathon together. I’ve ran a 5K with her already, but not a half! #totesexcited.

Anyways, running is on my brain right now, but here are a few other things that have caught my attention this week …

Anyways, have a fun and save holiday! Especially be safe out there on the roads. But, more than anything … HAPPY RUNNNNNNNNNING!!!!


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